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Sad for Blackberry, but Good for Apple.BB recently announced they are giving up the consumer market, which they failed in, for the secured business market.BB should look out the window, their business market has been taken from them. Not Good for BB!
Thx for letting me know the iPhone4 is included in 7.1 supported  iDevices.I was about to upgrade it to iOS7, now I'll wait a bit longer.
Here Samsung's more recent smart phones are selling discounted. Samsung buyers are simply attracted to cheap, with little or no down payment. Even 3+ yr older Samsung smart phones are still being pushed. My 3 yr iPhone4 contract ends in Jan, my carrier has offered me a Samsung phone now (early no penalty) with nothing down, in fact they will pay me $25 to take it!
I would NEVER want my house to be declared historical, nor would I buy such a house. In effect you are trapped in a museum house, which is almost unsalable.
So now Google wants to spy on our timing! Sigh, Google will eventually be controlling all we do.  
He blew it,  Samsung should ask for money back ! 
Yes  headlines like this do drop Apple's stock price.IMO WSJ is simply trying to get attention to their out of date dying publication. As for me any publication creating trash news stories will not get my read.Be gone to the archives, WSJ !!!
  The few android users I know, bought android because the (very out of date) android phone was cheapest up front (the down payment was lowest). Not surprising the large number of users buying android because it was little or nothing up front, don't buy much based on android advertising.
Right on; retina is as high a resolution we humans need.What Apple needs ASAP is a retina display on the mini iPad.
In this online world who walks to communicate ?A walk before and after lunch or coffee break is good for you!
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