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Yet Apple provides Google nice links to iPhone iOS7 Gmail users Contacts, Calendar and Notes. This keeps Goodle happy !
Just to drive your car to your destination? Sorry, I'll pass on this one! BTW I now own a 10.5 yr old lovely USA sports sedan, plus an iPhone, but I have no intention of combining them in this car or any later car I may purchase!
Here in BC, Canada we have a no talk and text rule. I agree with it, but have wondered about looking at my iPhone's route Map. Not surprisingly many ignore this rule and accidents caused by phone use are high. Even those not phoning while driving are affected, because they become frustrated by the poor driving of those on their phone. So I pull over to the side of the road to look at the map and occasionally have looked at it while stopped in traffic, but never while...
Good point, the carriers speeds are none of their business.Unless of course they are spying on your other mobile activities.Google knows  this info from their android phone spying, that info should be adequate for the overstaffed spying Gov.
You're not missing anything, I expect it's mainly Gov  spyware.      Just use SpeedTest.net .
Interesting points.  An inside job to create and passover this bug is certainly a possibility. BTW anyone going from very profitable Apple to welfare company Telsa must have had a grudge against Apple.
What makes you think your Email  was compromised on or because of the iPhone?I suggest you look into your Email provider. BTW all Gmail is compromised by Google, they don't respect anyones privacy.
Yes it was a bug, but as I read it was only one duplicated line of code.Yes it was a serious bug, but to take advantage of it, required someone very knowledgeable  setup in a public WiFi area trying to intercept others data. Apple fixed the problem within a few days of the problem going public, amazing response by Apple.Not waiting for patch Tuesday on patch month and not ignoring the problem as other SW developers have done.
Three months before my Canadian  iPhone contract ended, my carrier offered me a $50 credit   it if I would switch for $0 to one of 3 old model competing phones. Two were android HTC and Samsung. One was an even older model Nokia.   I felt  it was quite dumb of them, but they probably were smart to try and dump that very old stock,  which didn't come close to my current iPhone4, which has  iOS 7 installed and working very well.   My reward to my carrier for trying to...
This is very significant news in the internet spying world. Google got beaten out on this deal by a much friendlier deal.   Both FaceBook and Google knew WhatsUP here; the access to a huge number of users spread around the world. Google knows too much about me and Facebook think they know about me, but I've been managing to give them a slip. I wasn't  into WhatsApp, so neither would have learned more about me there.   I'm sure many WhatsApp users wouldn't have been...
New Posts  All Forums: