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Meh ...
Why did you want to double down on his double-posting and help it show up 4 times? Sometimes, you need to wait a sec or 2 for common sense to show up before jumping on something.
 No surer sign of nothing upstairs than this refrain.
But he was mocking.
4000 people losing their jobs is nothing to mock.
Now that's quick.
Can't speak for others, but I've learned something. I've learned that some assume the worst and dumbest from others so as to establish their superiority. Although I pity the soul that can be truly fulfilled thus, I do recognize that it's an easy trap to fall into. Every time you demean other people, it reminds me to resist following your example. Thanks for the lesson indeed, assodatur.Nevertheless, it's amazing that it doesn't occur to u that u too present opportunities...
Large portion ... most probably.   99%? No basis to support such a claim.
    Can't decide which one of the two is more idiotic.
  1/2 or 1/4 would make sense if you were comparing play-back speed with "real time" (there's a better term for this but it escapes me). But the two of you were comparing 120 fps against 60 and 30.
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