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Yes it sounds like a good deal, as long as you don't value your privacy.But please don't ask Apple to get into the spying for advertisers business.
There is a secret Google spyware App on the android.Google has this fight on permanent record !
Upgrading to Yos can be a significant performance hit for those with older C2D Macs. If the user has to enter their password for this malware to get control, I see little problem for many users, including us.
It's time you had a great watch, like one which spell checks as well as doing other positive functions you could use !
I'm against it in general because it only makes sense where a delivery needs to be made to a very difficult location, with no road access. I haven't seen any Amazon qualification as to where they plan to fly, so I'm against it.Because of spying I decided some time previous, if a drone flies low over my property out comes my powerful slingshot.Here we've already had a problem with drones spying on high rise apartments. A few lost their drone life with a well thrown towel...
This situation will make Americans afraid of themselves.Please we don't need another Middle East situation, of religious warfare !
Well the Samsung visual copies of the Apple  iPhone caught your eye as well !I'm wondering if that is better advertising for Apple, rather than for Samsung.
Yes how right you are.They will be equal prices to Apple's iPhone6 initially,  then surprisingly soon their down payment on a carrier plan will drop very fast.Good for Samsung though, they need to copy the best in an attempt to recover from their very low and fast dropping profits.
Here in Canada the regular TV providers, cable and DSL, are still holding prices too high. They also sell online movies. Our Gov regulator is attempting to introduce a basic TV entry price ($25 ?) plus additional channels priced individually. This could increase prices for many. Currently the cable provider charges about $65 / mth for basic HD TV plus a base level of additional HD channels. Netflix plus another movie channel are available on my Sony TV, from wired or...
Yes Google knows that iOS users have a higher income and do online shopping more than android users.I see this in observing my friends who use each platform;    iOS users are more active at online shopping.
New Posts  All Forums: