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I'll take a look at them later, but are you suggesting that they would port things quickly rather than rely on emulation? Somehow I don't see a reason for them to switch away from Intel at the moment. I've been wrong before, but the macbook was the first place I would have looked for ARM, if it was going to appear in a Mac this year.I've read quantum computing stories for many years at this point. No one has really solved that problem as of yet.
 Then sit on AAPL. You can't expect things to just go up every time without correction. Over the long term it has increased and drastically outpaced inflation.
Intel was considerably faster at the time by any reasonable metric. The G5s led in areas that weren't typically leveraged by their users. The G4s that were used in the powerbooks at the time were extremely slow. That meant that emulation was a slight slowdown rather than an extreme one. If they switched today, it would be extreme. I also think you guys drastically over estimate how much they would drop the price. The lowest imac has migrated to cheaper configurations, yet...
Well yeah it's to be expected. You have passed over generations of hardware on each component. Lately I'm not always sure what updates Apple will or won't use. I'm a little surprised they skipped over Haswell EP on the mac pro. I don't really have a reason to be concerned about that anymore, but intel switches chipsets on that line once every other cycle. Haswell EP would be one. Broadwell EP will use the same thing. Anything after that will use a different socket again,...
 Their CFO and those under him don't directly work on marketing or innovation. The references to Jobs really need to go away, because they're pointless, misleading, and impossible to prove correct.
 That's a strange way to word it. The justices tend to make their reasoning public with those that vote against whatever was voted on often publishing dissents.
You may well be waiting forever. Think about how long it took for that damn thing to get haswell.
It probably depends how you define expat. If they're still US citizens yet living abroad, they still file US returns. It also means they have to keep track of exchange rates on income and any foreign taxes paid, which can be credited against US taxes owed. If they actually renounced US citizenship, then they don't file tax returns with the IRS.
The ultimate test of maturity is see whether you can don a fake mustache without laughing. Can you do that?
They still teach assembly language in a lot of programs. It's just never the first course. A few still use C or C++ as a first language, specifically for manual resource allocation and a rather direct way to write unix system calls. Typically if it's C++, they still treat it more like C, with a few quirks such as the use of std::cout over some variant of printf or occasionally putc (just to demonstrate the concept). Reading assembly is quite annoying, but I'm curious what...
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