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Not surprising, the mini is particularly attractive for those who have a laptop or an iPhone. I got a BB Playbook (UGH, good hardware, but terrible software compared to iOS)  a few years ago because I wanted a smaller iPad.  Fortunately I have loaded several PB apps I need, but they are no longer being updated or available.   I've been waiting for the retina mini iPad. I'm now about to get a mini iPad cellular as a family gift. Eventually I'll trash the PB and get a...
Right on, current Bitcoins are a suck you in scam. Hopefully the follow on is a real currency backed Netcoin, which is definitely needed.Come on Gov banks, get up to date with the real need for Netcoins.
Well Apple removing certain parts supply from Samsung definitely has delayed their copying. Even their eventual copy will surely be inferior due  to their limited information. Way to go Apple!
Perhaps Samsung smart phone buyers are finally realizing their android phone is a Google spy in their hands seeing and hearing everything they do. Your can only fool people for a time, then they wise up to the game.
The Samsung slightly larger screen is of little advantage. The disadvantage is holding it and slipping it into a small pocket.It just takes a slight effort to rotate the iPhone screen 90°.Apple was smart to just add a bit of length to the iPhone5, it still fits smaller hands easily.In my traveIs frequently see ladies (mostly Korean) holding the larger Samsung phones with two hands. Yes the Samsung and other phones are often being sold at a lower down payment.In fact for...
The NYT is dying as most newspapers are. They can't afford to send reporters to even one CM, China location.Of course CM controlled the crowd push where those Apple and CM execs were.Also I read the iPhones at CM were preordered and the buyers were given a time to arrive for pickup. Nothing like a NYC iPhone roll out zoo, where many sit out all night to get the first iPhoneand many were street people buying for cash  then only  getting pennies  to turn them over to buyers...
Not being an M$ lover; I was hoping for Flop to be their next (short term interim) CEO.
I'm sure the China Gov would not let you in their store; so don't fret it they'll sell you an iPhone at a big price on a side street.
Those in the store would definitely be controlled.The China Gov will ensure their store is orderly. 
Not that I'd ever be interested in wearing such a crappy looking watch, but what are they for? If it's to avoid attention when reading ones iPhone, forget it as it's too small for me to read anything but the time.
New Posts  All Forums: