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Three months before my Canadian  iPhone contract ended, my carrier offered me a $50 credit   it if I would switch for $0 to one of 3 old model competing phones. Two were android HTC and Samsung. One was an even older model Nokia.   I felt  it was quite dumb of them, but they probably were smart to try and dump that very old stock,  which didn't come close to my current iPhone4, which has  iOS 7 installed and working very well.   My reward to my carrier for trying to...
This is very significant news in the internet spying world. Google got beaten out on this deal by a much friendlier deal.   Both FaceBook and Google knew WhatsUP here; the access to a huge number of users spread around the world. Google knows too much about me and Facebook think they know about me, but I've been managing to give them a slip. I wasn't  into WhatsApp, so neither would have learned more about me there.   I'm sure many WhatsApp users wouldn't have been...
Telsa is one company I certainly Apple doesn't buy. I'm sure they won't, Apple fortunately likes to make a profit on their products, independent of Gov support.   This is likely a very overblown story, Apple is probably just involved in some addition to the Telsa.
They were waiting for improved iPhone availability. 
If it also does golf course GPS on it's own, not relying on my iPhone, I'm in.If not my next watch will be a Garmin golf course GPS watch this spring. The iWatch will then have to wait for a few years!
I hadn't  heard that; oh my Woz is loosing it (the mind) very young! 
Not surprising, the mini is particularly attractive for those who have a laptop or an iPhone. I got a BB Playbook (UGH, good hardware, but terrible software compared to iOS)  a few years ago because I wanted a smaller iPad.  Fortunately I have loaded several PB apps I need, but they are no longer being updated or available.   I've been waiting for the retina mini iPad. I'm now about to get a mini iPad cellular as a family gift. Eventually I'll trash the PB and get a...
Right on, current Bitcoins are a suck you in scam. Hopefully the follow on is a real currency backed Netcoin, which is definitely needed.Come on Gov banks, get up to date with the real need for Netcoins.
Well Apple removing certain parts supply from Samsung definitely has delayed their copying. Even their eventual copy will surely be inferior due  to their limited information. Way to go Apple!
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