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Quite a difference from our smart phone market here in Canada. My Canadian very successful mobile carrier has proposed a cash takeover of one of the newer lower than top 3 phone carriers, which has simply been piling up debt. The failed carrier refused to carry the iPhone, that killed them!
My "perfect" iPhone 4 is now 28 months old, the contract is for 36 months- 3 yrs. Power button is fine, but the home button started the occasional difficulty.  I'm crossing my fingers, however I only use the power button for screen shots.    Why the hell does any iPhone user use the power button frequently?     A year ago I discovered the Accessibility Setting, which replaces most of the Home Button function and is often more convenient to use.
I'm wondering why the power button is being used.  The only time I EVER use my power button is to take a screen shot!   Perhaps a bit of education on how to effectively use an iPhone would be more helpful! 
France is actually increasing the cost of developing it's culture,   by increasing the cost of devices which "modern up to date"  French people would use to advance French culture. In effect France is restricting the advancement of their culture. 
  Not me with  their admitted connection to Facebook and Twitter. That drives me and my personal data FAR AWAY!  
It has become common knowledge that many of the Samsung fans online are paid by Samsung. Samsung even admits it ! http://www.techspot.com/news/52274-samsung-admits-to-posting-fake-user-reviews-on-the-web.html
If the Wall Street mouths took over the running of Apple, Apple would be a financial cripple within 12 months. But I guess they are paid to attract attention to themselves, whereas Apple pays their employees to create and sell first class products at a profit.
Why would any journalist give this non news crap story even one line to waste our time? I can only assume it's a lack of intelligence!
TIP: As Jobs said judge Apple on the results. The market insiders will always play market games for selfish reasons.Many of the negative rumors on Apple are both funny and sad for those generating them.IMO Apple is now a buy, I bought more Apple today.Sell high and buy low!
Ah yes, now lower Apple iPhone sales because of this! What are the hedge funds paying for these negative to Apple stories. So sad and stupid that Apple Insider publishes Apple Outsider stories!
New Posts  All Forums: