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Could you please refrain from publishing unconfirmed rumors on Apple's products.Your just wasting our time, looking at nothing of value.Want to see my edited picture of a 6" iPhone6?   
Because those charging pads are likely paid for by the supplier- Duracell.It's all about advertising.
Yes Frostie, you are doomed if you attempt to trade stocks.  About 90% of individuals lose in the stock market.Just stick to your bank account, which pays you little or no interest, but which you may understand.
It all depends on the Gov regulators. Don't hold your breath!
If what you say about Cotton is correct, I suggest she did her job very well !!! Also she knew when it's time to go.
 For now I'm keeping my perfect condition off contract iPhone 4.Sure I get a $99 trade in, but the new usage plan is $30/m more than what I was paying.Actually the next usage plan for me would be $50/m more than the reduced cost planI'm now paying for my owned iPhone4.Yes my voice and data allowance is less, but more than enough for me.I'm heavy on data usage, but it's mostly on faster WiFi.
It's all about recovery from a failure phone.  Change the leadership, promote the slow selling product and move on.Didn't Samsung say in court their phones were not as good as the iPhone?
My iPhone4 has a 3.5" screen and iOS7 is lovely on it.How nice of Apple to support the upgrading of my 3+ yr old, still in perfect condition with no maintenance needed, iPhone4.Android users who are stuck with an old Android version, please take note!
  I'm now off contract of my iPhone4, waiting for the next iPhone. About a 4.4 " screen had my interest, but a 4.7" sounds just a bit too bulky.In Hawaii last year I saw young Korean visitors using two hands to hold their too large for a phone Samsungs. Now I'm concerned about the iPhone 6 being too large to be convenient.I could upgrade to the iPhone4s at a good deal now, but it's 8GB won't handle what I have now on my iPhone4 16GB.So I'll wait it out, perhaps there...
Nope I've been with you all along, concerned about every Google change, which I know will increase their spying capability.   Google's spying is scary particularly when Apple assists Google to rob your iOS Calendar, Notes and Accounts files, via Googles Apple assisted Gmail setup. As for the best Maps, both Apple Maps and Google's Maps have  their strong and weak points.   Both can lose me!But I have to keep Google Maps around for their extremely useful street view.
New Posts  All Forums: