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I love touch screens on  small hand held devices.Thank goodness most manufacturers are serving me.BTW see BlackBerry, they really need your business or else they die !
Also of giving bribes to the courts ? I appears to me someone was pushing for Apple to be made guilty of something they didn't do !
The Apple watch sales will be a bonus on top of the other great sales.I see strong Mac sales, likely the MB Air I'm very interested in.Whoops,  it's now the MacBook 12" retina display I want.  http://www.apple.com/macbook/  
Did BB create anything worth copying ?
Could it be that Apple releases crappy info for Samsung and others to blindly follow ? 
Have seldom used my Home button for years.  I switched to Accessibility on my iPhone 4, when I heard of many Home button failures.I'm not big on fingerprint logon, a password is just fine.When I tried an iPhone6 at the Apple store, I kept turning it off with my holding grip.  So I just watch and listen to these valuable user comments on the new iPhones, as long as my still perfect iPhone4 iOS7 of 4.5 yrs old keeps working.  Hopefully when I need a new iPhone, Apple will...
iOS 8 works just fine on our iPad2.We'll see with iOS 9.
FYI  iOS 7 works OK on my iPhone 4.  My main problem is 16GB has become a squeeze, because of my  significant data and Apps.I feel it's an error to still sell 8GB iPhones, there's only about 1GB left for the user. Yes it's about time the non retina small iPad was dropped.  I passed on it because images were not sharp enough.
Exactly my thoughts.  Flop flopped around killing MS's weaker competition so MS could pick up the pieces at fire sale prices.I expect he got a top severance and will keep shut about his takeover game for MS.
I hope the lock on that bank vault is disabled !!!  
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