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I find the Apple retail stores I've been in are very nice, with very helpful staff.However none of these stores had me on display to the whole outside world.  I'm not for sale !  
There have been several drone very close calls with passenger aircraft at our main international airport.If a drone comes near my house, beware my slingshot is loaded and at the ready !
Very good suggestions.  I may give it a try, although I doubt the dip will be as great.  It does seem stuck now, great.I sold some at over $130, then was considering buying it back at around $100.Things just happened to fast, as I was involved in other activities at the time. These Apple events like market insiders happy, stock prices bouncing around is how they profit and we just tag along.
I didn't comment on the Apple TV device,  which isn't an actual TV, but since you brought it up I will.I agree with you on the Apple TV device, that's why I bought another much more flexible TV adapter box.
Google is supporting iOS for their own selfish  (profit)  reasons.Note that profit isn't from Google's sale of android to the watch makers.
But free android is how Google establishes a lower price.Come and get it, the SW is free !!!
I totally agree with you !Android is simply Google spyware.
OMG, what a smart way for Google to install their advertisers  malware.I suspect Google will underprice Apple's watches.Google should feel obligated to give the user a price break for providing info to Google's advertisers ! 
I'd like another dip in Apple's price.  The last one was too quick for me to react adequately.    As for a 4" iPhone like the 5, I got mine a few months ago.   A clear out of old stock, a new  iPhone 5c 16GB which Apple stopped selling.  I paid $50 less than the 8gb model. Yes it's my size, as long as my very good close vision lasts ! 
I agree, 32GB would be perfect for me. The 64GB size is overkill for me.For now I'm just getting by with 16GB.
New Posts  All Forums: