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Yes this is a long time coming for the IBMers who wisely switched to Apple many years ago.  I personally know some who did long before (10yrs) MS Windows finally gave MacOS some competition. Now I'm wondering how many MS employees hide a Mac at home ?
So true. My 16gb iPhone4c on iOS8 had 9gb available for the user, after the iOS8 install.After installing many Apps I use, it still has 6gb available.Lots left for photos and music.
Not here, I'm not into spyware android.
Right on !!!
Me too, the iPhone camera lens is in the wrong location for me.
Motorola not being owned by Google doesn't reduce android spying.ANDROID IS SPYWARE, PERIOD !
As you say android probably needs 3 g of ram to run well.Since the iPhone runs well on less ram, it's not a given that more iPhone ram would be usefull for it.
The facts show that Tesla loses big money making their electric cars:    http://finance.yahoo.com/q/is?s=tsla Period Ending        Mar 31, 2015    Dec 31, 2014    Sep 30, 2014    Jun 30, 2014Net Income             (154,181)           (107,629)           (74,709)           (61,902)         <- All numbers in thousands But big government subsidies balance their books. From  money made by companies building more practical polluting cars.  
You make some good points, but there are very significant differences between the iPhone and a high end Tesla electric car. The iPhone was quite a jump in phone costs, as is the very expensive Tesla a big jump in car costs.The iPhone has use limitations outside of the urban areas, as has all very limited range electric cars. But there is a big difference in cost, about $1,000 for an iPhone and a very significant $80,000 plus for a Tesla.Then there is a big service...
That must be for their OS 10 touch screen pad, or whatever they called it. 
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