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Do you have Hulu in the UK, or anything like it ? FYI it's not an Apple service.   Here is what I get when I browse the Hulu site from Canada:   >Sorry, currently our video library can only be watched from within the United States Hulu is committed to making its content available worldwide. To do so, we must work through a number of legal and business issues, including obtaining international streaming rights. Know that we are working to make this happen and will continue...
  Yes Apple often refines a product idea to something practical and useful. But in this case the others who have been there (Samsung, etc) will have grounds to sue Apple for a big share of their profits. I'm not that interested in such a watch at this time, my next toy watch will be a golfing GPS watch. Distance to the pin is all I can concentrate on when golfing.   Thank goodness Apple has been gradually evolving their Apple/TV device. I read it has quietly become a $500...
Never, Flash died a while ago.  Now Flash is just an unwanted hang on.
"BlackBerry CEO calls Apple's iPhone user interface outdated"   What a sad comment from the leader I thought was going to save RIM.  It shows desperation. If only the RIM OS10 software could come close to what Apple's iOS has had for years!   I've now had a BB Playbook for 14 months, fairly good hardware, but very inferior software. If only it could come slightly closer to my iPhone iOS5 software or my our iPad's software. No browser bookmark manager,...
China Gov is just jealous of Apple's success. Also afraid Apple is becoming a religious or political power in China.   Of course this simply shows the China Gov is terrified of China people thinking independently. The only thing the China Gov should fear, IS THEMSELVES !!!
Gosh, that looks like my idea from about 40 yrs ago. Darn it, I could have played the patent game and been rich off of Apple's back.
That shows in our local major shopping mall. MS had a hallway booth  there for several weeks after the Surface release, within sight of a Samsung store in the middle of the mall. Then the MS Surface booth disappeared,  for several weeks.  Now I see it's back, but not nearly as busy as before. Seems possible customers have lost Surface interest.   As for a 7" Surface, no way as far as I'm concerned.  For serious web browsing and other computer like uses, IMO 10" is the...
Interesting, so that's why the Samsung S3 screen quality looks much poorer than my iPhone 4. I have very good unassisted vision, so the larger screens do nohing for me. But I do appreciate those with not so good close vision like a larger screen.
Today the market loves Apple shares, as they climb. Is this a negative reaction to the S4?  I wonder what phones the traders use?  
If the Mac Mini is discontinued, we'd have a big problem as that is the desktop Mac in this house. We use two minis daily. All in one Macs will never again be for us.
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