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There is no landscape mode for the home screen on iPhone. I don't think there will ever be one because:   In portrait mode, there are 4 columns and 6 rows. The bottom row is for the "dock", leaving you with 4 x 5 or 20 spots for app icons.   In landscape mode, there are 4 rows and 6 columns. If the system uses that bottom row as the "dock", you're left with 3 x 8 or 18 spots. That means, when you rotate the screen, two apps might have to be bumped off to another screen. 
Yes. Look at what he has accomplished.
    That would be twice or 4 times the speed. 
Yes, and no. This is one time when I personally am glad Apple took Amazon to court. While the mark AppStore might not pass the test of uniqueness, Amazon made it *personal* by deliberately using the essentially the same name. Bezos lost a chunk of the healthy respect I held for him.
People had it fixed in their heads that skeuomorphism and flatness are the diametric ends of the same scale. So disappearance of woodgrain can only be accomplished by flattening the UI, in their view.   But iOS7, as I have explained before, is not UI facelift. It is, above all else, about technological advances designed not just to go to the next level as a dynamic OS, but also to make it much harder to emulate.   p.s. Rene Ritchie at imore.com wrote that iOS7 is the most...
It was never an issue, major or minor. No. May I respectfully ask that you stop making shit up. I don't believe it has anything to do with feedback in this instance (not to say Apple doesn't listen).   Sarcastic or not. They didn't fix anything because there was nothing to fix.   First of all, it is not true that they have made the system font uniformly "thicker". It's not even true that the first beta of iOS7 had a uniformly thin system font. Light and ultralight are...
Just as most companies would do.
Deals being discussed privately cannot have a high profile (yet), can they?
On the other hand, there is no basis to claim that either is correct.
It isn't exposed to the user the way desktop computer users are accustomed to seeing. Indeed, the notion that iOS doesn't have a file system is silly.
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