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Bye bye Samsung, the sooner the better. The lack of anything significantly new in the new Samsung S4 indicates they missed Apple's latest ideas.
A fully expected Apple news item. Why bother posting this non news item, before it is a fact? I'm wondering why I'm even commenting on it? 
Yes, you're hitting on China's problem. The China  Gov WANTS  to be the most powerful organization  in China.   Apple threatens that Gov power.
Because the market trader "facts" are mostly games being played by the traders, think hedge funds,  who want market prices to bounce around to their peasure.
I thought that rough default KB would be effective as a door mat. Being serious it would be my concern it would wear out the tips of my fingers!
I too would like to see BB succeed, more competition for Apple is good for all. However after trying a Z10 today, I'm not impressed.    It's slow and has a browser missing needed function, like a Bookmark Mgr. It has a few UI advances over iOS, perhaps Apple will try to introduce them.   As for the RIM founder he has now found a new "make me richer" business activity. He has founded the private Quantum Fund.  Will they sell units to pick up 1% of others...
Today (Mar22/13) I looked at the new BB phone in my favorite phone store. After the RIM comment about Apple's iOS being stale, I just had to look at their product. Much like the iPhone iOS, with a few useful differences. Like pull down Settings and spell checker suggestion displayed at the bottom. Nothing earth shattering however, for those who know Apple's iOS. Surprising that the store demo Phones weren't connected online and the clerk's demo phone seemed a bit slow at...
Do you have Hulu in the UK, or anything like it ? FYI it's not an Apple service.   Here is what I get when I browse the Hulu site from Canada:   >Sorry, currently our video library can only be watched from within the United States Hulu is committed to making its content available worldwide. To do so, we must work through a number of legal and business issues, including obtaining international streaming rights. Know that we are working to make this happen and will continue...
  Yes Apple often refines a product idea to something practical and useful. But in this case the others who have been there (Samsung, etc) will have grounds to sue Apple for a big share of their profits. I'm not that interested in such a watch at this time, my next toy watch will be a golfing GPS watch. Distance to the pin is all I can concentrate on when golfing.   Thank goodness Apple has been gradually evolving their Apple/TV device. I read it has quietly become a $500...
Never, Flash died a while ago.  Now Flash is just an unwanted hang on.
New Posts  All Forums: