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Planning on buying two Nests - up and down. But my family and I are home 90% of the time except when we are not. Usually an impromptu dinner or outing gets us all out. Or we travel for a couple weeks.   How well does Nest handle a schedule when we are home 90% and not leaving? We are in Texas now - moving to Colorado soon.
Well I personally despise the new forum look and behavior. I use my iPad almost exclusively to read them.
Last I checked, I can do that simply by making a disk image of a DVD. I've never done anything besides make a disc image of a DVD and play it for say an airplane trip and then delete it and that worked for me. Granted I don't do it often, but last one I did was the Spiderman 2 DVD. So what is so hard about that?
They already have CS:3 Universal. They have shown it off at a few shows. Its just not finished yet. But I do agree, they should try their hand at a public beta ala Quark and MS. It would help Apple and frankly help Adobe get some sales they may not otherwise get until next year.
Magsafe: Every PowerBook I've owned I've had to repair or fix the power adapter end because a cat, a child, or my leg would accidentally pull it sideways bending the thin metal. Magsafe is genius as I never have to worry about that again. Motion Sensors: Wrong. IBM/Lenovo put them in the hard drives only. Not the whole computer like Apple. I am someone who has spent a LOT of time with Thinkpads in the past few months.
Well of course you'd buy Windows - nobody is talking about not doing that. The question is how to run Windows in a window itself, like Virtual PC and VMWare do now. My guess is that VMWare will be out first since they have a product that runs on Linux and while that's as different from OS X as Windows itself is, its also less tied to the frameworks.
First of all - that's 49 W for the Dual Core processor. Half that for the single core. Next, that's 49W for full speed, full power dual core. In normal operation only a single core will be running until the second one is needed. G4 speed my foot. At 1.5 Ghz (which is used on the really low power systems) its faster than all G4s.
Symbol makes Palm and Pocket PC devices. It could've easily been a custom app built on those platforms.
This is the text on their site: "Out of 110,000 possible upgrades, the Crucial Memory Advisor™ tool lists only the upgrades that are guaranteed compatible with your Apple PowerBook G4 1.25GHz (15-inch Display)." It says guaranteed. In quite a few places on their site it even says "guaranteed, or your money back". Truthfully, the guarantee doesn't mean much, but people will pay for it when to them memory timings are a voodoo science. Don't discount the fact that most new or...
Its just simpler. If I'm buying RAM for 3 different computers at once, its just easier to go to the site and get the right kind. I have several PowerMacs/PowerBooks all with different RAM speeds and I never can remember exactly which one is which. So its convenient to use it to find what the right type is.
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