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It's all about how closely quality os monitored.If a product is made in China for a western high quality manufacturer, than quality is usually OK.If the product is made in China by an independent China manufacturer then quality can be very poor.
My iPhone5c iOS8 hasn't alerted me to the iOS9 upgrade, although it shows in the settings.Is it suggestion that I wait a bit?  No concern here as very long term computer users, long before Apple, have known that one should wait a few versions before applying a new upgrade OS. Since I'm not desperate for anything in iOS9, I'll wait a few updates of it.
I'm very interested in any car which is practical and meets my mid priced requirements.   BTW I am a car buff person. The Tesla doesn't meet my requirements, but I appreciate it's attractiveness for a unique car collector.
Is a beast of an  A9 clip,  a battery eater ?   
Not me. My iP5c is just starting a long life with me !
Not showing here either, on my Mav 10.9 Mini.App update still is recommending Yos 10.10. However on Sep 9 I did get an Email invite to try the latest beta.  I'm a beta tester occasionally, but too busy on vacation the week of Sep 9th.
It's the lack of dealers and local major maintenance which holds me back from buying the Tesla, even if I wanted to pay the huge price for an urban use car.I do feel Tesla has a very good electric car, but I couldn't even confirm I liked it's inside design because at our auto show the Tesla and other electric cars were locked.  They were just to look at ! I assume getting inside one is when you purchase it via mail-order and accept delivery from UPS.
No question you use your iPhone more than me, I expect you use it for business.But my iPhone is with me all the time, I'm retired but there are many functions I use most of the day, including the Stock app because I make most of my income off the stock market.  I regularly use about 10 Apps, but I can't write it off as a business expense. So I use it much less than you, but I don't consider it a luxury.Here a phone can't be used at all when driving, even for GPS, so I have...
Didn't you try power off to do a full restart ?
My iPhone 4 is slightly slower with iOS7, but the new functions speed me up using it.I suggest a backup and restore for your iPhone 4s. Storage may be very fragmented. I'm not installing iOS9 on my 5c until at least update 2.
New Posts  All Forums: