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I love to hear this.  It reminds how ugly stupid my BMO/NB brokerage was to frequently try to get me to dump my Apple shares. Finally they dumped me for not following their stupid selfish suggestions on what to buy.    But most investors know that big bank brokerages are only thinking of themselves. Unfortunately too many national brokerages have been taken over by the big banks. They keep saying they'll take care of our wealth, sure they will to fatten their...
The health watch concerned me too.  I'm sure lawyers were waiting for it to give them an other income opportunity. Good decision Apple, let Samsung get into that sink hole !
Me too, I've seen no problems discovering the Apps I want and need. First I've heard of pinterest.   It's certainly a large App.Could it be this social site benefits from the Apps installed  via them ??? 
I hope she doesn't mind wearing a watch which spies on her every move.If she's into being social online, I'm sure she won't mind. 
Yes android is winning the spyware war;it's making Google rich by passing on info on all you do on your android device.
The current Tesla is a rich person's feel good about green car.Far too expensive for city driving and useless for distance (100+miles) highway driving.Perhaps Apple is interested in building devices to entertain Tesla drivers while they are waiting for a charge.
I agree, Google is only pushing self driving cars so they can drive you into an advertiser's business.I've promised my self I'll never buy or even drive one. No rentals please.Just imagine if your self driving car causes an accident, the legal fight could go on for several years.
Self driving cars are much more likely for parking and out on the interstates.Some cars now park themselves and there has been announced a highway trial in Europe.
I'll never use or ride in a self driving car.  That is technology gone mad.  For it to be a top defensive driver, which requires an intelligent visual observation of what's going on far ahead and around the car, is just a techie dream.Of course Google is only pushing same to spy on you and to alert you to their advertisers you are passing by ! What we need now is more  car collision avoidance devices,  like the forward speed control on closing device.
A 0% interest loan for a car sounds unbelievable, but it is more believable if you could have obtained a discount on the car by paying cash up front. All car dealers love cash to pay down their loans on their car stock. On most of my car purchases I've obtained a lower cost by paying the total in cash directly to the car dealer.
New Posts  All Forums: