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  Very possible. But we also hear even more frequent rumors about Apple slashing production. Yet they keep selling more iPhones yoy.   I more and less agree. Lest we forget, Apple reports iPhone sales and not iPhone 5 sales. Yet iPhone 5 sales is quite healthy, I believe.   I have read here and there (particularly here) that market share does not matter. It's about profits. Let's wait for Samsung's next earnings report.
First demonstration of computer mouse in '68. Fully working prototype of Xerox Alto developed in '73. Apple launches first Mac in '84.   I bet, if you trace the history of tablet computing, the velocity of development is similar. 
Has Instagram published the iOS v. Android data? I would be interested in that.
Exactly. "Shipped v. sold" is today's version of the activation war, which some will still bring up now and then.   It's time to move away from both arguments.
  No. What we have seen before, again and again, is that when a company "ships" but doesn't sell, they have to write down the inventory soon after. This is true even if they sell them at reduced prices or if they give them away. Ask RIM. Ask HP. Not only have we not seen write downs or significant reduced margins reported by Samsung, we have seen them report record profits. It is consistently estimated that Samsung is the "other" company making a good profit off...
They charge $229 for an iPod Touch with 4" RetDisp, no rear iSight camera, 16GB and A5, and add $70 for an iSight camera and a second 16 GB. We can guess how much extra Apple might charge for the LTE chipset (or perhaps 3G?).   On the other hand, if the intended markets are India and Africa, then RetDisp and LTE can definitely be dropped.
"with its score so high that it actually pulled up the average of the entire smartphone industry"   It would be interesting (though impossible) for any entity atop a ranking list to not pull up the average of the whole list.
The Telegraph article cites another one of questionable source. The text of that article mentions 3.2% while the graph therein shows 3.8%. Either way, the 3.x% figure is not for this year but rather for 2012.    In a different article, it is stated that iPhone market share in 2012 was 10%.   No matter which figure is correct, iPhone market share does seem to have declined since 2010. But that's not surprising given that Samsung's Galaxy S line wasn't launched until some...
Apple is an engineering and design company that focuses on engineering and design. They are succeeding if consumers are happy with their products. Anyone, hedge funds or otherwise, who believes that profits come before customer service is rather short-sighted and dim-witted.    While boosting shareholder value is what most CEOs pay lip service to, it is a dumb way to run a company in the long term. It is no different than a Head of State making speeches about civil...
Indeed. But if the pile is not actually sold, you'll have to write it down sooner or later. Have we seen Samsung report any write-downs yet?
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