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I agree, Google is only pushing self driving cars so they can drive you into an advertiser's business.I've promised my self I'll never buy or even drive one. No rentals please.Just imagine if your self driving car causes an accident, the legal fight could go on for several years.
Self driving cars are much more likely for parking and out on the interstates.Some cars now park themselves and there has been announced a highway trial in Europe.
I'll never use or ride in a self driving car.  That is technology gone mad.  For it to be a top defensive driver, which requires an intelligent visual observation of what's going on far ahead and around the car, is just a techie dream.Of course Google is only pushing same to spy on you and to alert you to their advertisers you are passing by ! What we need now is more  car collision avoidance devices,  like the forward speed control on closing device.
A 0% interest loan for a car sounds unbelievable, but it is more believable if you could have obtained a discount on the car by paying cash up front. All car dealers love cash to pay down their loans on their car stock. On most of my car purchases I've obtained a lower cost by paying the total in cash directly to the car dealer.
Sure Apple sells two pre iPhone 6 lower end models.  The 5s and 5c.IMO the iPhone 5c has too little memory for many customers, only about 1GB for the user, but it's $0 on a contract.The iPhone 5c:With Contract 8GB FREEUnlocked 8GB  $450 The very good 5s 16gb is only $99 on contract.
I may wait for the sapphire screen too, well as long as my iPhone 4 continues to service me well.But I doubt I can wait until the iPhone 9 for the sapphire screen though;  perhaps the iPhone 7 will tempt me too much.
I just tried to install MacTubes on my PPC Tiger Mac.No go, the MacTubes installer is Intel.
Your comment is stupid, these Apps were not up front honest about their costs involved.By categorizing them as free, many people including me would download them only to realize later their use is very limited without paying a fee.  I deleted them immediately when a fee was needed, but my time involved was wasted.That's misrepresentation of a product, which Apple should have stopped as soon as they knew it was occuring.
Just illustrating how insecure anything online can be. Such bugs will always be an issue with current server design. I hope the hackers for hire aren't upset enough to sue Apple. 8-)
Interesting and not possible.It sounds like MS only credits the down payment at time of sale,with the remainder of the revenue from the usage charge credited elsewhere.
New Posts  All Forums: