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Man. I certainly hope this doesn't turn into some type of smackdown match in the courtroom between Scott and the rest of the Apple team...
It's so embarrassing and uncomfortable to watch a large company such as Shamesung try too hard. It's like watching Elaine dance...
But, but, but... The NINE MILLION iPhones purchased over the launch weekend were meaningless... The "analysts" said so...
 WTF?  It clearly states "Editorial" on the front page headline.  Sheesh, get a friggin' clue.
I believe this to be a very responsible action for the childhood home of an individual that literally changed the world and the course of human history. Damn straight, it should be protected.
Innovation! Wait....
 I could not agree more.  And, like any wily member of the community practicing proper spycraft, Apple will now know the exact source of any leaks. Bravo on Apple for keeping this ploy under wraps and not trumpeting brazenly in the press.  Apple is combating industrial espionage, and doing a damn fine job at that.
 Pot, meet Kettle. Brilliant.  Just brilliant.
Absolutely superb piece of investigative journalism. Mr. Dilger, you continue to set the bar high.
  Absolutely 100% on target with your analysis.  Nice job.
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