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It increases power consumption somewhat. In a notebook it shouldn't be that critical. Graphics switching probably involves some duplication of back buffer and whatever other stuff, but in shutting down ram, you would have to copy everything down to unused blocks in the lower chips and update any applicable virtual address space. It sounds like a terrible idea to me. I don't think power consumption was the issue here, especially as memory requires a small fraction of the...
There are plenty of examples where intel's official shipping date preceded new macbook pros by several months. They tend to slate things into their preferred release windows. Usually it's early to mid fall or February to March. They don't typically release things right on top of the holidays or immediately following them.
That isn't accurate. First you have to allocate a significant portion of that to the OS and installed applications. Out of what's left, it's not advisable not to fill all of it. It creates potential problems with the disk and disk caching, even with SSDs. Time Capsule is also more of a backup solution, or do you not believe in backups?
It could still be delayed, but Apple never seems to update right before the holidays. You can also add 2 months from the official release date for a shipping date that is closer to reality. I guess people would buy it, but at comparable sizes they aren't much heavier than the airs. The difference in 13" models is approximately half a pound according to their specs. The 15" might benefit more from that in terms of absolute weight, but I don't know that skylake specifically...
That first one is a thumbnail link, and I couldn't locate a larger version. The wccftech link refers solely to desktop cpus, which draw too much power.
Battery life is a big deal for notebooks. Two discrete gpus would consume too much power. As it is they all have some form of integrated graphics. Some of them sort of have two already by the inclusion of integrated and discrete graphics. They do not have the ability to run both simultaneously, so that should be your first clue. You would also be looking at an extremely limited market. Gaming would represent a big part of this if they could operate in some crossfire-like...
They recycled a name more than a product in the case of the retina macbook. It has a lot in common with the Air, but it doesn't share much with the older macbook. It's not entry level model in terms of price. It's more a sign of where they're likely to go in the future. I disagree with the other assessment too.  The 17" wasn't there to be the high end model. Hardware configurations converged between the 15 and 17" model, so what you really obtained was extra screen real...
They would have just kept the non-retina if that was the case. They did it with the 13" model. They kept the mac pro going in spite of what must have been dismal sales after several years without updates. On the software end, final cut pro languished for a long time. If they intended to update the 17" macbook pro at that time, it never would have been cancelled. Bringing out a new one would be going back on that. I have yet to see them resurrect a product like that.
 To the best of my recollection it happened once several years ago. It seems highly unlikely, yet the claim comes up every time a refresh seems overdue. I would call it less likely now due to their size and required volume.
I can't find any Broadwell chips suitable for the 15" that have been released as of yet. Perhaps your results differ?
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