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I ordered my Haswell MBAs a few weeks ago and nothing has arrived well. Either Intel or Apple is having trouble meeting demand.
Is that an opinion or published fact? I haven't seen any reliable data on this, and would be interested in seeing it.
It's not a matter of good or bad. It's a matter of preference. I prefer RD at the expense of a bit of bull and weight. Good for me. You prefer to keep it light. Good for you. There's no bad or not good in this. No right and wrong.
    You should not count app crashes when commenting on stability of any OS, unless it is a system app or if the same app behaves differently on someone else's device with a different version of the OS (even then ...). Otherwise, it is like telling someone you crash into fire hydrants all the time when asked how well your car drives.   My Nexus 7 rarely crashes. Same is true of my iPads and iPad Mini. All 3 are used extensively (including personal and development uses).
I personally would like to see a Retina version of the Mini, even it has to be thicker and heavier. Pundits who claim Apple made a mistake launching a thicker and heavier RP version of the iPad don't understand or appreciate engineering. Simply keep the current version of the Mini around and let consumers choose.   Of course, Apple might surprise us with a RP-Mini that is neither thicker nor heavier. That would be a remarkable feat of engineering. 
It is surprising, or perhaps not, that Apple has started to promotion without publicizing it.
iOS has never used an iSight camera? Damn, someone please alert Phil Schiller. How dare he mention iSight that he introduced iPhone 5 last year! While you're at it, please tell Apple their website is wrong.
Whether this video shows a real iPhone Lite case or not, it's a rather clever marketing ploy for their own Android device. Almost clever enough to make up for the name Basic Bear.
I don't disagree with that at all.   If nothing, the internet was instrumental in the distribution of iTunes from the beginning.
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