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You make it sound like Google Glass was supposed to be a real product line.
This happened with the old mac pro too, although the most recent notebooks actually have the bandwidth for a lot of those things if they can be made to work over thunderbolt. It's a very small niche, but these are the obvious choice if you still need to haul a complete workstation to a given set. It also means lower baggage costs during transportation.
Take your trolling elsewhere sir.
 Blah that will be another bloated mess of a company. I'm not sure how they gain regulatory approval for such a significant consolidation of their competition.
I wouldn't necessarily call that a good outcome. It's also a waste of money, and it's once again unlikely that the DOJ would approve of such an acquisition. The same would be true for Google buying Apple.
I've never seen so much trolling and misinformation in a single thread.
He hates anything associated with Google. That said it seems like a really neat app.
It isn't supposed to be much of an issue on Windows 7 and beyond. I haven't personally encountered the slowdown issue since at least XP.
That is incorrect. Depot repair is typically around $300-350 for one of these depending on the model. It's a flat rate. It's also an exchange of the entire logic board, although the replacement may be new or refurbished as is the case with any repair. 
It's not always about the size of the business. It's a matter of whether the move will lead to over-consolidation of competition. The situation with cable companies in general is one of the more unusual ones. Typically they are leased the rights to a given area in exchange for implementing the necessary infrastructure within that municipality or municipality subsection.
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