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That's so true;  because obviously most android users are bottom end users.
You must not use data apps very much.    I get an increasing number of ads on my iPhone.   As for android phones not being nearly as much on the web, I see that with my android friends. They just want a phone with a screen.  Most are attracted to the lower up front cost and some to the larger screens. Most don't look at the real costs, are taken in by deals.  A few pay for data, but don't even use it, partly because  they aren't very computer knowledgeable. Of course they...
Doesn't it take  smart company to build  smart watch?   AppleInsider you're increasingly letting us down. You've taken to publishing general stock market industry crap talk, definitely not Apple Inside REAL info. I can read such dribble at Yahoo.   All the negative to Apple rumors you've been publishing are stock market insiders trying to set themselves up for short term profit on Apple. Nothing to do with Apple's actual activities.   Get back on track...
OMG, he said it took guts to create a spyware phone OS. Yes it was a lot of effort, even if  it  was copied from Apple's iOS. But to have an OS which reports everything a phone user does is a huge payoff for Google.   Now if only Google would let iPhone users have some privacy and to only use Google Maps by choice. I'm wondering what the new BlackBerry phone does for Maps?  I can't see any Google App satisfying their security levels.
Right on, Google didn't keep their Apple  iOS Maps up to date.  Of course Google wanted to have their spyware android as the best for Apps.  Quite a conflict of interest here. Now I find Apple's Maps a better mapping program for our area.  I use both Map programs.   It would be very dumb of Apple to put Google Maps up front- EVER!  I'm sure my Apple is much smarter than that.   Nice try Google, but most iPhone users I know only use your Maps if necessary. You'll have to...
Facebook is the last App I'd install on my lovely iPhone. No I got that wrong. Not the last App, but an App I'd NEVER install.   If Apple preinstalls FB, I'd be forced to buy a different phone.  Never android, so perhaps a BB?  
Quote: See Teamviewer, a free for personal use App which allows you to view or control another iOS, MacOS, Win or Linux device.    I've used it for years on both iPhone and MacOS. http://www.teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx   (Don't miss the BIG picture!   )
That's very true of two friends who got Samsung android phones. One was attracted to $0 down and free texting.    But she didn't realize mobile web was an extra, so just uses it as a phone and continues to use her MacBook for the web. Second friend, who isn't computer literate, wanted a low cost light large screen phone.  Also bought an older model Samsung for $0 down. One day I asked about Email and the Web on it and got a blank stare in return. So I had a look at it,...
I suggest you give up wasting your time waiting. VGA is past history, even further back in past history for Apple. The earlier iPhone4 and iPhone4S did support VGA: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4108   You need a new projector. Tech devices move on with the times.   Not just an Apple problem, two years ago my friend got a Dell laptop and even it wouldn't work with a VGA adapter.
I've noticed that too. The larger smart phones are mostly used as (too small) a tablet. Also they are usually held with two hands, particularly by women.
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