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As Blackberry moves to the past, my Playbook is dying because my PB  Apps are being discontinued. A few Apps gave a departing msg that my PB software is too out of date in function to support anymore.
OMG Samsung will AGAIN start playing dirty tricks on Apple. They just won't sit back and take such marketing abuse!   My 3.5 yr old iPhone 4 on iOS 7 is still performing very well.  When the battery fails (now about 65% capacity) I'll replace it for an iPhone 6.  I need the  delay to decide if I really want the iPhone 6+ pablet, which I see as both a phone and a micro tablet.    Most of my iPhone use is not phoning, so the iPhone 6+ seems the way to go for me if it...
Google will never forgive you for not using android;  they would have loved to  spy on everything you do.Anyway IMO a very wise choice. 
No surprise here that Apple didn't do it themselves. Obviously sapphire for iPhone screens was a failed technology.   What would they manufacture,  rings?What surprises me is setting up for large scale production before the technology was proven. 
Sorry Apple and other smart watch sellers. My $40 watch which shows daily distance walked is all the basic watch I need. No frequent charging needed. If I get lost, my iPhone is in my pocket.   For golf I have a Garmin specialized Golf GPS watch; daily charging needed for Golf  GPS use.    
> And while GreatFire.org has accused the Chinese government of being volved, some critics say the fact that users are > alerted of security warnings suggest attack is too easily detected for the government to have played a part.   Could this be caused by the Hong Kong democracy disturbers,  just wanting to make the China dictatorship look bad ?
I find it interesting and a bit strange, that a Russian security firm is often involved in the early discovery of malware ! ?
Yes, a sad fact of the Samsung bunch."How android weakens the Samsung and all other android phones"
How much did Samsung pay you to say they jointly with Apple designed the first iPhones ?OK if your a Samsung employee they pay you well.As for Samsung keeping Apple in the forefront of ARM tech, try again! ARM is not Samsung's design, they are just the manufacturer, following instructions from ARM and Apple. But that sure gave the Samsung phone division an in to Apple's next phones; no one in their right mind would believe that the Samsung phone div didn't get tips from...
I'm sure Samsung would love to produce a leading edge iPhone CPU for Apple, but why would Apple go back to the company which has been so abusive to Apple? Then again Samsung may be playing nice guy to Apple, just to get back into the iPhone info links. Whatever I'm sure Apple will keep enough info from Samsung to limit their copying until at least a few months after a new iPhone model is available.
New Posts  All Forums: