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I've looked a few youtube videos of people using it, as I was curious about it. I have no intention of switching. Anyway it seems fine for a basic paint program, but then again so is Gimp.  I like LittleCMS, but I'm skeptical on the idea that Pixelmator would incorporate the open source pet project of a developer with a day job. It's not necessarily possible to know how whether it will always have stable support. I don't see why they couldn't support cmyk though. It...
By honest I'll assume you mean tied to fundamentals. If that was the case Apple might still be where they are now. I suspect some of the others would be much lower.
He is amusing. I noticed that he picked a mountain range photo that almost perfectly parallels the shape of that stock graph along with the constant villain references.
I realize he's trolling, but a couple of the photo references made me laugh.
  You guys are quick to judge on this one. Here's the google translate version. I'm not sure whether AI has access to real translators, but it's more likely that they write whatever will draw page views.   I hate the reused photo comparisons, because they're always constructed by someone with an agenda. I need to look that up. It might be useful.
 The two of you are talking about completely different things. Issues such as  retention of key management won't show up over the shorter term on quarterly reports, but I still think his comment really misses the mark. Not everyone wants to spend their entire career at one company, so I would say it's more important to look at their ability to replenish both talent and management. He tried to portray it as a sinking ship, yet listing off people who left in recent years...
You make it sound like Google Glass was supposed to be a real product line.
This happened with the old mac pro too, although the most recent notebooks actually have the bandwidth for a lot of those things if they can be made to work over thunderbolt. It's a very small niche, but these are the obvious choice if you still need to haul a complete workstation to a given set. It also means lower baggage costs during transportation.
Take your trolling elsewhere sir.
 Blah that will be another bloated mess of a company. I'm not sure how they gain regulatory approval for such a significant consolidation of their competition.
New Posts  All Forums: