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 It was probably intended as a direct reference to Calvin and Hobbs, rather than this.
They make some exceptionally cool things. Apple was the main one to adopt it. That certainly didn't help.
It would be a dumb trick for a company of that size. Given that every one of their products seems to experience some level of scarcity at launch, I suspect they have other reasons not to build up an extreme surplus prior to launch date. It could be some combination of warehouse space, timing between product and other update launches, and ability to watch for things (hehe) that didn't show up during product testing.
It's unlikely that we'll see a large number of 8K panels in the next year or two anyway. Apple wanted to use a non-standard resolution to make use of pixel doubling without changing the size of its elements on a 27" display. To do this they had to use some amount of customization in the imac, because 5K is unsupported by both thunderbolt 2.0 and displayport 1.2. At the time the displayport 1.2 specification was written, no 5K panels were in development. Apple used this one...
 I believe what you really heard was trolling, because I don't think anyone could be that stupid. It's also silly to point out issues around the world without looking at our own country first. edit: changed my mind, I'll leave my thoughts on other middle eastern governments out of it
They started a repair program.
There was a significant imac redesign around 2012, which included an updated screen treatment. It was more than just a thinner panel. TN doesn't have a lot of image persistence problems. It was actually a more common problem with earlier IPS panels. Do note that the imac uses the same panel, so thermal issues are similar.
Sure performance. I was referring to realized performance on the user end. The Core Ms are clearly aimed at lighter tasks. My words drifted a little off topic there, but I originally said that it needs to be judged on how well it runs the currently shipping versions within a certain class of software. How it compares to something from a few years ago that shipped with different software isn't as important. It's likely to be more demanding today. I just don't think most of...
I suspect the thunderbolt display doesn't move enough units to be a high priority. Apple never updated it to match the imac design, which I originally thought they would do 6-7 months after the redesigned imac rollouts. I don't see the cinema display on their site now, and it didn't come up in a store search for "cinema display". It may still show up in refurbished form.
 Ahem and one more As for Apple acquiring a foundry, it's a high level of risk, and they have no real expertise in that area. They have always pushed risk off onto their vendors.
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