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Yes, I also hate the glued and soldered together Macs which restrict user repair and upgrade possibilities.My response was to buy a late 2012 Mini a few weeks after the 2014 model came out, at 18% off new in the box.It was the last one in my local computer store.It has about the same power as the latest bottom end 2014 Mini. It's FAST!Then got an SSD from OWC which I'll add to it.Sure hope it lasts a long time.
Right on.I've decided to get just a larger iPhone, instead of a smaller iPhone plus an iPad mini.As for the larger iPad, it will hit the MacBook sales.The iPad sales are more like laptop sales, users don't upgrade every 2 years like the do with phones.
They play their own game, which is move stocks up/down/up/down/etc simply to make their profits.Well I can wait them out a bit on this one, they'll pay my price for my few AAPL shares.
Flash is still used at some backwards Web sites, I use a flash blocker. If you want to avoid Flash and you use MacOS X 10.4+, I suggest the YouView App.I've used it for several months, on my G4 Tiger 10.4 and our Intel Macs on SL 10.6 and Mav 10.9 .Not only does it show Flash videos without Flash, but it gives a superior display to Flash.
 The low battery life doesn't surprise me.My Garmin GPS Golf watch lasts about 6 hrs, more than enough for one round of golf.
May I add the new bottom end Windows; Windows 10 Free.  Just pay a bit to get the Windows most will prefer. My WinXP Netbook is left out in the cold !  Linux is looking better for it every day.
The main difference between Apple and Intel as an investment, is Apple gets most of it's income from the iPhone, which is very dependent on consumers continuing to prefer the iPhone.  Intel keeps collecting money churning out PC CPU, which company IT Depts stick to for job security.So naturally Intel's income is considered more secure and the reward is a higher PE.
The stolen phones were powered on ?    So the iPhones caught their thieves.   Lovely !!!Those thieves aren't smart enough to steal an iPhone ! Well this confirms there is a very strong demand for iPhones in China.
Too bad, but that the way things go. I used to buy one or two of the Mac mags each month, but stopped that several years ago, except for the odd issue.   Increasing these mags have become mostly ads, trying to follow google's ad success I assume.
Samsung know good phone design when they see it.  Copy Copy Copy Apple again ! Except Samsung is still stuck with spyware android.   But buying Blackberry may bury Samsung.  Then that may be just a BB rumor to excite the poor BB shareholders.
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