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Hopefully underground taxi Uber stays illegal in my city.Hopefully the elderly and non drivers need a registered driver in control of the vehicle.
When an Apple car hits the road, I expect my Apple shares to be hit DOWN !
Note I said I will wait until V2, unless there is some function I just have to use before.Those on the recent iPhone 6 need not be so cautious, it would be have been the main developer test iPhone.It's those with older devices,  such as my "old" iPhone 5c I got 2 months ago,   who should wait a few versions so iOS 9 can be more fully debugged on their device.
I'm surprised how many are applying this update ASAP and not using iTunes to backup first.   I'll wait for at least V2 and will do it via iTunes with backup. 
Those who don't want many Apps because of limited storage need to get an iPhone with larger storage.The Stocks App has been mentioned by several as useless to them.  Well the stocks app allows me to make more money !However I support changing of things a bit so the unneeded and unwanted Apps can be user deleted.
I'd love to have an iPhone 6s, but it's $900+ cost in CDA is just too much for me, even though it is a first class phone.The USA to CDN exchange rate is about 1.3 .My current iPhone5C is 16GB, which is barely enough memory to handle my use.A 32gb iPhone6s would serve me well, but I'd have to jump to a 64GB iPhone6s for over C$1,000. Hey Apple you don't make or import the CDN  iPhone from the USA !     
I haven't been able to sit in a Tesla.The Tesla at our auto show last spring was locked and sitting by itself.I don't know where the dealer is or if we even have one.All I know is we order it online then hope we don't need service.
Electric cars are not in the luxury category.Looking for a much needed charging station, then waiting a significant time for enough charge to move on is not luxury !
I totally agree, but Tesla needs to attract sales from the emotional buyers with lots of excess money to spend for a toy.Practical expensive electric cars have no significant market. Value electric commuter cars are needed.For my needs all Tesla car models are quite impractical. If I did a significant amount of urban driving, an electric car which was reasonably priced would be my desire. High top speeds and first rate acceleration is not needed.
I find the Apple retail stores I've been in are very nice, with very helpful staff.However none of these stores had me on display to the whole outside world.  I'm not for sale !  
New Posts  All Forums: