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 Is that even a real suggestion? It's completely false. BMW's market cap is $54B. That doesn't mean it would cost $54 billion to buy out all shareholders. BMW isn't looking for a buyer, and it's likely that Apple would pay a high premium on that one. It conflicts with Apple's strategies throughout the entire life of the company. The only exception might be NeXT. Apple hasn't attempted to merge any really large companies or acquire large subsidiaries, and I don't see a...
You don't get out much do you?
 Awarded is a typical term here. It indicates that Apple grants shares to Cook, because he met certain contingencies. If the article focused on Cook's performance rather than a stock event, the author would naturally use different language. This one is really written from a neutral perspective unless I missed some omission.
Those are options, which give you the right to purchase shares at a favorable price. lnvestopedia explains the details pretty well. I just used it to ensure I didn't type something inaccurate due to edge cases.Well it's also not exactly computed from the price that day. I think they determine average fair market value based on a number of preceding days. I'm not positive though.
  Quote:Only the difference in price from when it vests to when it's sold would be treated as capital gains if sold a year later. The vested RSUs would still be treated as income and thus subject to marginal income tax rates at their present value. The entire thing doesn't change to capital gains treatment.(wondering if I may have misread but it doesn't appear that way)
That isn't even the trademark, and second it doesn't work that way. Did you even bother to read the thing?
It will probably not work at 60Hz. I have read about people getting 4K @ 30Hz on these machines.
 It's much more specific than that as it was actually used. I looked it up (note there's a link to the application itself).register article about the actual trademark The silly tech journalists assumed that SWATCH was just a heading indicating who took applied for the trademark. I suspect they've actually used this term before, but with the extra word it doesn't really sound like the Jobs quote. They're using the name SWATCH, which I'm pretty sure is an acronym, as an...
Trademarks and patents are completely different things.  I don't believe this site distinguishes between temporary revocation of posting privileges and permanent bans.
I don't personally hate the macbook, but it's not suitable for me.I guess it would be a little different with a somewhat stationary charger. I would expect ports to be on the same side as the cord that terminates in a grounded AC plug. It's a little awkward in the other direction, and on the sides you would create a 2D scheme, which is asking for accidental damage. The brick itself contains a small transformer, but I have no idea how easy it is to accommodate the other...
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