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Good, we don't want FB employees spying on our Apple sites. So BE GONE.    
I agree, it will be $170.    But I already have my 4" iPhone. Mid summer I bought an iPhone 5c on a clear out sale, to replace my still working perfectly iPhone 4 used for 4.5 yrs   
Google is spyware ! I recommend you use DuckDuckGo for searches.It works well  and doesn't spy on you.
Yes their mindless replies definitely fit the "picked the low up front cost"  android family.It also shows their frustration with picking the INFERIOR platform.Of course Google will add their reaction to their profile. But what advertiser would be interested in them?
I've installed ElCapitan on an early 2009  2.0 C2D Mini. The oldest Mini supporting it.ElCap is definitely faster than Mav, which I had on it,  but not surprisingly a bit slower than SL. I've only noticed a few minor functional problems, which weren't a factor in what I was doing.
Oh well, I don't want Siri  bothering me anyway !
Not really, they need to do it while those who really knew Steve are still around and still remember.Of course that's assuming they want to do an honest on Steve Jobs movie, not some negative on Steve Jobs fiction. Thx to those who gave honest reviews I didn't waste my time and money ! 
I love your footnote !!!    
You obviously aren't keeping up to date with Apple's hardware.I've been looking at the MacBook Air and is has been steadily evolving.Actually the most recent upgrade to the MacBook Air is not to obvious. It's the much improved MacBook with retina display.
I wouldn't be a customer for either, for several reasons.
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