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Exactly correct. Unfortunately the market manipulators seem to get too much control over Apple's stock. Perhaps they are the only ones buying and selling in volume.
That difference also applies to the Samsung store in our mall. It's in the Malls most visible location, but is very quiet. I help it by trying out Samsung's new phones and tablets. It has TVs too, perhaps many think it is just another TV store.   Within sight of the Samsung store is Microsoft's Surface shop in the hall. This was open last fall up to Xmas, then closed. Recently reopened.   Occasionally a few possible customers are there.
Oh my, yes Google maps is a mess. Far to difficult to read  when you are driving.
Because strong competition, particularly  from competing spies,  they don't need. Fight away spies, you have lots of advertiser cash to waste.
Yes all the better for Google to see all you are doing. It seems with FaceBook becoming more aggressive at Spyware, Google is awakened and more aggressive as well !   May they both get flooded out with mostly  fake info. 
On iOS iPhone: For my use, Apple Maps is more accurate than Google Maps.  I frequently ran into serious Google Maps errors, so I  now seldom use GM for map location. Now I only use Google Maps when I occasionally need a street view!
You  didn't mention what I'd like, Mini iPad with Retina Display. 
Quite a difference from our smart phone market here in Canada. My Canadian very successful mobile carrier has proposed a cash takeover of one of the newer lower than top 3 phone carriers, which has simply been piling up debt. The failed carrier refused to carry the iPhone, that killed them!
My "perfect" iPhone 4 is now 28 months old, the contract is for 36 months- 3 yrs. Power button is fine, but the home button started the occasional difficulty.  I'm crossing my fingers, however I only use the power button for screen shots.    Why the hell does any iPhone user use the power button frequently?     A year ago I discovered the Accessibility Setting, which replaces most of the Home Button function and is often more convenient to use.
I'm wondering why the power button is being used.  The only time I EVER use my power button is to take a screen shot!   Perhaps a bit of education on how to effectively use an iPhone would be more helpful! 
New Posts  All Forums: