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considering the specs and power and speed, until we know more I don't think you could build a hackintosh with the same specs for the same money, just some quick math would be about $2200+ or more to build your own as close to the hardware specs as this one and that would not be dual GPU's. The price seems about right for what it is, sign me up, just take my money
want = yes, need = not realy, I realy want to see it and read the experiences of real users, side by side tech stuff. 3k is a little steap to jump in blindly
I like it and would want to see it in action, I have no pressing reason to upgrade from my present desktop right now so it will be intersting in the comming months to read what new owners think and document the experience with the machine. I like small PC's and for the size I don't think anythink can compare to it..
 it may be a selling point as some may not want iO7 and those that do can easly update.
Good, Microsoft needs some new fresh leadership. the same old follow what Apple is doing isn't going to work anymore.   I am all for MS doing some very cool things in the future
All this really means to me is there are allot of devices that run the Android OS, not all of them are phones either so it’s comparing apples to oranges. Who really cares about these numbers anyway.
PEN testing without authorization and proper documentation is wrong and should not be just blown off. This is serious and it shouldn’t be down played because he wanted to "TEST" without authorization to proceed.
Ordered mine at 12:10am pst using the iOS apple store, no issues
pump that stock
updated on 2011 MacMini, download took 20 minutes, install took 30 minutes, so far everything works.   first thing I tested was VMware fusion as this is one of my main apps I use for work, My Windows 7 and Linux VM's work fine, even a little faster.   Windows 7 works faster in a VM on a Mac mini then it does on a dedicated HP laptop. 
New Posts  All Forums: