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 That's really silly. I was mostly referring to EA as being soulless and ruining other companies.
Quote: The more awkward question may have been why his phone required a prophylactic.
4K should be fine at least by the next models. The 15" rmbp is advertised to support 4K, and its base model uses integrated graphics.  It's just that there is a significant divide in terms of where diminishing returns kick in when comparing the majority of users to those who do things that really stress the gpu. Unfortunately I come across a lot of people spreading bad information as to what benefits what. I clear up what I can. It's annoying to see others suggest people...
 Part of it may be the design of the games. Most were designed for some kind of controller rather than touch input. It may be that they're concerned about tarnishing the brand with something that would not port well.Does that make EA microsoft? Strangely that was the first thing that came to mind.
 They go back and forth depending on the offering. I'm really not surprised either way. In the case of the mac pro, AMD may have been more favorable in licensing terms. NVidia has a much more defined brand with their Quadros than AMD with the firepro name. It was also probably meant to be highly aligned with FCPX, as that alignment can be used to help maintain the required numbers over the longer term. It wouldn't a new strategy for Apple. They make their money off...
 They could opt for another means of backup. The silly thing is going without backup.
That one made me laugh, probably due to the name.
Here it was only for clarification. I understand the motivation behind business decisions, and I've acknowledged that before. I get the point of building the machine to ensure a certain minimum sale. They offer the mac pro for that. I understand some of the reasoning for certain choices there too. They made it very well aligned with FCPX, so they have the power to ensure that something is exceptionally well aligned with the machine from day 1 (makes better use of dual gpus...
That is correct. I think there are better options for a screen, and I hate captive boot drives. There have been a few reported issues with some of the 2011 models, similar to what was happening with the macbook pros of that year. I'm not sure how widespread they are though.
 That is entirely possible. I suspect they're somewhat cost sensitive. I expected them to update the thunderbolt display to match the imac update, but it has retained the older design. As I mentioned, your predictions have been more accurate than my own on the last few things. I don't intend to update displays until 4K is actually practical in a 24". Right now a 16:10 24" is typically 1920 x 1200 as it has been for the past several years. The difference in resolution is...
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