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 GM and Ford have been making cars for more than a hundred years, as have many other companies.  It is, frankly, quite silly to think that Apple could just jump into such a competitive and complex business and achieve greater efficiencies than companies that have been refining their design and manufacturing processes for decades.
But bear in mind that Apple sold 74,000,000 iPhones last quarter.  That's 34,000 every hour of every day.  Tesla sold 11,627 vehicles last quarter, or about as many iPhones as Apple sold every 20 minutes.  There would be no money in making cars for Apple.  And the development costs!  A disaster!
Yes, the margins are terrible.  GM has an 8% gross margin.  Ford has a 12% gross margin.  Apple currently has a 39% gross margin.
Man I hope this is not true. Worse than making TVs. They know nothing about this industry and the margins are bad.
The iPad Air 2 was not a mere spec bump, although the spec improvements were dramatic. The inclusion of Touch ID was a huge differentiator from previous versions.
What they are targeting is the professional laptop market. This is huge. When you equip this size tablet with an integrated keyboard/cover like the ones Logitech already makes for the iPad, every executive, manager, sales person, engineer on the planet will want to dump their heavy, clumsy laptop in favor of this device. With Microsoft already offering an excellent version of its Office software suite on the IOS platform, it's all most business users will ever need. We...
Touch ID, just introduced in Apple's latest iPhone, is an amazing example of groundbreaking innovation: the very first highly reliable and incredibly convenient biometric security system ever installed on a mobile device.  Oh, and I forgot to mention the first 64-bit processor on a mobile phone.  As Phil Schiller would say, "Can't innovate? My Ass!"
Rather than confirming one-handed use, this video demonstrates the opposite. While it shows that the thumb can reach from side to side of the screen, it cannot reach the top, where an entire row of app icons would be unreachable.
What all these price targets don't seem to take into account is that the value of Apple stock is not just affected by the company's performance, but also by larger market trends. The S&P 500 and Dow are at all time highs, having risen more than 35% in the past 18 months. The average PE ratio of publicly traded stocks is pushing 20, way above historical averages, and hardly justifiable by any reasonable forecast of economic growth. What this means is that we are due for...
I believe the reason for Tim Cook's reticence has little to do with the cultural climate within corporations. Certainly, his sexual preference makes no difference to the thousands of employees at Apple. Rather, he keeps himself in the closet out of fear that disclosure of his being gay would unfavorably affect the Company's image with that portion of the buying public that holds bigoted views. I suspect that this is the primary reason most CEOs who are gay remain in the...
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