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Worst price I've ever seen. $371 for iPhone 6 128 on AT&T? Are you kidding me? I can get $550 without blinking on Craigslist.
You know that if this ever came to pass, there would be those out there that would find James Comey's Backdoor and sell it to some mean f***ers.  You know how many bad guys would come in James Comey's Backdoor?  Lots.  They simply would not stop coming.  Ever.  James Comey's Backdoor would get so much use that it would be associated with all kinds of viruses.   Keep clean of viruses.  Don't come in James Comey's Backdoor.
With regards to Garth, back in Nov 2014 or so, he launched Ghost Tunes, his own version of Tidal or whatever.  I dunno.  I think it's a store front for his music.  G(arth) Host = Ghost.  So, his absence isn't surprising.
I've read a lot of comments of people upgrading to 8.4 and their music and playlists disappearing. But for me, this update has been seemless and mostly awesome. The main thing I don't like is that, since I am an iTunes Match subscriber, I got used to seeing a download button for songs not on my device. Now, I have to open up the ... menu to "Make available offline". That option is even still there for the songs that are already on my device (apparently an error.)...
Where I live, Comcast's regular $80 non-special internet price gets you 150 mbps.  If I just wanted 50mbps, it would cost about $50 or cheaper if I went on a limited term "special deal".
 I guess it's not stupid if you read the hypothetical I put out there, but reading comprehension doesn't seem to be your strong suit.  Quit the name calling when you get frustrated and focus on putting together a better rebuttal.  You took my last line that said "probably" and put together an entire response to "probably" without rebutting the scenario I put forward, leading me to wonder if what I said had merit.  Please do better or leave it to someone else who can focus.
Apple's paid foreign tax on that money, in theory, which is tax-deductible from the 35% rate to repatriate the money. So, not "double tax", just evening off at 35% overall. Of course, if they've already deducted the foreign tax paid on the money from it's domestic income, it would feel like double taxation...but then again, they've probably been paying less than their fair share on domestic money.
Or they could opt for a FedEX letter package to exchange manifestos and instructions - and use burner flip phones without GPS for their "day-of" operations.
The problem here is - there's no limit to the number of "platforms" or "handsets".  He might want Apple to develop for Blackberry, but what about Android?  What about Windows?  What about Symbian?  What about Hardware Fragmentation?  What about the Amazon Fire cut of Android?  What about other proprietary cuts of Android?  It's all a bunch of rubbish.   If he wants Netflix on his ecosystem, then he should fund the app developers to do so.  If Netflix can't see a return...
8-9 more months of rumors and speculations like this...
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