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I wouldn't chance it when using something like a bootloader. As I recall it is possible to use the option key anyway, but you won't see the normal loading screen.
You really don't understand any of this. It doesn't buy back debt from investors. Other investors effectively buy them out, and they have to control something like >80% of shares just to force the remaining ones to sell (can't recall it's 80 or 90%). That you use the term "free country" makes me think you may be trolling.  There's nothing to argue. You just misinterpreted how buybacks work. When the company buys back shares, they cannot vote them. Imagine they buy up all...
He should really back up that drive prior to installing refind. That replaces your default bootloader, although you should still be able to use key overrides if necessary. It's also important to read the documentation prior to doing that. There are a few things that can cause problematic behavior, such as the use of other utilities in conjunction with refind.
   I don't understand why you guys (or at least 2 out of 3) think this a direct result of laws surrounding public lotteries rather than an incidental detail. They have that promotion in one country. It might be different if the US was the only one excluded from it.
The most valuable component would be the logic board, which isn't operational at this point. I don't think you would get that much for it.
You guys might want to source that one. I can't find legal reference suggesting such a thing is automatic.
I don't have a good confirmation on any of that. I've just read it repeatedly. Most of them still seem satisfied with the newer ones, but suggest that things are flimsier than when they were made by IBM. I've seen the IBM ones. They were tanks, and they even made Apple's notebooks at the time look inexpensive. This was long before Apple had a $900 Air. I didn't mean slightly cheaper. The difference was considerable. Lenovo's markup is very high on thinkpad ram, but it's...
I've never owned one. Others have mentioned that quality has slipped since the days of IBM. Under IBM they were quite possibly the most durable laptops ever made excluding those designed for military use. Pricing is a lot lower under Lenovo.
I'm running adblock+ and ghostery along with a separate script blocker on firefox. I don't get spammed very much. Of course you can also reroute known ad servers to a junk port :).
Perception of resolution is a bit more complicated than whether you can perceive individual pixels, but it's high enough that aliasing is a non-issue. Font smoothing attempts to compensate for aliasing. With resolution high enough to eliminate detectable aliasing, font smoothing is pointless.
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