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How about that Sam has been out Sung !  Now I'm wondering what dirty trick Samsung will  try on Apple ? 
A very long overdue tax reform. I'm amazed how long it's taken.  Obviously most in Gov are too dumb to understand how the current tax system has worked against USA prosperity.
Sure they understand Apple as a good (insider) up and down play. Real tech products they can play speculation  on.Normal investors aren't part of this game playing. Google is a different story. Google doesn't make significant products they sell, Google simply makes software to spy on us for their advertisers.Since USA business is doing very well, advertising to trap/ switch us into the advertisers product is king !
I haven't come close to using my iPhone 4 or 5c all day.  I have a desktop Mac for that.My 5c battery just ended at 3pm today with an auto shutdown.  It was 3 days, about 2 full hrs each day for 6 hrs total.
What would you call fine for your 5's battery life? It's difficult to quantify battery life, plus what would Apple use to say a battery is defective? Just based on my weeks work with it I'd say it's battery life is about the same as my 4.5 yr old 4,which is about 50% of the battery life of the 4 when new.I know my 4 had/has excellent battery life.
Because the new 5c is only one week old, that battery life is obviously it's norm.
I had an iPhone 4, which had great battery life and after 4.5 years still about 50% of the original life.My current iPhone5c has lots of power, but it's battery life is definitely less than the 4 was when new. Perhaps 65% of the 4.I've considered getting a case which doubles the battery life, but that spoils the thin light form factor.
They certainly sound like industrial con artists.Hopefully Apple has learned from this situation.Apple with an increasing pile of cash is such a target for financial games against them. 
An iPhone 6c priced well in Canada would be most welcome. With the much lower CDN$ the iPhone 6 now starts at $839 vs $649 in the USA. That will hurt sales.  Our price had been similar to in the USA.   Anyway I just got my new  "c" iPhone, a 5c 16gb for C$399,  17% less than our Apple Store sells the almost useless small memory 8gb 5c. It is a local carrier locked iPhone 5c, which must have been found in storage based on it's installed old  iOS 7.0 .
Hopefully Apple doesn't use up that increased efficiency by pushing the A9 chip even faster for more processing power.It would be nice to have a slightly slower than max speed A9 model,  giving longer battery life than current iPhones.
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