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Glad to hear your upgrade went OK.As for an hour more of run time, since I go 2 to 3 days per charge on my iPhone, I wouldn't notice the difference.  I use my iPhone quite a bit, but only for short time periods if not travelling. Weather, stock info and a Email peak.When travelling I use my iPhone for most of my computing activities, but only morning and evening when on WiFi. I do most of my reading on our iPad and my Mac desktop; even a large screen iPhone+ is a bit small...
What the big rush to waste time upgrading to iOS9 ?At iOS9 V2+ I'm sure the upgrade will proceed very fast and correctly !
I haven't seen or driven a Fiat I was interested in.  About 25 years ago I had a 1L Fiat sedan.  A good town car, but definitely not my choice for highway driving.  Very good city gas mileage, but not much better on the highway at 40mpg imperial.Anyway body just doesn't Fit the Fiat- hear that Chrysler. Have bought several Chrysler cars since 1980, but not since 2004, because they have lost their car design talent.
Agreed, I'm disbelief that Apple would consider building their own car. How about dealerships and service ?But I expect they are copying Tesla's business model of order by mail and ship back for major repairs. Apple: "The Tesla is only selling because quite a few rich people just have to buy one of those unique cars.  I't not selling to those who need to use a car daily, for both short and long distance drives."
I'll drool at the new iPhone 6s, but still be happy I got a 5c 16gb on clear out at C$400 vs the C$900 for the 6s 16gb in Canada. The 5c does the job for me quite well, particularly when compared to my much slower iPhone 4 I now keep as a spare.
Safari is only part of the ad problem.  The bottom of screen text blocking ads I get from several news and other apps is disgusting. With difficulty I close the ad window only to have it often reappear in a few minutes. Most ads do not relate to me at all.  Perhaps Google's targeted ads are better,  so perhaps I should try an android phone which will also save me lots of phone purchase money.
I agree.
Here Uber do not use registered drivers and in our taxi spec cars.Uber here was like anyone using their any year and condition car as a cab.  Our controls on cabs are very strict and numbers of cabs are controlled to keep service quality high.We could use more cabs late in the day and nighttime, Uber should get a license for that time, but they like to compete at the easier to service times. Fortunately Uber has given up trying to bypass our cab controls here for now.
 FYI an Apple product is not normally considered to be in the household product category.  I'm thinking our recent failed China products; microwave, deck chairs, yard solar lights, toaster, after only a year or so.  Just junk products.A few years ago China car tires were imported to the USA, they failed terribly and had to be discontinued.It used to be that China products with a non China brand name were ok, no more !  My friends totally agree.  Apple products are still...
A car built in China is not on my buy list. We have too many early failures with the many China made household products.BTW  VW opened a factory in SE USA a few years ago, for initially their Passat.
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