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My personal opinion: It's not up to outsiders to decide if it is a problem or opportunity. We can speculate and have fun doing it. Apple decides that for itself.    Munster et al are all doing quite well :) Don't take this the wrong way. But you are making the judgment of "should" based on opportunity lost - i.e. they could have taken away some (if not much) of the growing (?) market of 5-inchers. That is only true if one cares about market share. I don't. Apple does to a...
I was just kidding. Sheesh ...    I'm sorry, ok, Suddenly Cranky?
Really? Can you give me a numerical example of how that might work?
  Isn't that what I wrote already? Aren't my words good enough? You guys have echo me using Henry Ford and Steve Jobs? Sheesh ...
No excuse? They are not allowed to negotiate more favorable terms?
That's not a problem. It's an opportunity.    Should? They might choose to? But "should"? Come on ...     Kind of like it. There is some money in it. But not in the same range as what they are making. Once in a while, Mercedes makes a cheaper sedan or whatever. But it is never a low end vehicle. That's kind of like it, too.   iOS7 will not be "finished". It's a reset of iOS as we knew it. I think it's wrong to say they are doing this to forsake Scott Forstall's vision. I...
I find most things interesting, including silly posts from people in the matrix who insist massive profits made be made by manufacturing, shipping and then burying phones. It was you who claimed to be disinterested and yet summoned the energy to inform us so.
If the phone is in my pocket, does it count as wearing?
I don't know why/how companies report what they do, except that there is not much to gain in reporting more than what the government and regulatory bodies compel you to reveal.   At the end of the day, they are making billions doing what they are doing. If they are burning the phones as you seem to believe, then pass me a match.
New Posts  All Forums: