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  Quote: Did you ever post any of the old ones?
Until you have cost effective chips to provide that, it won't happen. In fact I doubt Apple would implement it at all.
I think all of the 21.5" models moved to soldered ram, so there isn't much difference there aside from starting price.  I've had applecare on some things. It runs out if you keep the thing long enough. After that you pay for depot service either way. If something goes wrong after year 1, it's $350. I would  buying anything that requires multiple major repairs. In my experience, you get the same offer with expired applecare.
No problem. If it causes something to stop working, just click the ghostery tab and enable the appropriate trackers.
I actually disagree with that one. Closeted bigots are much worse. If he's that open about it, he's probably more likely to be reasonable where required by his job. In an elected role, it might kill any chances of reelection though.
The Romans were exceptional record keepers, yet their history doesn't mention anyone similar to Jesus. It's possible that he never lived. You aren't any better than them. Get over yourself.
 Have you ever studied probability in any meaningful way? It hardly makes sense to consider that in the same way as you would flipping a coin. I'm suspicious that you don't understand your own words here. It's a very complex topic.
Hey as much as I don't want to feed your nonsense, that's a false church. We already have the Temple of Scandinavian Secularism. Most people refer to it as Ikea. I guess if you believe in "god", you also believe everything you read on the internet. edit : fixed my silly joke
I'm not getting into a debate here over who uses what. I gave you that comment in response to a silly accusation on your part, so try to consider it in context. As for the rest, it's mixed up because you posted about a number of different things without using common names. I surmised from the "FX" in your name that this probably influences your needs in terms of image processing, so there are some implicit assumptions. Regarding the imacs, I don't believe I said there...
New Posts  All Forums: