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The main difference between Apple and Intel as an investment, is Apple gets most of it's income from the iPhone, which is very dependent on consumers continuing to prefer the iPhone.  Intel keeps collecting money churning out PC CPU, which company IT Depts stick to for job security.So naturally Intel's income is considered more secure and the reward is a higher PE.
The stolen phones were powered on ?    So the iPhones caught their thieves.   Lovely !!!Those thieves aren't smart enough to steal an iPhone ! Well this confirms there is a very strong demand for iPhones in China.
Too bad, but that the way things go. I used to buy one or two of the Mac mags each month, but stopped that several years ago, except for the odd issue.   Increasing these mags have become mostly ads, trying to follow google's ad success I assume.
Samsung know good phone design when they see it.  Copy Copy Copy Apple again ! Except Samsung is still stuck with spyware android.   But buying Blackberry may bury Samsung.  Then that may be just a BB rumor to excite the poor BB shareholders.
Yes they will gradually buy for their customers. After all they are an investment firm, not a bank !Of course their NEUTRAL comment on Apple is BS to swing the market. They then forecast Apple' high as: "The firm has pegged the upside for AAPL stock at between $130 and $140"That's hardly neutral and combined with their low for Apple, they really said nothing worthwhile.
Newspaper columns are long and narrow, because it's much more difficult holding a newspaper sideways.
My current lovely monitor is a BenQ GL2450, with DVD, VGA and HTML inputs, all currently in use.My 2012 Mini uses the HTML port including the audio.  Of course Apple isn't into a $200 24" LED display !
Based on the big old fashioned computer box shown, I suggest a Windows PC artist. I see a Mac Mini in it's place. But do we really need this ?Ah yes,  the PC industry does for  the  profit.
That's OK timing for us, we are looking for a new car for purchase in 2016.But it needs to have more room for the driver than the current Volt I sat in. I'm about 5'-11" and was squashed  in it.Definitely not comfortable for me. Then it needs a spare tire suitable for at least 50mph for at least  2k miles, which is safe on wet roads.It's drive train is designed for highway driving, so it needs to be equipped for same driving.Increasingly cars have no spare, just a stupid...
Apple will last quite a while longer.Slow buyers like me and many of my friends will eventually buy a new iPhone.The trouble Apple has is the several year old iPhones still work fine, thanks to Apple's iOS upgrades.The plus Apple has is lack of upgrades for older android phones is upsetting android users.
New Posts  All Forums: