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 That's not exactly how it works. Advertising costs a bunch of money. Magazines will often attempt to feature pieces from their advertisers within the editorial content. If Apple buys a lot of advertising, that can influence it. If they think it will sell issues, they would find some way to work it in anyway.
I sometimes have weird loading issues with emoticons. I don't recall seeing it yesterday. Anyway...    I meant that some people may also change their mind after the fact. As this stuff trickles down, it's accessed by a very wide range of people, not all of which put meticulous planning into their shots, even if they are shooting with dslrs that do have zoom functionality. There are also things such as stock footage where it may be cropped in final usage.
That was just an example, and I didn't suggest you needed four times as many pixels for it. You are doubling the number of pixels in each direction, so that's 2x the vertical pixels.  You may not need that, but they haven't standardized anything in between those two points. or if you wanted to add the aforementioned zoom after the fact.
I want to add that it goes beyond what you can send to a viewing device. Higher resolution gives you significantly more freedom if you have to leave room for parts that are lost due to stabilization in post.
 Would you really want to deal with PayPal? They should have been removed as a consideration based on their own merits.
I hate the PITA of selling gear in general, so I often neglect to weight residual value when determining the value of a purchase. Sometimes I feel like a technology graveyard. Anyway my point in responding was to mention that at its age you should also consider that if you're on the original battery, it may not have much life left. I've had 2 swell up after several years of use, even though they still held a charge. It becomes harder to use the trackpad, and your only...
There are a few reasons for that. The angle is typically unnatural compared to what you would use for pencil and paper. Tablet is either off to one side or you have to navigate around a keyboard. Computer desks weren't really designed for that kind of precision work. A second issue is mapping. Your hand and the cursor are not locked to a 1:1 path. This can be partly overcome by limiting the size of your screen and using the largest possible tablet. If it's still an issue,...
Watches are sold as jewelry today. I suspect Apple's version will be part-jewelry item, but they are known for technology and continuous product changes. If they become popular enough, they could make the "jewelry only" versions seem less desirable. In that regard we'll see what happens. It doesn't necessarily prop up the value of an Apple watch that is several generations old.
 That computer would have depreciated heavily based on its value as a tool relative to current technology. It acquired value as a collector's item due to fascination, historical value, and increasing rarity. Twenty or thirty years from now an early serial number first generation iPhone in working condition may be worth a significant amount of money to collectors. That market won't be driven by people who want to use it as their day to day device. It's also not very...
It's a little early to argue over displayport 1.3. The specification itself was released a week ago. Prior to that it wasn't finalized. It may still be a while before you see it in shipping Macs, because it depends on when they acquire new board designs. With the Mac Pro I wouldn't expect any enormous changes with Broadwell, because it uses the same chipset. It could easily be 2016 before you see thunderbolt 3.0 in a Mac Pro. The macbook pros could see it a little earlier.
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