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You bet your life Wall St is involved in market manipulation.The market insiders love these significant dips, that's how they get rich off the typical scared investors who sell off low.A steady market going in one direction the insiders hate !
Yes I'm getting ready to buy back what I sold at $133, but I know waiting for  the bottom is impossible.When AAPL drops to my buy point I'll do it.  If AAPL and the market tend higher after this market silliness, I'll still do it.
Yes so true.  That's why 90% lose money on the market.  In down markets buy more of your good companies.All stocks drop together, better companies stock rises first.In this case Apple's stock price has little or even nothing to do with their stock price.  Apple sales are doing very well. Actually it has been noticed that the low priced products do worse in a down cycle, yet higher priced products like Apple's do better.  Those with money are less affected by a economic...
Sorry. but may I suggest your post is just trash.  You don't know the iPhone 6s specs. I have some ideas, but just my guesses. BTW I don't need a new shape, a flat longer than wide flat iPhone is just what I want.Yes I know that other electronics company is now making everything curved, TVs, etc.   They just want to be different.Recently I learned the (flawed) 3D TV they brought out, is now basically useless because of lack of 3D programs.  
Could it be that it's range is only determined by the tether length ?It has a very short flight time;  at first I thought the power goes through the tether from a large battery. So now we have a drone which is dangerous for the operator. Imagine the tether touching a power line ! 
Not just Samsung have a list of names, but also Google. Google is sure to be with Samsung on this.  After all Google has been losing android  spy information  when the user choses  Apple's iPhone.
You are interested in Google's android spyware ?   
I'm sure Apple has this as a significant consideration.For Samsung to get control of Apple's parts, could be very negative to Apple's business.I feel it would be best to use Samsung for older model devices, where knowledge of same would least affect Apple.
Many thx for the excellent description of this problem.  What you say sounds very logical, except it's obvious Apple is trying to sneak around this problem.I was planning to purchase the new  MacBook 12" retina, but now will wait out this problem to a satisfactory resolution.
 Your comment on 4k being a lower image quality reminds me of a few 4k TV store demos I've looked at.Most 4k TVs have shown a very good picture, but some have been terrible.  I suspect the very good images were of 4k source, while the poor ones were of regular HD source,
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