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I ony paid $200. for my BlackBerry Playbook.  I'd love to dump it for even $100 on an iPad mini. But no way wife would trade in her iPad2, it serves her very well.
Exactly my thoughts. As long as Steve Ballmer is there MS hasn't refreshed itself. Surely Ballmer has enough money by now to rest on a Hawaii beach, watching others use their Apple iDevices !
This Microsoft ad knocking Apple's iOS iDevices,  illustrates again that MS just doesn't understand what users do with  iDevices.   Too bad MS, but you'll survive by creating Office updates for business,   who now are wondering if they need all your updates anyway.
I wonder if these cash rich investors know how to run an Apple 1 ? Lets see, less than 1,000 Apple shares to buy it.   I'll put my money into a new Mac, it's at least guaranteed !
Yes I agree it's now a generic term and these big guys should just agree on some compromise. But with lawyers involved,  they will drag it on, spending money they made from us. Time these big companies behaved like adults occasionally!
Your Apple history is very weak. During most of Apple's history they have been fighting the major platforms for market share. Only with their iDevices have Apple lead significantly in Sales and profits.
So true, Apple and Samsung need at least one good competitor.  Good they have each other. The others are just also rans!   I don't believe S4 sales are as good as desired. Here the S4 down payment is now down about 50%. Considering Samsung has not been getting phones recently from North Korea, they definitely have a sales problem.   I see the difference when I walk past our Samsung and Apple stores.
So it's small enough to be portable.  Also may be effective as a fan! OK I may get one used, which I can afford.   I passed on the G5 and Mac Pro, just too large for my desk area.
Correction; assembled in the United States (US of A-USA)
Customers are realizing that the S4 is not such a big deal    and  Samsung will not be able to copy Apple's next iPhone before it is out.  
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