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I'm now wondering if the fix will improve the very slow App Store on my iPhone4 iOS7. My App Store has been gradually slowing for several months, now is too painful to use.
I'm interested in a new iPhone and  also an iPad mini to replace my becoming useless BB PB.Wondering if the phablet 5.5"  iPhone will serve both purposes? Will have to try holding it with one hand for phoning and try putting it in my usual pockets. 
Apple is sure busy putting out "leaked" iPhone info. 
Wouldn't that be lovely, more quiet again in restaurants.BTW I'm not into Siri, never have used it. As for Apple announcing this event a bit earlier than previously; I love that as before the event it gives more time for Apple shares to go higher .
More batteries, plus an iPhone.No thx, I'll stay with the very reliable key !
Yes I'm sure Samsung bid low to get back into being an Apple supplier.At least they can't copy iOS before it's loaded !
Yes, also this may keep China's attention away from the USA iCloud data base.
This sounds like something cooked up by the lawyers out of work, because of the drop in legal activity against Samsung.
When android is in power saving mode, it makes silent  FinSpy spyware calls of voices the mike picks up. http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/08/11/surveillance-leak-shows-spyware-loves-android-but-cant-infect-iphonesSurveillance leak shows spyware loves Android, but can't infect Apple's iPhones without jailbreakBy Daniel Eran DilgerSecret documents that anonymously leaked from global surveillance firm Gamma Group detail broad powers to spy on Android users via its FinSpy...
Quote:Samsung simply has the Korean strong minded bash them culture. Also they aren't as creative as we are.Apple has put the squeeze on their iPhone copying, now they are hitting the iPhone users.I'm one iPhone user who is insulted by their bash them approach, so it actually drives me away from Samsung.I'll not give in to their intimidate them approach. With regard to charging, I know from experience my iPhone charge lasts longer than the Samsung, for similar use.The many...
New Posts  All Forums: