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 Yes M$ is dying, but it will be a long gradual death because many business IT depts know nothing else but M$.I had for years an ex IT broker who kept telling me to dump my Apple shares at every little dip. (BTW I'm retired IT myself)I did sell on certain downs, but also bought back on good news. Buy low sell high, as they teach us !I'm sure my broker chokes over what I've made on Apple shares over the years. In his defense, his brokerage company doesn't understand Apple...
 M$ screwed themselves in the late 1980s with the Windows 3 vs IBM OS2 dirty trick they played on IBM.IBM finally gets back at M$ !
Now I'm wondering where Apple unloads these iPhone trade ins. They could be a real deal for my iPhone 4 upgrade.
Yes doomed to succeed with people who think for themselves.A sigh for Windoz, it's just selling to those who don't know any better !
China is right on, Apps that want your location are a privacy invasion. Most of those Apps don't need that location info.It's become a pain continually refusing App requests for my location. Some Apps I delete rather than turn on location for them.
Nope, nothing wrong with my network connections.Same slowness on both my home WiFi and the 3G celluar network after midnight when it's best.I'm getting a measured 5.4mbps on 6mbps adsl.I haven't purchased an App recently for  compare.  Perhaps it's just that Apple is selling too many Apps.
So all these downloads is likely why I've been finding App downloads painfully slow lately. Could it be that's because my recent App downloads were for FREE Apps ?  A few times it was so slow I've discontinued my attempt at getting an App.
So you're saying iOS Apps will support their function forever !Darn those iPhone Apps I can't upgrade, to say nothing of my now useless ClarisWorks files.
They keep referring to the Samsung suppliers in China. What about Samsung products manufactured in North Korea? Oh yes, no one can get to see that facility !
Yes, the iPhone 5 isn't a currently sold iPhone. These are returns.  The 5C now has the 5 inside a plastic case.Nope I expect a returned 5 may get you a 5C.Unfortunately the bottom end after the iPhone6 comes out, will likely be a very storage limited (useless) 8GB iPhone 5C.TouchID is nice, but not necessary for me. The logon password is adaquate for my iPhone, which doesn't contain any sensitive data. IMO it's a great deal, if you don't mind a used iPhone. The deal...
New Posts  All Forums: