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Last Sep I found that to be true in Italy.The Euro price = the USA price, which was about 50% more.
The iPhone price reductions do influence the purchaser, but they are trivial compared to the full price. I've been waiting for an upgraded Mini.Recent Apple Store  Refurbished sales of the current mini, indicate a new Mini is on the way.
 Right on ! People who go on about such a personal thing are the BIG PROBLEM in society.So CNBC is obviously a big problem.As for me I didn't know there was such a thing as a gay person until I was about 18 yrs of age.Anyway so what I thought. I'm not what's known as gay, but I'm not saying what my position is when I have sex. So there!!!
I'm one who would NEVER pay a store to shop there.Our Costco"s are just a messy warehouse like store.
Oh my, this home security device was on my to buy shortlist. Now it's dropped; I've had enough of Google  or any other facility spying on me.
When M$ bought Skype, I feared this day was coming. So what other "cross platform" voice and video App is there? So much for PPC Skype, I suspect early Intel Mac 10.6 will soon go to history as well. Yes Skype on my iPhone is great to avoid huge roaming charges. The best deal for me is a simple Skype account for about $14, which lasts forever if you use it at least every 3 months. Skype calls to phones almost everywhere in the world are only about 4¢ per minute.
So true.iMacs are not for us here.  Now in addition to a screen failure trashing it, ram failure can too.This is a volume Mac for the casual masses!
Yes,  I also notice the fake very good reviews stand out.Glad to hear Apple is trying to correct this lying, but I'm sure some of it will continue regardless.Lately about 90% of the free Apps I install, are crappy and  I delete them after posting a bad review.
Could you please refrain from publishing unconfirmed rumors on Apple's products.Your just wasting our time, looking at nothing of value.Want to see my edited picture of a 6" iPhone6?   
Because those charging pads are likely paid for by the supplier- Duracell.It's all about advertising.
New Posts  All Forums: