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  By the way, you should take English lessons - e.g. "its" not "it's". It hurts you to think because you're not good at it.
I agree. But the way they're going about this is turning off a growing user segment, and not just the Apple fanboys.
Can anyone here comment on Google without thinking with their Apple shares?
There are no clean hands in this industry. Stop pretending otherwise.
Interesting. Can you provide link to article where it is suggested Cardinals should let someone else win in the postseason? Thx.
Dumb questions, or at least rhetorical. They're amongst the most rabid fanboys. Deny. Deny Deny. That's what they do.Sad thing is that they actually don't appreciate the true beauty of Apple design.
When will people understand that "I've never seen this problem" means nothing? I don't make up stories in a forum. That doesn't mean there aren't people like Flaneur who do.
Careful calling others on their credibility. It's not hard bringing up your past fictional masterpieces to remind us of your credibility.
Only from an ignorant perspective
If you have to ask ...Why don't you make it up like you're prone to doing?
New Posts  All Forums: