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 The ass is you for not skiing safely.
I totally agree, hearing is necessary for safe skiing and boarding.It would be passable  if only used on the lift, but should be banned while on the slopes.
Banks don't take the fraud hit on them.Banks simply pass the loss on to their customers, thru less interest and higher credit card costs.Banks control the money flow. If banks  screw up badly they cry to the Gov for money (from the taxpayers) to bail them out.
I'm sure they do.A few days ago I heard those spam phone calls to fix your virus infected Windows,   result in about about 7% paying money to remove the mythical  viruses.
My electric key still has it's original battery, which has been first class since Aug2003.My wife's is ok since Aug2001.Nice they don't need to be charged!  Also if ever too low on power, I still can use the key. As for an eWatch that does everything, not something to wear visible on the street ! Oh well at least we have settled the Apple Car rumor.
I switched all my default search to DuckDuckGo a few years ago. But some searches still require Google for best results. I avoid Yahoo and Bing, they are ugly.
Another jealous loser trying to extract excess money from the winner.  Unfortunately there are some courts and lawyers which live high taking on such ridiculous cases. 
Apple producing an EV is as way out a rumor as when Apple was going to produce a TV.  The Apple/TV was the product.   I'm sure Apple realizes the excellent Tesla EV is mainly a rich man's toy.  But how many Tesla EVs do they need for their collection ?   No real money in that business.   Apple producing some advanced control for EVs, possibly.   But hopefully it's not a self driving EV which scares most drivers.
I wonder what a graph of bicycles vs electric cars would look like ?
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