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It's about 4.8 inches across, definitely not as much as 5.1. I've 3D transformed the image and superimposed an iPhone 5s over the left phone and then measured the ratio of the display diagonals and the phone cover on the right is 1.2x bigger.
I agree. Apple did file that name as a trademark in 2003 (along with the other cat names).
  Apple uses a NumVersion struct, 1 or 2 digit for a major version and a single digit for a minor version which could if 10.9 happens cause a change to 11.0
  I've thought the same about OS XI, future releases will be named after constellations with a preceding final X release 10.9 'Lynx' (Lynx is a constellation as well as a cat).
There have been 4 main generations of iMac so far.
I have enjoyed reading this thread.
Not worth showing
Just a note on the title, Apple is the worlds most valuable company not the largest.
I want pinch to zoom back on Finder icons!!!
Totally agree, can't believe some of the comments here.   'Smurfs', FREE!!! (like free candy for kids), then press one of these delicious add-ons (some as much as $100). Ok, developers can do what they like, fine, we don't have to buy what they sell because we have enough sense, us adults that is. Apple must take some responsibility here after all they created the bridge between these con artists and the unsuspecting credit card owner with a kid. All high value in...
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