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I glanced through that earlier and didn't see it. I wonder if they plan to rethink that in the future. B+H is extremely inexpensive on a lot of things, but they have a stricter return policy on a lot of items.
Do they actually have a price matching policy? I try to avoid those kinds of situations in general. You don't know what one retailer pays vs another for something, but in the case of B+H they're probably selling enormous volume on slim margins. I don't know if you've ever seen the place, but their store is enormous. I think they also have an additional warehouse.
 You shouldn't use color accurate as a buzzword term, because it's misleading. Your display does not converge to a point of spectral alignment with the initial capture information. Generally if a display oem is going to make claims about accuracy, it will be relative to specific targets and one or more of the known standards for describing deviation. They don't all agree, because reproduction on a hardware device isn't exactly based on set quantities of given wavelength...
Yeah I'm not that happy with Apple at the moment for another reason, but I was pointing out that validation of components is typically a matter of whether they meet some minimum criteria. It's not always possible to have identical performance between components, and if they decided to advertise performance, it would be prefixed by "up to"  (which I really hate).
The gap is still significant. Some of the figures are biased. They pick one test whereas gpus are more difficult to benchmark.
I don't doubt that. I suspect we'll see something on creativecow within a week or two.
Well the iris monicker is a matter of branding, but I don't see the demand for improved integrated gpus going anywhere. There are various frameworks and things that weren't supported on integrated graphics for years. That is no longer the case. They aren't ideal for gaming, and you aren't going to animate with them, but the general improvements have taken care of quite a few edge cases where you have some openGL reliance without being really computationally heavy.
  That could be practical as long as you have some means of quantifying how far off they are visually from the desired response. If they're popular enough I'm sure someone will do some real testing on them. I just say visually because I know enough about the bases for most of these color models.
 Ahh I was either in high school or middle school at that time. I didn't really start using macs until the G4s, but from what I understand at that time, it was even more heavily output referred. The way it is now, you have certain groups that outline loose specifications for communication between devices and various viewing conditions. Those commonly used in video are are quite difference from those used in typical preparation of graphical elements, illustrations, still...
 Tell them who really controls the spice :).
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