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So ... You're a special customer?Scanner? Is it a scanner? Is this the lexicon of special customers?
Why does it anger you? Here's a solution: use and enjoy your apple products. Outside of that, get a life. Simple enough?
Actually, iOS7 is not just another update. Contrary to popular opinion, it is least about replacing skeuomorphism with flatness. But you're right about this - it's silly to whine about bugs because they will eventually be fixed.
Good point. People take everything written about Apple so personally. If it is a positive article, they act as if they have personally accomplished something. If it is negative, they whine as if someone kicked them in the nuts. You see this type of exuberance in sports. Unlike sports teams, however, Apple doesn't reward irrationally exuberant followers anymore than any other customer.
Contemptuous?   Critical for sure. Possibly misguided or misinformed. But contemptuous? Hardly.
You forgot to add "xox" at the end. Geez, how old are u?
Under attack? Exaggerate much?The notion that Google isn't under constant criticism is absurd and patently dishonest.
This sounds dubious. I don't know what kind of diagnostic would yield the assessment of "a lot of software issues", which is utterly meaningless. Also, "a lot of software issues" don't go away with a phone replacement.You're making this up.
 Cripes, every second post of yours sounds like a statement from the Apple PR department. Relax, your shares are fine.How can either of you say it is just a iPhone5s issue or just an iOS issue?  The two go hand in hand and neither is unflawed.
This is not a beta software issue. When an OS is installed on millions upon millions of phones, it simply isn't beta, regardless of what anyone says. Having said that, fully tested software and hardware can still have issues. Good for you that you are a conservative luddite but referring to iOS7 as beta is to make an ignorant statement.
New Posts  All Forums: