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Based on todays "shoot to kill" news in the USA, the  Mexicans are probably leaving the USA to avoid being shot by their USA neighbour, over a simple disagreement. That more likely and difficult to predict in the USA than being shot in a drug war anywhere.
Mexicans are smarter than you.They are looking ahead and see BIG USA TROUBLE when ugly abusive Trump gets control of the USA.Trump could even start wars with his CRAP talk !!!
So Trump's ugly talk about hard working Mexicans is going his way, if they are leaving the USA !
Based on this comment this screen technology isn't ready for me yet.The last thing I want is a deteriorating display image.I use my devices much longer than Apple would like.
I'm hoping this is as close that Apple gets to the Apple car rumor. Very interesting that increasingly cars support both Google Android and Apple Carplay.I'm one who would want anything Google turned off in my car, or I'd not buy that car. No way I'd want the Google spy watching and listening to all my car activities!   
I couldn't agree more.Initially ads on iOS were just a narrow ribbon at the screen bottom, not causing a big problem. But recently ads have been taking over my screen. such that I shut off my iDevicesfor the rest of the day, Fortunately on my Macs, the most ads are much more limited and I'm left with time to read my source. Apple has to get involved with this excessive ad problem else their iOS device sales will go down significantly !
Canada plans to bring in 25,000 Syrian migrants in the next month or so.Canadian's were very concerned that ISIS fighters may come in with them. Wisely Canada has decided to limit this large number of migrants in so short a time period; to women, children and families.
I suggest you be careful whose property you fly over.I'm sure there are others who also have their slingshot at the ready ! 
ISIS must love Trump;  he supports their "approach"  to non Muslims.
I'm surprised so many iPhone5Cs were sold, but I expect many were the almost useless 8GB.In July I finally upgraded my 4.5 yr old iPhone 4, which still performs very well with about 50% of original battery life.The App limitations of iOS7 got me to move on.My choice for my next iPhone was the 6, but at C$900+  and the dealer having a clear out 16gb iPhone5C at C$400 did it.At the same time my carrier was selling the 8gb iPhone5C at C$460.My  5C still had iOS7.0 on it and...
New Posts  All Forums: