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Rolex at the top ???     It's just "see what I have"  jewelry, not even looked at for accurate time ! I agree Rolex has tainted this list.
Or Apple could just announce 2:1 splits for several quarters in a row.
It does pay to invest  if you are a contrarian investor and take advantage of the misinformation in the press. 
I agree, their target should be Samsung's many phones, particularly the ones given away with no down payment. This iPhone user would NEVER consider moving to a Google Spyware phone.
Right on. Another class of shares just messes up Apple's stock. Apple could simply issue a special dividend after each years results.
If we move to Brazil would we be able to get an iPad4 for our still lovely iPad2 ? The lawyers must love all these DUMB legal attacks on Apple.
I partly agree with you. IMO if you owe money on the phone it should continue be locked to that phone company. If you pay the full balance owing on the phone's cost, the phone company should unlock it   and you pay a lower monthly fee to reflect the phone companies lower cost. Also if you join a phone company, by bringing your unlocked phone, you should pay the lower monthly fee.
Yes that kicked Jobs out and started Apple's downturn.  Thank goodness Jobs returned and saved Apple.   As for this cocky hedge fund, they are greedy rich man's funds which would destroy a company for their profit. Many companies have been crippled by hedge funds greedy financial games, some have survived to live again.  Last year a CDN phone company was attacked by a NYC hedge fund, over their two classes of shares. Fortunately the phone company won that attack  and the...
Yes and Apple saw the competition's weakness, so swept them under the carpet.
Me too. Anyone want a BB Playbook I've had more than enough of?  I thought with the latest BB SW updates, at least it's net browser would be passable.  No it isn't, dam it!   No significant improvements in the BB PB's backwards  software.
New Posts  All Forums: