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I suggest you leave stock market talk to those who know what they are talking about.
The Bing on his shirt reminds me of a big box office store which presented me with a Bing Map to locate their store near me.  OMG it was about 1/4 mile in error, pegging it at a location with absolutely no stores of any kind.  Another of my Bing experiences was on a demo Surface to locate my house. Sort of OK, was only  about 500 ft off, but showed other roads which I know will NEVER be built as they would be in a dedicated  green space ravine.Where in the hell does Bing...
Is this a joke?    If true it simply illustrates how out of touch MS is.   Now if they offered $200 for a netbook trade in they may get some bites. Anyway MS doesn't have to worry about these "possible" iPad trade ins  breaking their bank !
Exactly my thoughts.Well anyway the iPhone 5S is definitely on my to get list; when my iPhone4 contract end is reached mid Jan.When I got the iPhone4 several yrs ago in mid Jan, it took me a few weeks to find a shop with stock available.Now with this very lovely iPhone5S, I'm sure I'll experience the same difficulty locating one.It amazes me how they can produce so many quality iPhones in such a short time.Well done Apple!
Sorry, but the with contract (down payment) price is very important to most.Few buy outright,  you then pay for most of it twice!
That free iPhone4 on my carrier is 8GB on a light data plan.I now have an iPhone4 16GB, I'd hate to be limited to 8GB.
Exactly what first came to me. Apple gets hell for charging more than Amazon, but Amazon can give away a phone which competes with others which cost.My head is spinning trying to make sense of these legal games.
So sad for you BlackBerry, but at least you know where your ex customers have gone.
Your inability to understand the newspapers simply illustrates why you don't mind using spyware android !
This sounds terrible if true, but (fortunately?) my iPhone 4 power button is just fine after 2 yrs 8 mths. Also I haven't heard locally of any power button problems.   Of course anything can fail, perhaps they should just get their power buttons repaired   and give up trying to get Apple to make them rich !  
New Posts  All Forums: