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Your comment is stupid, these Apps were not up front honest about their costs involved.By categorizing them as free, many people including me would download them only to realize later their use is very limited without paying a fee.  I deleted them immediately when a fee was needed, but my time involved was wasted.That's misrepresentation of a product, which Apple should have stopped as soon as they knew it was occuring.
Just illustrating how insecure anything online can be. Such bugs will always be an issue with current server design. I hope the hackers for hire aren't upset enough to sue Apple. 8-)
Interesting and not possible.It sounds like MS only credits the down payment at time of sale,with the remainder of the revenue from the usage charge credited elsewhere.
Having and selling  high speeds is one thing, but achieving those speeds daytime is another story.Daytime wireless speeds are only 15% to 25% of the rating here.  After midnight speeds are what they should be.Obviously the networks are overloaded daytime with too many users.Thank goodness for WiFi, both at my home and elsewhere.
This is only good for those who need that speed.The 25% of that speed we now have does all we need.
That's my first concern, I'm sure they will take advantage of a chance to raise my rate.I don't need faster than my current 6 mbps. I only will if I switch from cable TV to over my phone line.My cable provider now has 25mbps at non busy times. Now I'll be getting increasng spam marketing phone calls  from each offering me a great rate for 3 to 6 months.
The bar chart shows iPhone growth about equal to the number of android to iOS phone switchers.
Looks like Blackberry may be replacing the Windows phone.Both user groups probably just want something different than Apple's products, regardless of the functional limitations.
Obviously you are in M$ sales.Nope this Mac user doesn't use iCloud for Emails, I'm too private and secure for that.Have been using iMap for many years, long before I got my iPhone 4 years ago. I expect this iOS Outlook may appeal to some M$ centered companies, but I doubt individuals will bother with it.It's another example of M$ not understanding personal tech users.Perhaps they are interested in supporting Apple's iDevices, before their competing(?)  devices die and M¢...
You have to be kidding "tongue in cheek" don't you ?Anyway, I suggest you ask your friend M$.
New Posts  All Forums: