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If Apple went into Google's spyware business, a reason for preferring iOs over android would be gone for many.Also Apple would see reduced iPhone sales to the many android users who bought (or even were paid to take!) a cheap older model android phone and have then  learned the iPhone is best for them.
I doubt a cheaper iPhone would add significantly to App sales. There won't be enough memory space available.Evidence is the current lower cost iPhone 4s 8GB,  which has very little space left (only about 1GB) for user data and Apps.
The last thing I need; is battery requirements for door locks and my locked doors exposed to hacking. On the other hand a $25 door lock break in device from eBay could be a next business.
Yes, very dangerous while driving.But this is now Google spying on where you are driving.  No way for me.I'm not interested in the Audi, but the VW has been my short list.No way I'd pay for this Google Auto spyware I'd never use.
I trashed Nokia Here Maps before iOS7, it was not very good.Google Maps  has so many map route and address errors I'd trash it too, but I need it's Street View.
So you say Apple's iPhone is now pushed to the background by Google's android spyware. Sure Google is out front with many, who buy based on low initial cost and not concerned about spyware.If Apple engaged Google in the spyware business things would really heat up between them.  Fortunately Apple isn't copying that Google feature. Yesterday I met a Microsoft mgr who showed me his iPhone he keeps in an inside pocket, else he gets hell. Whoops bye, have to go to the bank and...
It's plain and simple; Apple must follow the laws and rules of of any country they do business in.
Plus WSJ is very negative on Apple.What a Shitty Journal...
You've got it, just as Apple doesn't confirm rumors before an announcement.Obviously it's coming soon!AAPL may break 600 before the new year !
 Good for you mentioning that Euro conversion. I was going to, plus add on the tax as well.
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