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OMG no more GM! I was a GM vehicle user, but left GM several decades back for Chrysler. I still look at GM cars at the auto shows and occasionally get a GM rental; what crap !Chrysler got screwed for their money by Daimler/Mercedes then a NY hedge fund,being left with no money and no car designers.We still have 11 and 13 yr old Chrysler cars, fortunately running very well. We are still driving them hoping Chrysler comes out with a car that suits our needs, but...
This makes sense. No need to jail break android phones to install their nasty terrorism Apps. They probably damage many phones, cheap androids meet their simple tasks.
That also seems to be the case with some other Korean companies.-I ran into it trying to get support for my Samsung LCD, finally just after the 3 yr guarantee it went downhill quickly.-A Korean car company refused to send out recall notices for an incorrect piston ring part.I'm passing on both Samsung and that Korean car company.
In this house two Minis  have been our  main computer, starting at the G4 and now at the C2D 2.0 model.We aren't SW developers, nor do we play action games.Our Macs do our general computing, Office docs Web browsing, Email, photos and the occasional movie.An iMac or MacBook aren't in our current plans, we  have tablets and new upgraded Mini is being waited for.The Mini is currently small enough for us,  just sits beside the display. So Apple lets have the upgraded Mini, ...
Google and NSA would support you on this.Lovely more personal info they say !!!
I'm sure that's part of it,   also their latest spying functions will be in this new App. My iPhone shall stay clean of such prying eyes !
As for selecting my room on my iPhone, fine with me. But as for opening the room door using my iPhone, I prefer a pass on that one. I like those room cards !
Would that mean the iWatch would have no numbers or letters on the display?
I'll bet he changes his tune if his company is involved.
Oh my, Apple didn't meet the outside Apple market guesses on their business. Yes, that should be doom and gloom! But I'm very happy, the iPhone, Mac and even the iPad sales surprised me at their strength. Personally I know PC users who got an iPhone, then an iPad, then recently a Mac. They've become total switchers; sorry MS, BB, SS and the others! Now we know how off the mark the market insiders are. Avoid them and make your own investment decisions, else you will lose...
New Posts  All Forums: