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 Okay I'll keep in mind that you're just another troll. The line goes back to S. S, S2, S3, S4....  What's after 4 Mr. Troll?
I hope you're being sarcastic on that one, considering the use of S through S4.
 A large raid can max out on bandwidth via the use of HDDs for less money. SSDs aren't a great improvement in reliability, but even fo the people who say they are, if you're going with a redundant Raid type, you gain some amount of fault tolerance for drive failure. It's just a dump of extra funds for lower overall capacity.
Well some websites mention that they intend to use both architectures. People have wished for years that Apple would step up their gpu game. Mostly they have just increased pressure for better integrated graphics. That isn't an entirely bad thing for the macbook pros. Discrete graphics problems are a frequent cause of dead machines, and the chargers aren't powerful enough to maintain the battery when both cpu and gpu are near full load. Given that I think the...
Oh you mean in terms of display output. High bit depth would mainly help the shadows assuming really good hardware implementing it.    That isn't really related to raw processing though. I rewrote it and accidentally posted the old one with it. Sometimes my replies are too rambly, so I revise them
 You can add SSD drives to anything that can fit 2.5" form factors, but it would be giant waste of money. I guess the one exception would be if they used proprietary firmware of some kind. Raids allow you to use multiple drives to increase bandwidth. It still hasn't caught up to the point where SSDs make sense there, and you still need a backup (SSDs can still die or suffer corruption). I don't know if they have any issues with certain raid types. For example I don't know...
  Yes on raw. ICC profiles tend to be matrix based. I think there might be a specification for the use of LUTs, but I would have to look. Allowing it to hold out of bounds values just means that it needs some way to quantify them, which as far as I know only seems to be the case when values are evenly distributed. ICC v2 profiles don't work that way. It's just v4 allows recognition of other things that make this possible. By convention color engines that use floating point...
 There is also the option of Areca if you don't mind doing your own drive installation. It's not difficult to set up a raid. Just don't match inappropriate drives with anything that relies on parity to rebuild. My own results with support from some of the external drive oems hasn't been that great, so I mostly avoid them.
 What amuses me about that is that this looks more like a trashcan than the mac pro due to the lid. Aesthetic design doesn't influence purchasing decisions for me. It doesn't surprise me that peripheral vendors would want their complementary devices to match the base device. I just found it amusing.
You missed a couple things with the 860m comment. The first is that these chips are being made with both Kepler and Maxwell parts. The second is that Apple has been moving increasingly toward integrated graphics. I think it'll be another case of the base model running on integrated only, and unless you have a resulting bottleneck at the gpu level, it isn't a big deal. They cost a lot considering the use of integrated graphics and modest internal storage. In a notebook...
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