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Yes Google knows that iOS users have a higher income and do online shopping more than android users.I see this in observing my friends who use each platform;    iOS users are more active at online shopping.
I'm not a gun person either, but my slingshot (normally used to chase crows) is at the ready.
I hope all this Apple car talk is as (in)accurate as all that erroneous rumor talk of Apple building a TV !   Perhaps it's simply an Apple control box,   for that impractical Tesla over $100k electric car, to add to  the car collections of the overly rich.
My Pismo also works almost 100% on Tiger 10.4 .But it's WiFi B is starting to be a limitation or a connection problem.
This KB size and design looks very similar to the Logitech iPad2 case with KB I purchased a few years ago on 50% off clearout sale. Ours works great, with amazing battery time.
 The ass is you for not skiing safely.
I totally agree, hearing is necessary for safe skiing and boarding.It would be passable  if only used on the lift, but should be banned while on the slopes.
Banks don't take the fraud hit on them.Banks simply pass the loss on to their customers, thru less interest and higher credit card costs.Banks control the money flow. If banks  screw up badly they cry to the Gov for money (from the taxpayers) to bail them out.
I'm sure they do.A few days ago I heard those spam phone calls to fix your virus infected Windows,   result in about about 7% paying money to remove the mythical  viruses.
My electric key still has it's original battery, which has been first class since Aug2003.My wife's is ok since Aug2001.Nice they don't need to be charged!  Also if ever too low on power, I still can use the key. As for an eWatch that does everything, not something to wear visible on the street ! Oh well at least we have settled the Apple Car rumor.
New Posts  All Forums: