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It's the other way  jfc1138. So many BB  users moved on to other phones, RIM can't sell enough BBs to make a go of it.
I'd be happy with an Apple takeover of RIM,  if Apple would update my Playbook software, which RIM stopped supporting.   Well on another thought, no way as it would be so negative for my Apple stock price.
Apple  always gets mentioned in these Foxconn situations because Apple is so high profile. For example Dell or even Microsoft would not  bring so much attention.   Anyway this is why I don't knowingly eat any food from China. Avoiding China food is becoming much more  difficult, as they play games with labeling and process our raw foods (like Alaskan salmon), then ship them back under a label of  a company here.
Facebook must love this Android event. Spy on guys!
Could it be that China sees as Apple too powerful, so is putting up blocks against Apple's sales increase ?  
Yes the surface is not popular in the tablet arena because of poor tablet software.    The same reason my BB Playbook has failed.  The BB Playbook is very good hardware, but it's OS and limited good Apps  killed it. I'll have to kill mine and move on to an iPad Mini. The Surface is an OK mini laptop, but the Netbook market was killed by the iPad.  So I'll also be killing my Netbook, when I get that iPad Mini.  
I ony paid $200. for my BlackBerry Playbook.  I'd love to dump it for even $100 on an iPad mini. But no way wife would trade in her iPad2, it serves her very well.
Exactly my thoughts. As long as Steve Ballmer is there MS hasn't refreshed itself. Surely Ballmer has enough money by now to rest on a Hawaii beach, watching others use their Apple iDevices !
This Microsoft ad knocking Apple's iOS iDevices,  illustrates again that MS just doesn't understand what users do with  iDevices.   Too bad MS, but you'll survive by creating Office updates for business,   who now are wondering if they need all your updates anyway.
I wonder if these cash rich investors know how to run an Apple 1 ? Lets see, less than 1,000 Apple shares to buy it.   I'll put my money into a new Mac, it's at least guaranteed !
New Posts  All Forums: