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I read through this again. I'm not 100% confident in that being the root cause of your problems, but it could be the case. IO error just indicates a failed read or write somewhere, but the 2010 15" models do have a couple known problems. Looking at the year I thought gpu at first, yet I've never experienced a grey screen due to gpu problems. If you've performed ram upgrades it would be prudent to test it as well. As for SSDs, this is what I would personally buy. I've had...
I remember them going off the market at $1800. Everymac seems to support that, even though they refer to it as estimated current retail. It was the last new retail price. At its debut part of the cost was a gpu upgrade available only on the G5, which was needed to run it. Roughly a generation later all powermac G5s could run it. I don't recall how long it took before notebooks gained that ability. Apple dropped them in favor of the 27". Some brands kept their 30" models...
I really hate the concept of rumors chasing rumors.
I just wanted to add that zeroing isn't the default option, so you do have to check that. It can't fix bad sectors, so it remaps them. An increase in bad sectors though as measured by some of the utilities out there is a strong sign of a failing drive. I don't personally like to wait until the thing no longer mounts to replace it.
It would be cool if someone made a toaster that looked like an NAS.
That would be cool, but it has never happened. I suspect there's too much testing and adjustment involved to make it a viable proposition. Otherwise they might have tried the use of a different gpu with the more famous NVidia problem a few years ago.
 I suspect it's temporary. This site uses the term banned for temporary as well as permanent revocation of posting privileges. It can be a little confusing.
 I think his priority there was education. There have been programs that attempt to educate those in prison, figuring that they would then be less likely to return. I am however not sure what their success rate is like. Considering the cost of incarceration vs having another taxpayer to help with the cost of remaining prisoners, the reasoning seems obvious. That aside the use of violence to ensure submission is unlikely to have a desirable long term effect.
 That makes me laugh every time. The best was still matching the stock chart to the outline of a mountain range.
Their policies indicate new and refurbished parts are used in warranty repairs. There isn't any way of telling what you're getting, but it's not guaranteed to be one or  the other.
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