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This is a reflection of software industry today. Not only did syncing not work, various functions did not (still do not) work the same way on their iOS app, in the browser and on the desktop.
I didn't say iTunes couldn't do all of that. I wrote that iTunes was not *originally* developed for doing all that, which was the claim I was refuting. 
Interesting theory that would require a time machine, given that Android was born and acquired by Google before iOS was announced.
The confusion makes each analyst relevant and provides job security.
Not to mention mistaken.
So slightly thicker and slightly heavier would be make the Mini totally non-portable? That would just be totally wrong? Gotcha.
So you're somewhat familiar with a small bit if one sector of the industry and are presuming the rest. Gotcha. Thx!
Indeed. And if one cannot deal with that, just buy the previous version. People need to stop the silliness about how Apple might make a mistake.Having said this, 2 mm thicker might be much as the current thickness is
So that's why? You're speculating or you know this for a fact?
Exactly right? How could this be exactly right or wrong? What if it was 2 grams heavier, or 0.5 mm thicker? Still Bingo? How silly.   You're confusing opinions and preferences with factual validity. That's ok because that just makes you a member of majority.
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