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Your inability to understand the newspapers simply illustrates why you don't mind using spyware android !
This sounds terrible if true, but (fortunately?) my iPhone 4 power button is just fine after 2 yrs 8 mths. Also I haven't heard locally of any power button problems.   Of course anything can fail, perhaps they should just get their power buttons repaired   and give up trying to get Apple to make them rich !  
These are the reasons, in occurrence sequence, the Android users I know got it instead of the iPhone. (my comment in brackets) -Android phones are lower cost.  (Yes, but there is a reason for that and most don't understand that all pay the same balance in the usage cost) -Can carry a spare battery to get through the day without needing charging.  (My iPhone has no problem getting through the day. Side be side with an Android of 2011 user my iPhone4 battery   lasted 3x as...
Oh well, then it's time I install iOS 6. iOS 5  is getting boring, it works so well!  
My first reaction, what the hell  is it? Being from Google it must involve spying, but aren't there advertisers interested in paying for it?   Oh well, it's my Feedy dinner time.
Apple needs to compete with a lower priced current iPhone. Just a slight reduction in manufacturing cost can make a very significant reduction in the down payment.  That is the price many people see.  They don't realize how much of all smart phone costs  are covered by their contract's monthly fee.
So that protected Amazon from Apple. What is the problem with that, Apple isn't undercutting Amazon?
Darn I'll miss his rants against Apple.   They were my chuckle of the day, even the week sometimes. He was so ridiculous he actually helped Apple's sales.   Now MS will be very dull, until they find a manager willing risk the sinking ship.  Oh well; there will  always be someone willing to take the short term risk for the BIG bucks they'll pay.
Simpflying control of current TV is definitely needed,  but what a huge task which the TV signal providers will fight to the end. Initially HDTVs were designed to use a standard PV control inside, but the providers blocked that.   The current Apple/TV box does add nice function, but it makes TV control even more complex.   This situation boils down to control and power over the customer. I don't see a resolution anytime soon to this mostly political  non...
Right on. Apple is smartly burning both ends of the candle.   While poor Blackberry dies on the vine. Today the BB Z10 was $50 down payment here, while the iPhone5 was $250 down, both on 2 yr contracts. Also today I got a nice BB Playbook folding case, which was once overpriced at $60 list,  was marked on sale at $10, they were happy to take $5 for it.
New Posts  All Forums: