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Can you clarify that? Hard to use would be an indication of bad design, even if it looks nice. I'm not a huge fan of mice. I used a gaming mouse for a while, just to get a left handed one. 
 You misinterpret Apple. They drop support for older versions of OSX. Why would they perpetually continue maintain support for a secondary OS?
Damn it. Now I want to play legend of zelda on an iphone.
That isn't really leverage for Apple in terms of negotiations. The other two wanted to see an agreement on Nintendo's part that is independent of whether Android is worthwhile from a financial perspective. If Nintendo decided not to deal with Android for reasons such as those that you mentioned, that wouldn't require any kind of exclusivity agreement. They just simply wouldn't bother with development.
 I'll ask again (well addressed to someone different), what would be their leverage? Right now the only thing that matters is whether Nintendo views Android as being worth the effort in terms of resource requirements relative to earning potential.
What would be their leverage? I doubt Apple is going to pay these guys to do that. They could offer help push Nintendo's games, but that isn't really necessary.
 It varies depending on the model. Parts and labor at the Apple Store for mine ran $179. That was a cmbp. I had graphics issues a bit more than a month later, and they credited that toward depot repair. If you have multiple issues, depot repair is around $330. Battery service for the retina macbook pros runs $200 for the 15". I think the 13" is the same, but I'm not positive. I doubt repairs are a huge profit source for Apple. The third party facility has to actually make...
  Quote:If you have sole or partial ownership of a business, you can deduct the amount that it cost to do the "business side" of it. There are similar rules if you're self employed, but you would have to look them up to do so properly. They can change, and as I mentioned it is only the portion that is regarded as being related to that business. You can probably find a more exact explanation by looking up the relevant forms.
 What do you mean lower temperature? Displays are usually described in color temperature by their brightest white. The older Apple LED backlit notebooks had a higher than ideal color temperature or rather higher than was typical for other mediums with the exception of some televisions. It may still have a smaller gamut, but that isn't precisely a function of color temperature.
  Quote:It's a slightly different market in that Aperture had a much lower cost of entry and seemingly attracted a broader range of users than the old Final Cut Pro. I mean I didn't really like Aperture compared to the alternatives. I also wouldn't suggest it for really large catalogs of images, because it adds a lot of extra data. Lightroom requires very little extra room beyond what is needed to store the images themselves.  Ahh I can still remember the old Capture One,...
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