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>Google CEO digs into rival tech companies, says industry needs more innovation   Wow, what a ridiculous statement from the Co which has copied so much of Apple's designs. Is he that dumb or just being a smart ass?  
My Xmas house guests were a very techie family. Parents each has a iPad and a Samsung S2 phone. Two kids had a iPhone each. Parents liked the S2's larger screen, but wished the battery was larger because it didn't last through one day. I made sure they heard my well used iPhone's battery charge lasts  4 days on average (3 to 6 days) over 2 years!  
Stop the presses, big APPLE NEWS An Apple delivery person reports reduced Apple carton ordering. Obviously less product is being shipped! Watch your Apple stock, this is terrible news.
You're exaggerating more than just slightly. Yes the market traders like to be negative on Apple, particularly in  the last few years. Their game is to drive Apple down, then buy as it's rising.  It's all about increasing their trading profit. Rising then falling stock prices is how the TRADERS  make money. Also there was profit taking at the end of 2012, in advance of expected much higher USA income taxes.   Now we are again seeing a significant rise in Apple stock...
I suspect Bloomberg is not happy with Apple   because his namesake company didn't predict Apple great stock performance.   People get an ugly protective (Otter like) case for your iPhone.   Carriers, quickly disable and erase the stolen iPhone, so they are useless. Apple, have iTunes disable the IOS and erase the data on stolen iPhones. Then stolen iPhones are useless, game over! 
Yes definitely.  So many sites are sucking into Facebook, etc.  All done in the name of MONEY! It costs them, because many like me avoid those personal spying social sites.
Yes, Apple has been hit by stock game playing by the big market players, then recently yr end profit taking. With Apple's financial numbers, the stock price has to rise significantly. I bought a few more Apple shares recently, too good a deal to resist.   This week may be the start of the turn around, although a few days of yr end profit taking remain. Then WATCH AAPL RISE !!!
My neighbor got an iPhone 4s a yr ago. When upgrading from a Treo, was given a suggested RIM BB. Hated the BB right from the start, no touch screen as the Treo had, and small screen. Took the BB  back a few days later, got the iPhone4s and loves it dearly!
It's good Google Map has returned to iOS 6, however I feel Apple has gained the most on this situation. Google had to improve it's Map App to come closer to their android App. Without an Apple Map Google would have done NOTHINg to improve their iOS Map App.   I'm still on iOS5 so I now have two Google Map Apps. I've only used it a bit, not registering with Google though. It still has some local errors I've experienced on my older Google Map and also on a...
Quote: Don't get excited chaps, this is just good salesmanship. Yes he uses Apple products for overall integration, but his key statement is he feels Samsung makes the best phone. Of course he would say that, he wants to keep his job and he has to convenience some that Samsung are best at something. Just wait, Samsung are now busy copying iTunes and iCloud. Yes most Apple iPhone users know better, like me I'm sure many have tried Samsung's latest S3, too big for the hand...
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