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-to more success as all those Samsung lower end customers realize there is more to consider than a low up front cost. Samsung recent phone models  are  now moving to $0 or even a $ credit to "please take one". They are joining Blackberry ! Yes Apple's larger screen has been a factor, I know several Samsung customers who need the larger screen because of their poor close vision.But I'm wondering if Samsung users finally are fed up with Google watching everything they do, on...
Apple's designing and manufacturing leading edge hardware and software, is a lot more difficult than Google doing mostly just software for spying on a best efforts basis.
Those in India were first known to Europe as Indians;  from India.Our local Indians who we met later needed a different name.
A yr ago I replaced my 24" Samsung LCD monitor.It's image quality  started going downhill just after the guarantee period ended, eventually totally failing.NEVER AGAIN SAMSUNG for anything !!!
Never the less Google still makes advertising money off android, but they must be concerned that the android customers generally are of a lower income category.   A friend who bought a Samsung android a year after I bought my iPhone 4, is increasingly unhappy with it's limitations and difficulties upgrading it's OS. My iPhone 4 now upgraded to iOS7, has much superior function to android on her Samsung  phone.
It won't charge, it's on fire, so why don't they just give one to each customer ?
As Blackberry moves to the past, my Playbook is dying because my PB  Apps are being discontinued. A few Apps gave a departing msg that my PB software is too out of date in function to support anymore.
OMG Samsung will AGAIN start playing dirty tricks on Apple. They just won't sit back and take such marketing abuse!   My 3.5 yr old iPhone 4 on iOS 7 is still performing very well.  When the battery fails (now about 65% capacity) I'll replace it for an iPhone 6.  I need the  delay to decide if I really want the iPhone 6+ pablet, which I see as both a phone and a micro tablet.    Most of my iPhone use is not phoning, so the iPhone 6+ seems the way to go for me if it...
Google will never forgive you for not using android;  they would have loved to  spy on everything you do.Anyway IMO a very wise choice. 
No surprise here that Apple didn't do it themselves. Obviously sapphire for iPhone screens was a failed technology.   What would they manufacture,  rings?What surprises me is setting up for large scale production before the technology was proven. 
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