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This sounds like something cooked up by the lawyers out of work, because of the drop in legal activity against Samsung.
When android is in power saving mode, it makes silent  FinSpy spyware calls of voices the mike picks up. http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/08/11/surveillance-leak-shows-spyware-loves-android-but-cant-infect-iphonesSurveillance leak shows spyware loves Android, but can't infect Apple's iPhones without jailbreakBy Daniel Eran DilgerSecret documents that anonymously leaked from global surveillance firm Gamma Group detail broad powers to spy on Android users via its FinSpy...
Quote:Samsung simply has the Korean strong minded bash them culture. Also they aren't as creative as we are.Apple has put the squeeze on their iPhone copying, now they are hitting the iPhone users.I'm one iPhone user who is insulted by their bash them approach, so it actually drives me away from Samsung.I'll not give in to their intimidate them approach. With regard to charging, I know from experience my iPhone charge lasts longer than the Samsung, for similar use.The many...
I'm wondering what new iPhone model was priced ar $200 to $400 ? Also those cheapie android less that $200  phones are certainly primitive.   What would be interesting would be a comparison of the iPhone iOS7 competitive  phones,   which would improve the BB and Win figures significantly. Lumping the bottom end old model android cheapie phones in with iOS7 level phones makes this survey useless !
The screen protector I installed on my iPhone 4, when I got it 3.5 yrs back, does a good job of taming reflections.
When I installed iOS7 on my iPhone 4 and adjusted the background color,   suddenly I could see it fairly well in bright summer sunshine.
The surface's  problem is Windows, that pos   MS OS which just won't go away !
Re iOS7 Maps: I would love to  see accurate Maps for small communities. We always start with Apple Maps, it's very good in major centers, but often terrible in smaller communities.
I sure hope they continue 10.6.8 support. For reasons of our Mac not handling a later MacOS, plus need for PPC App support; we can't upgrade to a later MacOS X version now.
My last PPC Mac was bought in mid 2003, is still working 100% reliable.It's used for my basic computing, like Email, basic web browsing, Photos and financial Apps because I regard it as more malware free.My Intel Mac is for the more recent Apps supporting the iPhone, iPad and faster Web Browsing.
New Posts  All Forums: