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I agree, 32GB would be perfect for me. The 64GB size is overkill for me.For now I'm just getting by with 16GB.
With IDC's usually dumb evaluations and predictions  I wonder what IDC stands for ? So I'll start with my suggestion, please join in people.       "Ignorant Data Collector"
Yes and at the same time I know many MS employees use the iPhone by their choice.Of course they dare not be caught with an iPhone at work !  
But quite a unique battery.Currently there are several types of batteries,  the more recent being Lion which needs to be sealed tightly or it burns very hot.Hydrogen doesn't  just burn, it can explode with great force. I'll pass on this battery;  they probably wouldn't even allow in an aeroplane. 
A limit on daily market downs is necessary for it to survive.With fast trading options and online trading everywhere, some stability is needed else all he--  will break lose.Another market side watcher; stay there please or it will eat you !
To take it to the extreme on market manipulation, you obviously know nothing about Hedge Funds.TIP: With your very limited view of the stock market, please stay away and save your money at 1%.
Yes they will recover, but the best stock like AAPL  recover  first.There are several negative factors in the world contributing to this market downer.We will have to work through several before a good recovery. IMO China is a lesser factor, China's "slight" downturn (really a slowing of their growth)  is very overblown.
You bet your life Wall St is involved in market manipulation.The market insiders love these significant dips, that's how they get rich off the typical scared investors who sell off low.A steady market going in one direction the insiders hate !
Yes I'm getting ready to buy back what I sold at $133, but I know waiting for  the bottom is impossible.When AAPL drops to my buy point I'll do it.  If AAPL and the market tend higher after this market silliness, I'll still do it.
Yes so true.  That's why 90% lose money on the market.  In down markets buy more of your good companies.All stocks drop together, better companies stock rises first.In this case Apple's stock price has little or even nothing to do with their stock price.  Apple sales are doing very well. Actually it has been noticed that the low priced products do worse in a down cycle, yet higher priced products like Apple's do better.  Those with money are less affected by a economic...
New Posts  All Forums: