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I don't entirely understand that. The thing is around 4 pounds and not that bulky. Where does it become a problem?
I don't think that's likely just yet.
Support for external GPUs is kind of interesting, but where did you read that? I doubt that will happen, even if the skus are listed by intel.
I didn't examine it in complete detail. I just find it strange that AI doesn't always portray these things accurately. It's centered around something specific, and each paragraph highlights a connection to that. It isn't really mentioned in the AI article. Why would we bribe foreign governments for any reason? Speaking of that, if they accept bribes, they aren't good governments.
 I read the letter rather quickly. His complaints center on one thing, which is specifically that apps may not mention anything outside the app store. I'm not going to verify the exact terms of that, but if you care to read the letter, everything centers around that.
The same thing has happened with Apple at different points, and the correction can be pretty sharp over the short term, even in cases where it makes some sense over the longer term. Going by your estimated PE, that's much higher than you would typically see with a company of that size. I'm with anantksundaram on this one though. If I had the unallocated funds, I would be tempted to do the same thing. 
I don't think they would have purchased Beats for the headphones alone. If they were after high quality headphones, they could have purchased a brand with better engineering and restyled them into something more stylish.
You're looking at it right now. Would you touch Google's stock or that of any company the size of Google at a PE of 33? I would have to look up what it has traded at over the longer term, but you may very well see a market correction there.
I think he's comparing it against his previous prediction, but it is absolutely ridiculous. 15 million would be insane for something that isn't even a completely standalone product, especially when it doesn't displace or consolidate other devices.
 They're popular. I think they're a terrible value, but they're still popular.
New Posts  All Forums: