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 Oh my, London, UK is further out of touch with the modern tech world than I ever would have imagined.OK just continue with your beloved Windows 3, we'll not laugh, just feel sorry for you.
Sorry Apple I have none of your products I want to trash! - my 2003 G4 MDD is what I'm using to post this, plus do my income Tax on. - my yr 2009 C2D Mini (which my Apple dealer says is worthless on a trade in) does all my recent SW computing. - my really old Macs, going back to my Dec1984 Mac512Ke with your huge external 20MB HDD are becoming valuable museum pieces. - my early 2011 iPhone4 still works great with the latest iOS7. BTW, all my Macs work perfectly, nothing...
RIGHT ON!Samsung admits to copying Apple's features, then claims those features are of little value.OK Samsung be smart for a change;    remove those Apple useless features and stop copying useless features from Apple immediately.
 Come on now, you can't expect Google to give details on how they spy !
Really??? Our iPad2 with BT keyboard serves our laptop needs just fine. For more serious Mac'n   it's a new $599 mini, with oldies 22" LCD, KB and mouse. What's the problem with this?
I totally agree with you that the market will determine what size suits them.I know a few who need a larger screen because of poor close vision, thay will be happy. A larger iPhone screen interests me, but fortunately I have very good close vision and I love the iOS 7 & App capability to change text sizes.But if the price is significantly higher for a 4.5" vs 4" iPhone; I would go for the smaller screen.
Whatever FaceBook does, I'm sure it's to better keep track of your personal activities. The best response to this is to delete everything Facebook and hope they don't bug you to answer your "friends" who want to talk with you.
Nope Mr Google, you're not getting into my personal pictures. I ran into you when looking at a Sony TV device, so I  passed on it. My Mr Google you're popping up everywhere, but I'll definitely avoid buying anything you have your spying eye into.That may even mean I avoid buying certain cars or car models, if you are looking at me from them.Having you spying on my Internet use, is more than enough of you!
I thought I was seeing mostly the  iPhone 5C, in inquiring of the owners I found many 5S users were putting a colored plastic case around it. I'm not surprised the switching android users picked mostly the 5C; they are much more sensitive to the downpayment, they obviously don't look at the bigger picture.  I wouldn't recommend the 4S to anyone, it has too little available memory, only about 1GB. I'm using my still excellent 3+yr old  iPhone 4 on iOS7.  Works great, within...
How did "selling off" IBM get so high?
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