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Time for a newer even more advanced model. But then the competition(?)  will throw up their hands in frustration.
Very good observation. That's my conclusion as well;  the old Apple Java still around. Now they say the web site source of this hacking has been found.   Now to hack it into doing nothing !
Isn't it amazing how much money "free" spyware can make! So now we may have a (free) spyware retail store.
Where have you been? Why do you think Google bothers to give software away? OK you don't think !  Enjoy the spyware.
This is not a flaw and not surprising. After all everything Google does is Spyware!  
Too bad MS, this Windows thingie would have been popular before tablets. Sure you'll sell some, to those who must have Windows.  Like It shops afraid of leaving Windows.    I'm afraid I wouldn't even want one as a gift for my computer museum.  
If a client can bog down a server so badly, it indicates a serious server weakness. DOS hackers must be listening to this one. So Apple has been asked by MS to help!    I'm sure Apple can give MS good advise on a fix.
It should be, but often isn't. The selling web sites often verify the buyers location and sell from the buyers local web site,   often at a much higher price.
He obviously doesn't use his Google Maps. The number of serious Google Maps errors I experienced last year was unbelievable. I was a big user of Google Maps, but when it took me to the wrong side of the I5 last Aug  to get to my hotel south of Everett, WA, I'd had enough! I had to go into another hotel to get directions and a sign beside their front desk said it all: "Don't use Google Maps to find us!"
Careful Apple. You are setting up in a several thousand year old WAR Zone!  
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