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Also perhaps the "spyware first" Android OS is losing favor with the higher end buyer.
If I were to upgrade now my, still working perfectly after 3y-3m, iPhone4; it would definitely be the iPhone5c.The 5c is slightly lower in price than my 4 was over 3 yrs back.IMO the 4s 8GB being sold makes no sense. It only has about 1GB for the user and is only slightly  lower cost up front, but the usage cost is the same as for all  phones. I've decided my next iPhone purchase will be an unlocked one from the Apple store, so I can pick the usage plan I need and can use...
Those who I know who got an android phone instead of an iPhone, didn't mention your reasons. Their reasons were:-The android phone was lower cost.  (But I say only up front! Sometimes carriers actually pay customers to buy the others)-They wanted a larger screen. A valid point for those without good close vision.-The iPhone wasn't presented to them as an option.   (typical because carriers struggle to sell other phones)
I was considering install this App, but now that it's joined the personal Spyware camp NO WAY! Soon there will be no useful PRIVATE Apps available.
Yes and what hard products did Google manufacture?    They give away Android and Web services to spy on all of us.
Thx, I delayed selling a few more shares recently.Now I have to reevaluate my positions and forecast.
Also it's selling well, by my observation of of seeing business people carrying one or even two out of the Apple store.I wouldn't know what to do with it's very high power, else I'd get one.
You  are taking far to seriously that Apple peak price of $700+ in 2013. That was caused by hedge fund play.If you take that big peak out, Apple has been on a steady uptrend in price for several years.
Like many I was a bit concerned when Cook took over Apple, without Steve at his side.However Cook has impressed me many times, he's one of the best business leaders out there!
As an active investor I don't take any comments or predictions from Wall Street seriously.They don't even know when they have screwed up their accounting or sold toxic bonds.They aren't giving good advise to anyone, just trying to fill their pockets in any way they can.
New Posts  All Forums: