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Blargh.....if I come across any working drivers on that card from the hackintosh crowd, I'll either link or PM it. You never know. I don't actually use a hackintosh. I just go through them because they're fun to read.
Was it a stock gpu or after market? Also if it's a stock AMD, did you try downloading catalyst drivers?
I just really really like the nerd factor behind this part of the post.
 What is your point? The bottom imac ships with integrated graphics and a slower cpu than the quad minis. Calling it a notebook is pointless. You should be able to outline your desires in terms of performance/features/price. Otherwise you're merely arguing semantics.
  This is a rough comparison, and I haven't used the most recent versions of either. I haven't used Aperture in years. The newest one looks better. Early versions of it stored a lot of extra data to a proprietary library, which I always found odd. Lightroom is very lightweight in that regard, storing everything in compact xml. Adobe makes some poor choices when it comes to things like working spaces, but I still found processing results to be somewhat superior with little...
 Do you mean something to get OSX apps to run on ARM hardware? That could be a very difficult project given the different machine instruction sets. ARM tends to rely on simpler design in general. They didn't even have hardware level branch prediction until a few years ago, many years after intel. That example came to mind due to that recent lawsuit article from some academic institution.
 Yeah they did a nice job on those. I initially typed a longer response, but it came down to the issue that I think the ad agency guy was focusing on narrative there. They saw a less positive narrative in headlines and wanted to fix that before it got any worse. I suspect part of it was lip service to appease a potentially disgruntled client. When a client feels the need to forward an article like that with such a brief and negative line attached, it can be disconcerting....
 It's unlikely that the mac pro is going to provide really big numbers over the longer term. There's a pretty hard cap to the number of sales that kind of line can bring in. For it to be viable it merely has to justify itself in the sense that volume isn't drastically slipping over the longer term, and by bringing in some kind of return. Much of the viability of such a line is that it provides some capability not found in the other lines, but I highly doubt it's going to...
Lightroom is hit and miss on a lot of things. What I like is that its adjustment data takes up very little drive space beyond the storage required for the image files themselves.
 That only applies to a subset of their employees. California is extremely restrictive on non-compete clauses, because they are terrible.
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