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iOS 8 works just fine on our iPad2.We'll see with iOS 9.
FYI  iOS 7 works OK on my iPhone 4.  My main problem is 16GB has become a squeeze, because of my  significant data and Apps.I feel it's an error to still sell 8GB iPhones, there's only about 1GB left for the user. Yes it's about time the non retina small iPad was dropped.  I passed on it because images were not sharp enough.
Exactly my thoughts.  Flop flopped around killing MS's weaker competition so MS could pick up the pieces at fire sale prices.I expect he got a top severance and will keep shut about his takeover game for MS.
I hope the lock on that bank vault is disabled !!!  
You've got to be kidding !No lot  (alone)  along there is worth less than $4+ million.  IMO opinion CP Rail should give that property back to the Gov, who gave it to them for a rail line they now no longer use.
Although many brokerage analysts don't understand Apple's products, particularly the Mac line; lets face it their main objective is to get the market prices bouncing up and down.   Then there will be more trading and commissions in their pockets. My solution for years, which has made me a good income, is to either ignore the analysts or be a contrarian investor.
 Although some European cars interest me and are great highway driving cars, they have a problem in their lack of full sized spare capability.  Run flats and compact spares are not suitable for our long distance highway driving, particularly after prime time and on week ends when there is no tire service available.  OK for urban driving only, where their great highway capability is not used. Regarding spare tires, many cars are now being  delivered with patch kits, which...
I recently rented a Malibu for two weeks. It's dash sure looked like the one shown,   but the center panel display looked very different and messy.  Must be MS's !
ElCap sounds great, a cleaned up Yos.  We have two Macs we'd like to update to it. Yes. my only concern is does it support the Mav Macs?Wouldn't make sense not to, but you never know there could be some newer hardware function ElCap needs.
New Posts  All Forums: