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I've had Google Maps take me to the wrong location too, even up dead end roads on the wrong side of a restricted access highway.I've seen warnings at hotels on the I5 in Wa state, saying "don't use Google to find us!".
I noticed 4 years ago that Google Maps saved some recently accessed Map info in it's cache. Just tried that with iOS8 and it still does save some recent map info.Also I've been taking screen shots of the map area I've been traveling in on trips. Re Apple vs Google Maps I use both and find Apple Maps better in large urban areas, Google better in the country areas, but both have errors on occasion so be careful !I use Google Maps for it's street view, which I find very...
I expect the iOS users have more to lose.Apple needs to improve their App security verification.  It's the better iOS App security which is one big reason why many pay a bit more for Apple's devices.Of course android Google spying is a given !
Yes, I noticed that too.I would expect it to be simply that LG was a lower price than Samsung.   It's a big 10+% sales increase for LG. Here in CDA Samsung very recently dropped their prices on their top phone model,which was the same high price as Apple's iPhone6. With the 30% US exchange rate Apple's base iPhone6 is C$900.
Of course the Google people are very smart. They started this android thing so phones could be their spyware. That was after Apple didn't agree to Google's request to monitor all iPhone calls.  Well done Apple ! Now Google wants to standardize android so it can be kept up to date;  a big weakness of android is lack of phone updates. But that means the android phone manufacturers become just manufacturing centres for the identical  phone specs.Such standardization makes all...
To true, in Hawaii I saw lots of Koreans with Samsung large phones.The men had a good grip on them, the ladies used two hands to hold them.
You don't mind overpaying.Anyway I'm there now, with my clear out  iPhone4c 16 gb for CDN $400 in July.   It even has the power button where I don't hold it !My still perfect 4.5 year old iPhone4 was bogging down on iOS7 and current software, plus some Apps no longer worked on iOS7. Here because of the 30% USA exchange rate the iPhone6 which I like, starts at CDN $900. Too high a price and since it is mostly not made in the USA Apple makes an even bigger profit; a huge+...
Good, we don't want FB employees spying on our Apple sites. So BE GONE.    
I agree, it will be $170.    But I already have my 4" iPhone. Mid summer I bought an iPhone 5c on a clear out sale, to replace my still working perfectly iPhone 4 used for 4.5 yrs   
Google is spyware ! I recommend you use DuckDuckGo for searches.It works well  and doesn't spy on you.
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