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After a retailer gets burned a couple of times taking non-traditional cards, they'll change their policies and we'll experience a wave of retailers refusing to accept card skimmers like Coin.
But HOW does the Coin App only allow you to add the cards you own? Does it require you to enter a zip code when you add it? Does it cross reference your name to the name on the card? What if I have different cards that display my name differently? I'd like to see what stops a person from adding my card to their Coin fraudulently. While physical security is a good first barrier, I'm very concerned, as should they, about the ability of people to add non-owned cards.
I'm really curious what names they choose to go with for these releases: Sequoia Yosemite Sonoma Hollywood (not likely)
Need to work out the quirks in the new MBP.  Either it's Mavericks or it's the new hardware or some inter-connected facet.  But the freezes and random reboot is not a good thing.
   Interesting response.....  Simple.  Elegant.But today, there's this:  http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/10/21/apple-reportedly-testing-ipad-keyboard-akin-to-microsofts-touch-cover
So, given that they usually have something "tongue in cheek" about their invite, could we assume that their upgrading their "smart covers" to include functionality like the Surface keyboards, etc?
Here's my uninformed prediction:   iPhone 4S free w/ contract   iPhone 5C - 16GB $99 w/ contract (White, Red, Yellow, Black, Blue)   iPhone 5S - 32GB $199 w/ contract (Black, Aluminum, Gold) iPhone 5S - 64GB $299 w/ contract (Black, Aluminum, Gold) iPhone 5S - 128GB $399 w/ contract (Black, Aluminum, Gold)   Keeping the 4S w/ the old connector makes sense from a "do-right by your customer" perspective.  I don't think it is productive toward moving...
Late 2011 Macbook Air -   I had my first problem along these lines today.  I opened it from sleep while it was connected to power source and the Fan spun up real high.  After 3-4 minutes of it still running high, and I was just letting it sit there looking at the desktop with no programs running, I tried to see if the utilities activity monitor could tell me anything.  Nothing was using the CPU and no data was going in and out of the network.  Yet the machine was...
Native Group Text.  That is all.
Personally, it's an interesting case to watch.  I think Apple has a leg to stand on, as I think DOJ has a leg to stand on.  I'm not convinced we've seen all of the evidence, but with what we've seen so far, I think it's a 51/49 call in Apple's favor.  
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