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I will happily pay the same price for a 4 inch phone as I would for a 4.7 inch model. Please, Apple, include all the latest features, including 3D Touch.
I know this may not be a popular thing to say on this site, but I tend to agree with him that, in the long run, Microsoft will likely emerge as a strong competitor on both the software and hardware front. Google also. Both companies are very capable of developing a well integrated multi-platform software ecosystem. When it comes to hardware, they will copy Apple's innovations to stay competitive.
When Tim Cook made that comment it was absolutely correct. The battery, operating system software, keypad and stylus technology weren't yet mature enough to converge the devices. Since then, Apple has done the engineering necessary to make it possible. Even now, there remains a market for PCs to perform tasks that require more processing power, screen real estate, etc. And to that list I should add processor power.
Along with a truly functional fingerprint sensor, this represents another major usability feature that competitors just CANNOT duplicate, further differentiating the iPhone from copycats.
What is most compelling about the iPad Pro is that it is a laptop killer. For the 70 percent of people who use their laptops for routine tasks like email, web browsing and word processing, the iPad Pro, coupled with a stylus and bluetooth keyboard cover, will be the hands-down product of choice. This is especially true now that Microsoft has made truly excellent versions of its Office apps for the iOS platform. Once released, Apple will have achieved, through careful...
I wish it weren't so, but, as prime contractor, Apple is fully responsible for the performance of its subcontractors.
Can someone help answer this question: With just one USB-C port that functions both for charging and for video output, does that mean that I would need to allow the battery to drain down if I choose to connect to an external monitor? Or does is there some way to keep the machine connected to power while also connecting it to an external monitor? This is not an issue with my current MacBook Pro, of course, because the video-out and power-in are separate ports.
I suspect the reason they didn't update it with the A8 processor last autumn was because they needed every last one of the A8s that came off the production line to meet iPhone 6 production goals. Only now that they have brought iPhone 6 supply and demand into balance can they afford to divert some of the A8 production to the iPad Mini.
 GM and Ford have been making cars for more than a hundred years, as have many other companies.  It is, frankly, quite silly to think that Apple could just jump into such a competitive and complex business and achieve greater efficiencies than companies that have been refining their design and manufacturing processes for decades.
New Posts  All Forums: