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A qualified person of any of the persuasions you mentioned would tell you to stuff it. He/she would rather get a job based on merit rather than your perception of them being *diverse*.
You continue to waste your own time and emotions. Most people here are not interested in real facts. They debate by trying to out-Google each other, as if searching for headlines is real education. They defend Apple (or Google) because taking one side gives them the right to piss on the other side. Defending Apple makes them feel better about themselves. Give up the crusade. Most here are not interested in discussing technology. They don't know it and don't care about it.
Pundits keep bringing up how Facebook and Twitter have turned down substantial bids. But they forget one thing - both are sticky apps and allow users to invest and accumulate contents with emotional value. Snapchat doesn't. Except for a network of contacts, when you leave Snapchat, you lose nothing (but regain your self-respect). I bet, two years from now, Snapcaht's investors will kick themselves for the delusion that Evan Spiegel is the next coming of Mark Zuckerberg.
Didn't know you couldn't read. "Finally, a front-facing flash now illuminates a device's screen for better nighttime shots"
If you want, I will buy a bunch and send them to you to sell in Europe. You'll have to prepay me first, of course. :) But seriously, why would architects need a stylus specifically made for Paper? 
Good for you. Clearly, some people have not figured out that if you don't like an article, you don't have to read it. Furthermore, you don't have to take more time out of your life to first read it and then criticize it. OTOH, they may be secretly thankful for articles they allegedly don't like because it gives them a chance to do the one thing they are good at - gripe.
Wait a while first. This thing was launched quite recently.
Ignorant comment. You clearly don't know one stylus from another.
Interesting question. Let's look at $AAPL's latest run starting from its most recent low of $450 on Sept 16. On the same day, its market cap was $409B.$AAPL is now at $556. Its current market cap is $500B. The share price has gone up by 23.5%. The market cap has gone up by 22%. What do you think?
Great for you that you bought in at $60. But what are you smoking to think that your $AAPL shares did just fine in 2013? Only now has the share price gone back to its starting price at beginning of the year.  You bought in at a great time, but what value you have now is no thanks to 2013.
New Posts  All Forums: