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Yes  headlines like this do drop Apple's stock price.IMO WSJ is simply trying to get attention to their out of date dying publication. As for me any publication creating trash news stories will not get my read.Be gone to the archives, WSJ !!!
  The few android users I know, bought android because the (very out of date) android phone was cheapest up front (the down payment was lowest). Not surprising the large number of users buying android because it was little or nothing up front, don't buy much based on android advertising.
Right on; retina is as high a resolution we humans need.What Apple needs ASAP is a retina display on the mini iPad.
In this online world who walks to communicate ?A walk before and after lunch or coffee break is good for you!
My local observation of people buying the 5c is many are new iPhone users.   It's $100 less down here.Those like myself who have an iPhone now  are more interested in the 5s, and with contracts to run out waiting for it is no problem.
 OMG perhaps Apple won't go down, but some hedge funds will if they don't cover their as--s   fast! There is a limit to market negativity on Apple.  Of course there are some of us just waiting for a good time to profit. But Apple may step in and buy back more shares with their buckets of money. Imagine that, Apple destroyed their previous high volume records, yet they ran out of some iPhone  stock.  If Samsung TV interviewed the street people hired  in New York  to get ...
Don't panic, those hedge funds play it both ways. They'll beat Apple down now, then up again with some later news.  Remember sell on news.
Even worse, Apple  didn't have enough stock to satisfy customers.Unfortunately  Apple's stock price is a downer tomorrow, even before Apple gives the total sold numbers.
Ah ha; so even with a higher price up front the total 2 yr cost is much lower in China.So all the negativity on the too high a cost iPhone 5C, from the "know it all" USA investment houses, is just a lot of hot air from dummies.Go Apple Go! Up and away $$$ !
It's another buying opportunity for Apple and other smart investors.
New Posts  All Forums: