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So all these downloads is likely why I've been finding App downloads painfully slow lately. Could it be that's because my recent App downloads were for FREE Apps ?  A few times it was so slow I've discontinued my attempt at getting an App.
So you're saying iOS Apps will support their function forever !Darn those iPhone Apps I can't upgrade, to say nothing of my now useless ClarisWorks files.
They keep referring to the Samsung suppliers in China. What about Samsung products manufactured in North Korea? Oh yes, no one can get to see that facility !
Yes, the iPhone 5 isn't a currently sold iPhone. These are returns.  The 5C now has the 5 inside a plastic case.Nope I expect a returned 5 may get you a 5C.Unfortunately the bottom end after the iPhone6 comes out, will likely be a very storage limited (useless) 8GB iPhone 5C.TouchID is nice, but not necessary for me. The logon password is adaquate for my iPhone, which doesn't contain any sensitive data. IMO it's a great deal, if you don't mind a used iPhone. The deal...
Well I wonder why Samsung is going downhill? Could it be: -Less parts sales to Apple? -Less copying of Apple's latest designs?   -Possible customers waiting to see Apple's iPhone6?   (me too) -Customers no longer wanting a Google Android SPYWARE OS?   -Poor quality?
I'm with you; my current iPhone4 at 3.5 yrs of age and original battery,  is still doing the job very well on a $30/m prepaid plan.Only  the occasional slowness because of iOS7,  which has some lovely functional upgrades that more than make up for the occasional slowness.If my iPhone4 still works well, when I'm attracted to a new iPhone model (could happen with the iPhone6) I'll give my current iPhone4 to some family member.Then I'll buy from Apple an unlocked iPhone? and...
No concern here for that tiny Fiat, I just don't fit inside it.  It's also overpriced when well equiped !If you are concerned about serious damage from a large SUV of truck hit, don't worry as even a mid sized car as I drive would be in trouble from such a hit.  But the mid sized car's handling makes it safer overall than a  large SUV or truck. I found with a recent rental of a mid sized car, a VW Passat 1.8L TSI, that one doesn't need to get a tiny car to get very good...
Unfortunately the BMW iDrive was one of the starters of this touch screen car control panels.Since a BMW with no spare tire doesn't meet my needs, avoiding iDrive was no problem. Too bad as otherwise BMW has some nice cars, but a real spare is needed for long distance highway driving, particularly in the winter. Now that all are following the iDrive, plus adding more on screen playthings, finding a car with REAL CONTROLS is going to be a big problem. I can see an after...
Last Sep I found that to be true in Italy.The Euro price = the USA price, which was about 50% more.
The iPhone price reductions do influence the purchaser, but they are trivial compared to the full price. I've been waiting for an upgraded Mini.Recent Apple Store  Refurbished sales of the current mini, indicate a new Mini is on the way.
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