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Not really, obviously you haven't been in a REAL corporate store, like IBM's dull stores which are now gone.Or the more recent MS stores, which don't know how to present products to the general public. When I go in an Apple store, on the way in I have to say to myself 10 times before the very friendly Apple sales people approach me; "only looking"!But the let me look and try forever, so I have to resist buying and leave my wallet buried deep in my pocket.However after I...
Purchased my Black Friday Apple product last week. A brand new in the box 2012 Mac Mini I5, for about 17% off. The power of the new base Mini, but easily upgraded.   First I'll add a 128G SSD, quite a bit faster than the 500GB HDD which will stay for low use data storage.
You'd be advised to learn a bit more about the various iPhone models first.An iPhone 6s is a possibility, but a 3.5 to 4.0"" iPhone 6s is a bad joke !
So me not using iOS8 on my iPhone4 which isn't supported on it, upsets you that badly !Get over it and accept that many Apple users don't need the very latest devices to be happy with them.Actually I feel sorry for those who feel they have to use the latest device to get their job done.  Yes I'll eventually move on to a newer iPhone model, definitely when my so reliable iPhone4 has a problem.  It will likely be a weak original battery which gets me to move on, but it would...
A refurb of the new mid range Mac mini will take a bit of a wait.If they are 10% off on BLK Fri I may bite.
Many news reporters, such as those at WSJ, love to publish stories negative on Apple.Unfortunately for them their reports are often just crap, probably because they didn't wait for an intelligent report by others.    
It accesses user sensitive data, like Contacts.Well now, it equals the capability of Google via a Gmail account.
Poor  (rich with $s) Microsoft.  I'm beginning to seriously feel sorry for them !   Perhaps the thought of a virus from Windows scared them. After all there is currently the Ebola scare.
My exact thoughts.It really surprises me that Apple invested so much in what appears now to be a failed technology.
Likely the carrier most needing business, also an above market usage cost.
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