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I sure hope they continue 10.6.8 support. For reasons of our Mac not handling a later MacOS, plus need for PPC App support; we can't upgrade to a later MacOS X version now.
My last PPC Mac was bought in mid 2003, is still working 100% reliable.It's used for my basic computing, like Email, basic web browsing, Photos and financial Apps because I regard it as more malware free.My Intel Mac is for the more recent Apps supporting the iPhone, iPad and faster Web Browsing.
Well I guess our computer use is irrelevant, but it does our job !Email and Skype are heavily used here.We communicate with users on several platforms, Apps unique to a specific OS don't do the job for us !Social spyware Apps, like FaceBook, Twitter and Google have no place here. We view them as malware.
I expect Apple's big problem at this time, is obtaining the huge volumes of iPhones in the many locations receiving it first. They've been manufacturing whatever for months. It's very likely the 5.5" will arrive later, or there will be very limited volumes initially. 
Here in our Vancouver area,  at the Metrotown mall in Burnaby, BC;   MS opened a store after trying a small  isle stand in the middle of the mall.But they put their fairly large store in an out of the way location downstairs, whereas Apple's very large store is on the second floor main walkway  where there is much walk by traffic.Apple's store is very busy, at times difficult to walk around in.MS's store wasn't that busy when I looked at it the second week it was open. I...
Not for me, a 5.5 is far too small for my tablet use, yet a bit too large for a one handed phone.The iPad mini is the tablet for me, it's on my buy list to replace my POS BB PB. (Sorry BB!)
So the App Store must be working for many. At this time I've pretty given up on the App Store, my iPhone4 iOS7 App Store takes forever to start a download, it just spins!
Finally Samsung has had enough of this legal game, trying to escape from the "copying Apple" charges. Samsung needs the money to hire staff with the intelligence to compete with Apple, without copying.   So Apple has won this copying war with Samsung. Samsung will have to come up with their own ideas, with Google's help as long as they use spyware Android.
At  a quick glance of this article heading, I thought why is Apple protecting the HeathKit name ? 
No concern here for the 5.x iPhone. My hope is that the 4.7 isn't too clumsy after 3.5 years using my 3.5" iPhone4 . But I'm concerned enough that I started looking on CL for a top condition Unlocked iPhone5. Very interesting price variations!
New Posts  All Forums: