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Someone else mentioned that Apple changed sudo with El Capitan. I was unaware of that. chmod is definitely a core part of the underlying bsd structure. If you're having a tot of trouble with binaries, you might be better off with a package manager. I didn't suggest one, because my results haven't been perfect with any of the ones designed for OSX. Brew is pretty simple, but I still get annoying quirks where it tells me that a library I want to update is installed but not...
Linux has always used a specific sudoers file, so it's not surprising. I haven't installed El Capitan yet, so I was unaware of that.
iPad apps already generate far fewer reviews than iphone apps, so designing for a smaller subset of that market will mean that developers are likely to charge significantly more or tie it to existing models. I think Adobe would initially tie anything they release to an existing subscription model, just like they do with Lightroom. They aren't really the first to adopt that strategy. I think it will  become increasingly common. It's not just the size. The really big cintiq...
Where? Are you referring to the thread or something else?
There may be some volume discounts that influence some of Apple's choices in low end models, but the Xeon used in the base mac pro has the same list price as the top imac cpus. Its list is also significantly lower than many that show up in the macbook pro. I've linked the same things before, and it never adds up. It's mostly the 8 core and above that are extremely expensive. Their base quad lists for $300. The upward shifts in pricing also tend to occur on the higher end...
It wouldn't surprise me at all to see that in python. Python has a number of libraries that are just thin wrappers around C code for the more expensive functions. As long as the time spent in those functions isn't trivial relative to the number dispatched, it isn't that bad. It also has reasonable threading options, so GPU compute wouldn't be a big stretch. As you mention it's not just used in computing graphics related tasks. They work well enough with anything that can...
It will more at the lower price points than the higher ones. I doubt you have ever worked with a cintiq. The larger ones are heavy for a reason. It provides a large stable surface that can be angled, much like a drafting table.  That might seem like an antiquated concept, but if you have to spend hours interacting with it, you are likely to appreciate good ergonomics and lack of shoulder pain.
Means of identifying drones and/or R/C models do help with some things. They don't help with criminals, but they do help with jackasses (note my California wildfires example).
  I doubt you'll see that kind of law. There have been some very stupid drone owners though.Drones impede air battle against California wildfires. Then of course people have shot down drones that they believe are too close to their property. Firing into the air is illegal in quite a few situations. I'm kind of surprised he got out of that one. The second is probably an uncommon event. The first is something that will definitely end in legislation.
That surprises me, given that CUDA is still simpler than the other approaches. I recently tried to write compute shaders for some stuff, because that's basically the lowest common denominator across hardware. They're annoying though.
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