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Can anyone confirm if the unibody macbooks can run off just the power source without the battery? Thanks!
Something strange is happening. I just purchased a new macbook from amazon and everythign seemed fine. But when the battery went down to about 2%, I plugged in the power source and the battery indicator said "not charging." Then after awhile, it just shut down. So I tried taking the battery out and running it just off power source and after about 15 seconds, the computer just shuts down. If I leave the power and battery both plugged over night, the battery does...
I am trying to set up a WDS network at home with a linksys router(WRT-310N running dd-wrt firmware) being connected to the cable modem as the main WDS with the AEBS as the WDS remote. I have gotten this to work except when I try to secure the network, the internet doesn't work. Has anyone figured out how to get this to work with any kind of security (Wep, WPA/2)? I have tried use the AEBS as the main WDS but my set top box keeps having to buffer the video. The linksys...
Thanks guys! I ordered a 80GB WD Scorpio drive and after downloading the schematics from ifixit.com, I took apart and installed the drive. The only thing is I didn't unscrew a screw from the RAM slot that attaches to the keyboard so I was bending the keyboard and almost broke it untill I figured it out. I also stripped the t6 screw at the top but my computer runs better than new now. I'm waiting to install Leopard again. If only there was a network install option in...
My Leopard DVD has a small crack in it and am afraid it won't install on my PB. Apple said they can't replace the disc for me cause its passed 14 days of purchase. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to install leopard over a network boot without out Leopard server? I have a back up image on my external hard drive.
I have a Powerbook G4 12inch. My hard drive recently died. Does anyone know how much it would cost to have the hard drive installed? I ordered a new drive but I am not confident I could replace it myself. If I took it to an apple store or an authorized store, does anyone know how much they would charge for labor? Thanks!
One of the features of Leopard that is great is Parental Controls. Is there a way to clear the sites visited for the monitored accounts? Is anyone else having this problem?
Hi, I have just purchased an Airport Extreme Base station (gigabit). The reason I purchased it is to connect my cable modem to it and also try to get a third party wireless router to wirelessly join the Airport base as sort of extender. Does anyone know how this is done? or can only apple wireless routers join the base station? Thanks in advance.
I am trying to create a slide show in iDVD but the problem is, when I drag the picture into iDVD, the picture is turned sideways. I flipped the picture in iPhoto but whenever I drag it to iDVD, its still turned sideways. Has anyone had this problem? Thanks.
My friend has one of the first revisions of the MBP (I converted this dude from a Win user). Anyways, his case is not quite flush as there is some warping in the front as well as the airport issue. Heat issue as well.I want my friend to get his replaced. The airport issue alone is annoying enough but his arm hair gets stuck between the warpings. Well, we took it to a Apple store in SD to have it replaced and the Genius adamantly said it was within acceptable limits...
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