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From a PR statement made by Liquidmetal for the Samsung SCH-X199 release in 2002: "Liquidmetal Technologies (www.liquidmetal.com) is the leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of products made from amorphous alloys. Amorphous alloys are unique materials that are characterized by a random atomic structure, in contrast to the crystalline atomic structure possessed by ordinary metals and alloys. Bulk Liquidmetal® alloys are two to three times stronger than commonly...
Who said anything about perfectly elastic collisions? I certainly didn't state it, nor did I imply it. And, where there is inefficiency in the modulus of elasticity of this material, the residual energy release will most likely be in form of heat (basic physics). There is going to be elastic modulus inefficiency in a phone case using Liquidmetal -- we just don't have enough information at this point to determine what that coefficient is.
Virtually any metallic substance can form a Faraday cage that will either inhibit or prevent RF loss (it doesn't need to be ferrous -- think about aluminum foil being used for signal capture or loss). So, I think the question is, just how much signal attenuation will occur with the Liquidmetal case, and is it considered acceptable loss given the other positive attributes of the material when used as a casing for the phone.
I couldn't agree more. Intel is an industry treasure that consistently drives the industry toward improved manufacturing processes and innovation. They were caught with their pants down by ARM 's superior architecture. Shame on Intel, good for ARM. So, I'd love to see this little rumble result in even better architectures at lower cost; good for all. HOWEVER, it seems that so many of these manufacturers are *hoping* that by ganging up on Apple that they'll be...
Nope. I certainly don't see them consistently targeting Amazon or any of the other manufacturers and service providers on the list. I'm a pretty green-leaning individual, but even I see Greenpeace as nonsensical bunch of loons. They do FAR more harm than good.
This is highly desirable characteristic in any product or form which could be dropped or exposed to harsh conditions. If you drop a device with a rigid metal case (which doesn't effectively store that energy), then the case will have a tendency to break. Glass is a perfect example of this characteristic: glass is brittle and is a poor conductor of energy. Therefore, when subject to a drop, glass will have a tendency to shatter (releasing the energy) -- instead of...
Yikes! Could they have used any worse color choices in the rating graphics for those of us who are color blind?
Here's a video posted on June 29, 2007 showing the Neonode N1M device: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tj-KS2kfIr0 Looks like there may be a possibility that Neonode beat Apple to the punch. If so, I'm sure they'll work out a mutually acceptable solution.
I'm with you there, sir. Been a happy investor in AAPL since $72/share, and only continue to increase my holdings every month. Best stock I have ever held, by far.
Call me suspicious, but like you, I doubt very highly that anything will happen. Too late to get an announcement out. AND, if Apple does announce the iPad3 next week, it will likely be an understated affair from Cupertino. They don't need to make a big splash these days with all of the hype surrounding its impending release.
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