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Okay, love it.  If only for the fact that my Plex Media Server on my MacBook Pro running battery power no longer cuts out and goes to sleep after 30 mins or so.  Now with Yosemite, the connection stays alive.  
If only I had waited 30 mins for 8.0.1 I'd have been fine.  I'm thinking I'll give this one at least 3 hours.
Will this be an awesome update like 8.0.1?  Should I wait for Yosemite.0.2?
 "Life or Liberty" is typically at the root of the most contentious issues the US populace discusses.  As a collective group, we're pretty bi-polar and inconsistent.  Think: "Abortion", "Guns", "Speech", "Privacy", "Drugs", "Distracted Driving", etc...It is my opinion that our system of government is supposed to protect "Liberty" above all and where "Liberty" did not preserve "Life", that leftover responsibility to protect "Life" was an individual responsibility.We don't...
"...or sell an apartment that could never be entered even by law enforcement." I can think of a couple dead innocent people who were killed or maimed in no-knock raids by police SWAT teams either by mistake or incompetence.  In Georgia there was a crib by the door and the police rammed it in enough to toss a flash bang.  The bang went off in the crib with a 2-yr old.   Then there's swatting.  If police will allow themselves to be "socially engineered" to become the...
I was very harsh on COIN and I still believe rightfully so.   This I think has value.  Wireless charging for the battery - great!  COIN makes you replace your card when the battery dies.  COIN holds 8 cards, this holds 20.  With a whole host of other features, this is what COIN should have been.  But this should have hit market 2 years ago.  The market for Plastc is probably the next 3 years.  They'll need a new innovation or product to stay relevant beyond that.  Also,...
People die for our liberties and rights all of the time. It's obvious that we put life below liberty on the scale. Live free or die. Heroes die so others can live free. They aren't all soldiers in some foreign country. They are everyday people.
What's extra great about this?  I have find my iphone on, naturally, but I can't turn it off because my company's wifi network blocks "iCloud".  Use cell service you say?  Oh wait, that's what's broken.
So, how does one downgrade?
But was it a 6+ or a 6?
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