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That's a brilliant business model if it works. I bet storage warehouses don't need as many solar panels as data centers.
Then what's the point of mentioning anything. Why is it interesting to share what you are not concerned about?   You might have written "not currently drinking champagne".
Now Samsung is also disappointing analysts and investors with record profits. Is there no end to their copying of Apple? What will they do next - issue dividends and buy back shares? Fire their software head?   It is impressive how they earned these record profits by only shipping but not selling millions of phones. Now that's innovation.
So you don't count the 4 and 4S? You consider them high end still?
It is a fact that some of alleged tradeoffs are NOT such. While trying to be concise, I was not precise.   But it doesn't matter. I won't hold Cook to his comments. He is closer to the going-ons in his company than most CEOs. He stays close to what he knows best most of the time, allowing others to talk about topics not within his expertise. For example, neither Meg Whitman nor Michael Dell can list the key design features of a server the way Cook can rhyme off...
Me too. I'd love to see a credible reference for this.
  I didn't disagree with you on that. WTF are you talking about?
The thing is that Tim Cook's arguments were misleading. Many (but not all) of the issues he mentioned had nothing to do with screen size.    It's not a matter of belief. It's a fact.
Not being as intelligent, well-informed, objective, athletic, literate and good-looking as you, I can't.
  It's not about winning or losing, morals or enmity. We are talking about facts and numbers.
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