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Here's a video posted on June 29, 2007 showing the Neonode N1M device: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tj-KS2kfIr0 Looks like there may be a possibility that Neonode beat Apple to the punch. If so, I'm sure they'll work out a mutually acceptable solution.
I'm with you there, sir. Been a happy investor in AAPL since $72/share, and only continue to increase my holdings every month. Best stock I have ever held, by far.
Call me suspicious, but like you, I doubt very highly that anything will happen. Too late to get an announcement out. AND, if Apple does announce the iPad3 next week, it will likely be an understated affair from Cupertino. They don't need to make a big splash these days with all of the hype surrounding its impending release.
Not sure where you work, but I consult with many different companies, large and small, and I see Apple products all the time. There is especially heavy concentration in (a) IT staff that have the ability to bring them in and support them, or (b) for companies that have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, which allows people to bring in personal-choice computers to perform their work. BYOD (also known as "mobility policy") is an important development for many companies...
This is a spectacular and bold architectural statement. There is no doubt it will present some challenges that have been highlighted above (e.g. sun, pigeon poop, dirt, etc), but those should be relatively easy issues to take care of with time and experience. If nothing else, people will simply come down to see this beautiful building and, hopefully, stop in to purchase some product. BTW, maintenance on a building like this: Let's say it costs $150,000 per year to...
Buh, buh, buh, but.. where is ANDROID?!
Bravo. This is long overdue. I'm not even an app developer, and I would/will donate to this cause.
It's one thing to troll for (badly needed) attention. It's another thing completely when people are losing their lives in a highly unfortunate incident and to make flippant jokes about the situation...
Then please explain why you felt compelled to state the following, and I quote:I found an article in 15 seconds, so there is no lack of information out there. I think we're all a tad confused about your motivations for making this statement.
Dude, seriously? There is this really cool thing called an "internet search engine" that can produce some pretty interesting results. For instance, I was able to dig up this customer list in less than 15 seconds:ClientsFoxconn makes consumer electronics for a number of well-known companies, including:Apple Inc. (United States)[19][5][20]Acer Inc. (Taiwan)Amazon.com (United States)Asus (Taiwan)Intel (United States)Cisco (United States)Hewlett-Packard (United...
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