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The recent Apple stock price drop, was initiated by a huge hedge fund sale, which may have been done all at once in error.Also recently year end profit taking was happening.
Shouldn't an explanation come from you, as how someone so smart bothered trying out one of their phones.I value my time more to even bother giving it a second thought.We all know android is Google Spyware and most know that China is a huge computer SPY !!!Their phones should be called Spydriomi.
Is this story another exampe of the WSJ publishing crap initially, then more crap with their follow up report ? Of course a China company can publish anything the China Gov wants it to;  so perhaps the WSJ should be more careful on reports from China companies.   As for the Xiaomi phone, it must be the spyware phone of the year. With China Gov Spyware on top of Google android Spyware, these phones won't miss anything you do !!!
Yes they are certainly DUMB, they aren't approaching this situation  intelligently.IMO $20 per hour is fine to stand around being a witness.  They need to get better educated to get a higher paying job. So again Apple is a target for those wanting to dip into Apple's hard earned profits.
At that time it wasn't worth even $600. to me.That was 2 months rent on my apartment.
I don't feel I need another Map App on  my iPhone.If I want street view of course I use that lovely function of Google Maps.For city Maps I find Apple Maps very good, for out of urban use I find Google Maps more useful.To save maps to use when I'm not online, I use screen shots and also find Google maps saves some in it's buffer.  Nokia must be struggling for income; would love to get advertising revenue from all the iPhones in active use. 
So true, Apple wasn't involved, but I'm sure they support the protestors.Also Apple can afford not to complain to the authorities, so  they will have no affect on Apple.I wonder who made the error of picking the Apple store? OK it is a higher profile top corporate location to die while protesting.
IMO he is the most selfish lying person in the net business.   
Tim is right on. FB have taken the spying into personal info to new heights and as a result Google and other sites are following FB's lead, to become worse spies.  Trying to avoid this extreme net spying has become a significant task, I've even increased my use of fake IDs for my net activities.  This spying becomes even more serious when we realize they collect some incorrect info and keep it forever.    Almost all web sites, including this one, push using these...
Lets face it, this is all about the losers seeing rich Apple an a source of BIG money. So Apple will have to fight them a while to discourage more legal sharks, then give them something to go away.
New Posts  All Forums: