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Very nice of Apple, but I hope The Greeks don't keep asking for extensions as their  Gov has been doing to the Eu. Greece is in a very sad situation.  I expect even those with money may be having trouble getting access to it.   Too bad for those  who loaned big money to Greece, they will surely be big losers.    
If they showed the quantities for only personal use computers, based on my observations of what people buy,it would show Macs at a top level. Industry total volume figures include computers used in industry, which we know is Windows dominated because of IT people not wanting to risk their jobs being different.   I know many IT workers who quietly personally use Apple's iDevices and Macs.
That's a better deal than my CDN carrier gives me in Canada. I'm wondering what CDN carrier they use ? Two of our carriers have very good coverage, with one slightly superior, the third has worse coverage. Of course with our significant regions with little or no population, coverage in those regions likely is none !
OMG, will M$ decide to give up supporting Windows on PC Laptops ?  
Most company computers connect to the Internet via the companies LAN,  which should be an effective hacking blocker.To not do so significantly limits productivity.
Yes Google is sticking it's neck out for lawsuits if things go wrong.Then Google is really sticking it's neck out with those driverless cars.The lengths Google will go to for more advertising revenue are becoming quite a reach.
Apple Maps does show superiority for directions.A few days ago Google gave driving directions to a house in our city, which we know couldn't be done because of a street center divider which Google Maps drove right over.Apple Macs gave the correct route, PERFECTLY. This isn't the first time Google Maps has shown an incorrect route. It's happened several times before, before we had Apple Maps to check out the route. A few times when Google didn't give us the correct route to...
See accessibility, it does that now anywhere on the screen.
OMG, copy BB to end it all
Photos are the biggest user of space on my iPhone.I love them always being with me, but they are forcing me to delete more seldom used Apps,  to take  more photos.Deleting more no longer used Apps is a job I always put aside.
New Posts  All Forums: