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When I'm concentrating on a lovely Apple device, I'll admit I don't notice the stores interior. As long as the walls are clean and a modest color.
Apple users who fix and modify Apple's devices can certainly benefit from iFixit.  But iFixit;  that was very naughty of you to release info on an unreleased product. 
How about an App to record and display civilian drone strikes on unintended targets ? 
A few months ago I got a new iPhone 5c 16gb.  It has the non Al plastic case.Good gosh, another non Al case  iPhone coming to keep it company !  
Electric car ?    Well I'm sure it won't be a diesel ! If gas I'm interested, but electric cars don't fit my driving needs.
That 17 cents is worth a lot more in China.
Yes the UK and USA also hack, but they are friends.It's been well proven that China Gov is behind many hacks out of China.Don't avoid the truth, you could regret it !
Tim was likely there because China's hacking of the world's computers was a big part of the discussions.The very recent China hack of Apple's App development was a prime example. We are after China for being one of the biggest computer spying countries in the world.So it's all about improving your computer use ! What's your Apple SW problem;  my iOS8 iPhone and MacOS X  Mav 10.9 are running perfectly.
OMG, I was going to install Crystal today. With this SW ethics is no more.  Is VW involved here ?   Well I'll have to look over the available Apps again.
It's all about how closely quality os monitored.If a product is made in China for a western high quality manufacturer, than quality is usually OK.If the product is made in China by an independent China manufacturer then quality can be very poor.
New Posts  All Forums: