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Many news reporters, such as those at WSJ, love to publish stories negative on Apple.Unfortunately for them their reports are often just crap, probably because they didn't wait for an intelligent report by others.    
It accesses user sensitive data, like Contacts.Well now, it equals the capability of Google via a Gmail account.
Poor  (rich with $s) Microsoft.  I'm beginning to seriously feel sorry for them !   Perhaps the thought of a virus from Windows scared them. After all there is currently the Ebola scare.
My exact thoughts.It really surprises me that Apple invested so much in what appears now to be a failed technology.
Likely the carrier most needing business, also an above market usage cost.
So true, Samsung will have to share the lower up front cost, the carriers will not bear the full cost of lower demand for Samsung phones.Of course the usage costs for the lower end Samsung smart  phones are the same, so the carriers make a higher usage profit on them.Not surprising the carriers advertise those low end phones much more  than the iPhone.
-to more success as all those Samsung lower end customers realize there is more to consider than a low up front cost. Samsung recent phone models  are  now moving to $0 or even a $ credit to "please take one". They are joining Blackberry ! Yes Apple's larger screen has been a factor, I know several Samsung customers who need the larger screen because of their poor close vision.But I'm wondering if Samsung users finally are fed up with Google watching everything they do, on...
Apple's designing and manufacturing leading edge hardware and software, is a lot more difficult than Google doing mostly just software for spying on a best efforts basis.
Those in India were first known to Europe as Indians;  from India.Our local Indians who we met later needed a different name.
A yr ago I replaced my 24" Samsung LCD monitor.It's image quality  started going downhill just after the guarantee period ended, eventually totally failing.NEVER AGAIN SAMSUNG for anything !!!
New Posts  All Forums: