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Random Question:     First of all, I love my iPhone and the thought that it's pretty solid with the encryption and locking.  Meaning, that if I don't unlock it, no one else will.  It's great that Apple even promotes this and states that they can't unlock it either.  So here's my question - I've installed profiles/certificates from my corporation and downloaded Mobile Iron so that I can receive my corporate email on my personal iPhone.  Does this in any way weaken my...
I'm intrigued. I've always wondered about additional sensors for different locations around the house so I'm glad it's finally being addressed.
Like others have said, the analogy would be more apt if AT&T exclusively sold the iPhone
Not trying to be a buzzkill - but you may want to be more careful about how you advertise this. I would recommend "...(and no tax withheld in 48 states)" or "...(and no tax applied to order from 48 states)".  Just because Colorado doesn't force the seller to withhold the tax, doesn't mean it isn't (technically) owed by the buyer and someone might one day decide to get their stick shoved a bit higher up their ass and make a stink about your advertising standards.  I am no...
I like it, but can it be worn upside down? With the screen orientation the way it is, it does look a bit awkward - but if the screen were on the inside of the wrist it would be pretty correct like looking at your palm. Also - while I think I've come along on the idea of Apple Watch, there's no way I'll buy Gen 1 as it currently is. Gen 2 maybe if they include stand alone GPS and I can go for a run without my phone. I'm pretty tempted to buy this MS version, but think I...
Wish I could support them in Colorado. Never heard of this store before.
I would consider a FitBit - but I do want HealthKit integration for anything I buy. I also want HealthKit to get way way way better than it currently is. I would like a "buyer's guide" to lay out the best or most effective way to populate the most data in Health Kit using the fewest # of devices. Also - how long before we get a "smart toilet" to analyze our waste? Dibs on the trademark for iPoop!
Okay, love it.  If only for the fact that my Plex Media Server on my MacBook Pro running battery power no longer cuts out and goes to sleep after 30 mins or so.  Now with Yosemite, the connection stays alive.  
If only I had waited 30 mins for 8.0.1 I'd have been fine.  I'm thinking I'll give this one at least 3 hours.
Will this be an awesome update like 8.0.1?  Should I wait for Yosemite.0.2?
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