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 If you did this 10 years ago, you might have been stuck with 4GB of ram, and my explanation would have been similar. Both of those applications vary immensely in terms of their requirements from user to user. They blow up very quickly if you use a number of history states and a large number of layers/nodes. The application has to somehow cache a large number of states so that they can be accessed if necessary with minimal lag. Also note that some applications do allow you...
64GB requires all 16GB sticks, but more importantly I'm pretty sure the 4K 21" imac has soldered ram. As I have mentioned before, ram requirements haven't grown that fast. It's just that in some areas that involve editing large files such as image and video editing, the requirement was really there for years. A lot of software would write things to disk similar to swaps in virtual memory swaps. If a lot of ram is available, there's no need to do that. Ram performs better...
I'm now waiting for an article that accuses Apple of falsifying emissions data for their rumored car project.
 That's your attempt to assign a negative connotation to his statement, and it's very silly. It is normal to look for a number of viable investments for a few reasons. You might be wrong about future performance. You might require liquidity at a time when one of your stocks isn't doing well. A stock may just not be valued the way you anticipate, which can happen in a marketplace that does not enforce a strict pricing formula. I don't understand why you chose to spin this...
 As much as I hate snide comments, I'll explain this one. It's a class action suit, meaning that most of these people didn't explicitly opt in. They would have to opt out. You have probably received something in the mail at some point in your life which stated that you were added to such a suit. Most of these people had nothing to do with the suit itself. If Apple's HR team wants to, it can fire any number of people without cause in many states, including California. I...
   Quote:This is just the US. They probably don't have much of a presence in the US. Quite a few Android phones are LG. I can't really tell unless I see something that specifically says "LG", but that's basically the case for all Android phones.
Old OSX style meaning pre-Lion? I thought you may have shown some of your previous work given anantksundaram's reply. Their choices were probably much safer bets, as they fell into a price range where many people can simply pay out of pocket without enormous stress. A car consumes a much greater percentage of a person's income for most people. Of course I've spent very little on cars (purchased used then driven for many years), so I might not be a good example there.
  Quote: Did you ever post any of the old ones?
Until you have cost effective chips to provide that, it won't happen. In fact I doubt Apple would implement it at all.
I think all of the 21.5" models moved to soldered ram, so there isn't much difference there aside from starting price.  I've had applecare on some things. It runs out if you keep the thing long enough. After that you pay for depot service either way. If something goes wrong after year 1, it's $350. I would  buying anything that requires multiple major repairs. In my experience, you get the same offer with expired applecare.
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