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  ITunes was NOT originally for organising ripped music onto iPods.   How soon YOU forget!
Of course, iPhone owners just go about enjoying their devices without ever mocking Android.
  Before wooing this Indonesian truck driver, Apple might have more to gain by focusing on selling more iPhones to Germans, Italians and Portuguese, whether they are driving planes, trains or automobiles. 
You probably want to rethink this and remove it.
Whole cloth? That sounds even cheaper than plastic.
Apple management has repeated that their job is focus on developing great products. You disagree with them?
And some of his analysis is based largely on the analysis of other analysts. 
The point is that you're mistaken.    Nice to see an objective and informed opinion. I'd argue that both numbers mean shipped. But that's semantics.     Or, one could say, Apple has always made as many iPhones as they can sell (after the euphoric post-launch week). To be precise, they make a few more than they can sell. That's real mastery of logistics.    KDarling didn't doubt what Apple meant by their numbers. He (she) simply tried to help the misguided ones who...
Human emotions are hard to rationalize. I'd say that plastic, or polycarbonate to be exact, scratches relatively easily too but the "damage" is less visible.   I'm more interested in what else differentiates the iPhone 5S and the rumored iPhone Lite. It can't just be a difference in material. Is the Lite going to be the iPhone 4S with a larger screen? Is it going to be iPod Touch with 3G or LTE chipset added?
Say what?
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