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But was it a 6+ or a 6?
I think the issue with this stream was that they weren't at the Moscone Center where they've held the previous recent events and refined the broadcast capabilities.  As soon as I saw they were doing this from the Flint Center, I had a feeling the stream would go up in smoke.  Once Apple Campus 2 is done and they have their own special event center, they won't have an excuse for proper piping.  But for now, this last stream, I'd put on the event location's capabilities.
Is it too much to ask that we get an ultra-portable 4TB SSD ThunderBolt 2 external drive?
I bought the top of the line default 13" last year and it's fantastic. I upgraded from a 2010 MB Air. I'm over the moon about the battery life, built in HDMI, retina display, and 512GB SSD. It's about a half pound heavier than the Air, but that's really not noticeable.
Remember, it's $100 for each COIN and the battery lasts for 2 years. So, just work $50/yr into your budget for this convenience.
I really liked that Cook challenged Iger, because it opened the door to the MCU. Chris Pratt's video was pretty funny.
I've got a 3 year old and I can honestly say that I don't wish I had this and if I have another one, I would not want this.  
To some extent, yes.  Middlemen.  However, this middleman does the traditional role of developing, editing, etc.  But beyond that, and in this situation, the analogy would be appropriate, the publisher is *almost* acting as a union for the authors.  Sure, you can make a self publishing deal with Amazon, but if you do, you are at risk of having no bargaining power as an individual.If authors are allowed to set prices for their own content at whatever level they think the...
I smell a rat. Authors get to keep 100% of ebook sales while they negotiate, but Amazon gets to continue heavy discounting. So, in effect: 1) Amazon stops the attrition of customers 2) Amazon resumes physical book sales, which wasn't really the issue 3) Amazon looks good by giving authors 100% of ebook money for the short term 4) Amazon heavily discounts the ebooks so authors come up with the same or less than a properly negotiated deal 5) ?? Hachette gets no portion...
Yes, the tech has come quite a long ways, but I've seen things (that I wish I could source here so we could talk specifics) that suggests solar panels are only 18-25% efficient... if not lower.  Can you imagine if they could get those numbers into the 30s or 50s?  Continue the march of the research and development!
New Posts  All Forums: