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I'm pleased at Tim's Apple privacy note, but still have a few concerns. With iOS 7 I noticed: -Several new functions in my Gmail settings, which were set on by default.  They gave Google Gmail access to my Contacts, Calendar and  notes.   Very personal info, I definitely don't want Google getting into ! -The Find My iPhone setting backs up my photos to iCloud.   When I try turning off backing up my photos,  I get the msg   that if I turn the iCloud backup off,  my...
I first need to turn in my current iPhone? No way I'll give away my perfect iPhone4 16gb for only $21. It will continue to serve me well as my travel phone. May it have an even longer life on it's original still strong battery.   
I couldn't agree more.  The iPhone6 should start at 32GB.Only 16GB on an iPhone6 is as silly as the 8gb on the iPhone4s.I'm forever pushing into the 16GB on my iPhone4.  My next iPhone will definitely be 32GB.
The modest ($50?) extra for the down payment on an iPhone.Then they can join us all paying the same usage charge, regardless of how cheap or expensive our phones are.
How can these devices be called watches, if they would lose the time so soon when the battery dies ?
Wow, how the others are pushing out not ready products just ahead of Apple's new product announcements. I can't see how it will help them if their products aren't ready yet. But Apple will be helped buy comparing Apple's new products to this other POS trying to upside Apple.
Definitely are announcements to cool the Apple excitement a bit.I also find it more than a coincidence this came at the same time as the Apple iCloud hacking news.   Very suspicious.
Amazing since the specs aren't out yet, so they are buying blind.Well of course in China the iPhone6 detailed specs are probably being circulated underground. I have it from a few HK friends, those with  money pick the iPhone as first choice.  It's a must have phone.
I'm now wondering if the fix will improve the very slow App Store on my iPhone4 iOS7. My App Store has been gradually slowing for several months, now is too painful to use.
I'm interested in a new iPhone and  also an iPad mini to replace my becoming useless BB PB.Wondering if the phablet 5.5"  iPhone will serve both purposes? Will have to try holding it with one hand for phoning and try putting it in my usual pockets. 
New Posts  All Forums: