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Fine for the ladies.Black for those hiding their expensive iPhones from grab and run thieves.
I agree and the 8GB base model should be history.  Unknowing people will buy it, then be frustrated by the 1-GB available for them.
Sounds like you actually tried the iPhone 6s ?  That's much more than reading the Chinese text !I agree, 32GB should be the base model memory, it would suit me coming from a 16GB iPhone.
The several friends I know who bought an android phone were looking for the cheapest phone.What they didn't realize was cheapest up front, wasn't necessarily cheapest over a phone contracts full term.Also what they didn't realize is the cheap up front android phones were older models and future android updates were limited. Those android users were a mixed bag who generally weren't very net fluent.-One friend who got a cheap android phone had only used it for phone and...
So that's where my previous brokerage (BMO) got their negativity on Apple. I traded Apple shares for many years, since the late 80s, but my brokerages just didn't understand Apple, so I ignored them.  Over the years I bought low and sold higher several times, making a very good return.Eventually my brokerage became BMO and they started yelling "sell all your Apple", whenever there was an Apple share price dip, usually called by some market "know it all" who published a...
Yet my carrier continually tries to sell me the world's best phones, according to them.Just a bunch of android trash, they are trying to "give away". Yet with little advertising someone must be buying those high priced iPhones.Who are those iPhone buyers ? 
You're correct that would not be best.But MS stumbling over everything they do seems to be their current norm. (Anyone want a WinXP netbook which I never got to like.   It's so trackpad is so  inconsistent I may have to join a MS Netbook Blog !Wife hates the trackpad so much she won't use it. She does love her iPad2, which is her travel computer.That  iPad2 is my at home laptop.  Who needs MS ?) 
If Apple Maps had street view, I could forget there is a Google Maps with it.
I hardly use the Home button on my iPhone 4.When it was a year old I read that home button failures were common.So I switched to assistive touch, have seldom used the home button for more than waking it up, over 3.5 years. It's still 100% reliable has about 60% of it's original battery life (3 or 2 days now)  and running iOS 7 at 4.5 yrs of age. 
I love touch screens on  small hand held devices.Thank goodness most manufacturers are serving me.BTW see BlackBerry, they really need your business or else they die !
New Posts  All Forums: