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Yes you are correct about your WiFi security concerns, which I'm quite aware of. Basically the net isn't totally secure and never can be.  Hacking in is not a big task, so I never have sensitive info on my iPhone, nor do I ever do banking on it.Of course your iPhone could be stolen, then nothing protects you. My iPhone's online activity is basically to retrieve information, which I act on in other much more secure ways. Since the net is not secure, I don't even Email...
You are very insensitive to those of us who don't want to waste our money on unlimited data.BTW since there is  WiFi almost everywhere, I don't come near to using my 100mb data limit.
I agree with you 100%.It should have been off by default, also it should have been noted on first use after the  iOS9 install.
Nope not quite; what IBM is saying is "the OS that took over our PC computing platform" sucks".
Without their parts sales to Apple, Samsung would be Sunksung. Now when I'm in Hawaii, those large phones I see in Korean hands won't all be Samsung.But I'll still see many using two hands to hold the big phones when making a call !   
I was doing web Email on my carriers web site in Canada. The to address was altered to some site I didn't know.Fortunately I had a Bcc to myself on my carriers web site, else I wouldn't know what had happened.Yes I suspect the hotel's customer computer was being monitored by China.  This was several years ago and I can assure you China was already closing in on controlling HK. If you don't feel that was/is the case you are fooling yourself.
So true and the same happens in the UK, some outside of the UK sites can be blocked.
I find many China citizens I meet here in CDA know how to get around China's out of date attempt at isolation.
When doing business in a country the rules of the country must be followed or else.The USA doesn't set or enforce the rules in China. On the other hand this just confirms my previous decision not to travel in China.I have gone to HK and a web Email I sent to Au from the hotel lobby computer there was diverted and not received.I know it was sent, because a BCC copy to the Email web site, my carriers in CDA, was received.That diverted Email had the receiving site altered to...
Am I the only one a bit confused here?   Last week El Capitan was released to the public for use, now another beta has been released? So far it's OK on my 6 yr old Mac, except for a minor display setup bug I ran into. 
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