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Ten. Years. That is utterly absurd.
HBO Go as an option on Apple TV will not happen soon enough.
It's about bloody time for this regulation to be retired. It serves no purpose. If the airlines want to impart a policy of non-use during take-off and landing due to safety concerns, they should be allowed to do so. However, this has no place or purpose as law.
I'm running a MBPr 15 w/ 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD from Late 2012, and it occasionally spikes the fans doing simple, routine work.  The fan spike happens at (what appears to be) random times, and for no apparent reason.  It's not a big deal -- this week, I've probably had 2-3 events, each lasting less than 60 seconds, after which the fans return back to normal.  It certainly doesn't impact usage or performance (from what I can tell).   I'm sure a firmware update will...
Thank God.     I doubt that they'll completely eliminate them.  Simply offering a choice of skeumorphic or clean presentation would go far.
  His vision and technical leadership not only changed the face of computing, but led to the creation of the world's most valuable company.  And, now, he is focused on transforming data storage.  I think he's earned the right to be quoted when he talks.   But, enough about Woz.  Let's talk about you.  Tell me, what innovations have you brought to the table lately that have changed the face of computing, or led to the creation of a massively successful venture.  I'm sure...
I started my career (over 30 years ago) as a petroleum engineer, and we made extensive use of blue prints.  Mechanical drawing is so called due to the various mechanical elements used (T-square, angles, mechanical pens vs. freehand drawing which made use of none of these elements) used to produce a precision drawing, and, ostensibly, due to the nature of the drawings themselves, which were typically of mechanical devices.  I also used one of the very first CAD systems --...
This is absolutely a blueprint.  The key difference between this drawing and a traditional blueprint is that the old cadmium-ammonia process is no longer used for reproduction of the drawing, resulting in the blue-tinted final product.  This drawing provides dimensions, tolerances, details (highlighted portions of the phone), and general specifications necessary for case design -- all key aspects of a what was considered at one time, a blueprint.
So now I need to find another reason why my Win 7 machine continues to freeze and blue screen, because "Windows 7 is so reliable"?!  I keep hearing people say how much more reliable Win 7 is, yet as a daily user, I find Win 7 incredibly unreliable and an operating system that requires a substantial amount of maintenance just to keep the bloody thing running.  I don't think there has been a single week which hasn't required a reboot of my Win 7 machine, including, yes,...
Sigh. Read the entire bloody thing, will you? The aforementioned paragraph appears near the end of the PR release.
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