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I find it interesting and a bit strange, that a Russian security firm is often involved in the early discovery of malware ! ?
Yes, a sad fact of the Samsung bunch."How android weakens the Samsung and all other android phones"
How much did Samsung pay you to say they jointly with Apple designed the first iPhones ?OK if your a Samsung employee they pay you well.As for Samsung keeping Apple in the forefront of ARM tech, try again! ARM is not Samsung's design, they are just the manufacturer, following instructions from ARM and Apple. But that sure gave the Samsung phone division an in to Apple's next phones; no one in their right mind would believe that the Samsung phone div didn't get tips from...
I'm sure Samsung would love to produce a leading edge iPhone CPU for Apple, but why would Apple go back to the company which has been so abusive to Apple? Then again Samsung may be playing nice guy to Apple, just to get back into the iPhone info links. Whatever I'm sure Apple will keep enough info from Samsung to limit their copying until at least a few months after a new iPhone model is available.
As soon as I saw a bendgate demo on TV, my suspicions were aroused to a targeted scam.Since the iPhone 6 is slightly worse than the 6+ for bending, the larger screen 6+ was the preferred target. Now what company would be very upset that Apple has come out with a large screen phone? Well of course, it's an obvious conclusion.  I hope they paid those iPhone benders well, they needed very strong hands !
But in my case it's an iPhone 6+, instead of an iPhone 6 plus an iPad Mini.If your GP figures are correct I guess Apple should still be happy with me.
Little respect for analyst predictions here, particularly for BMO. When I had a brokerage account at BMO they continually wanted me to dump my very risky Apple stocks, a very dumb suggestion which would have cost me lots of money. But they have hit on one thing right, the iPhone6+ will reduce sales of the iPad Mini, but by how much is just a big guess!
Even if Samsung did have the iPhone 6 hardware last year, they definitely didn't have the software  then or even now. Samsung it takes an OS and Apps as well as hardware to be the same. Google's android spying knows that !
Well now, an opportunity to sell STIFF iPhone 6+ cases.
This just confirms how stupid Balmer is. How is this for team moral ?   It's in the sewer !
New Posts  All Forums: