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Fascinating. There is a group of folks who never experience and unfailingly refute every reported problem on iPhones. Then there is a group that jumps on the same problems and shout "gotcha". Which group is more credible?
Heuristics? LOL!
Pretty shrewd observation. Where are u getting your numbers?
True that
  Why do you guys bother with him? He doesn't care that what he says is stupid. He just craves getting any attention. While he types away, he's pat, pat, patting his you know what in his mom's basement.
How many of you are so good looking that you can judge others to be ugly?
Why do people make such definitive statements that are clearly wrong? If you're not in the know, pls don't pretend to know.
Judging from comments herein, the said Californian is likely herein.
You so clever!
He wants to think of himself as special (or abnormal). Why are you crashing his dreams?
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