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 It's very simple. Which do you think makes more money? Corporations like to push whatever will make the most money. If the mini was accompanied by extremely high volume potential or extremely low manufacturing costs, they would push it as you suggest. The one thing I dislike how far back they push its refreshes. Something big isn't really a good excuse for that. There will be future points where they can slip in a bigger update alongside refreshed hardware.
I actually don't understand the hangup there, although I would prefer not to be the only adult present if it came to supervising a group of kids.
Well it won't run iOS 7. It seems like iOS 3 was the last to offer strong performance on that model. Wiki suggests that iOS 4 caused problems with it. I don't know if you'll still be able to access the app store with that. Hopefully someone like Marvin will chime in.
 I was going to link a wall street journal article showing where they (Wells Fargo) have been sued over misconduct, but it's behind a pay wall. You can find it via google if you're interested.
 Perhaps they didn't consider them patentable? Big companies spend a lot of time quibbling over whether their change is patentable against what already exists in the wild in some form. Have you noticed how much stuff comes up on both sides whenever these patents are challenged? It's also not just a case of companies challenging Apple patents. They do the same if they think the patent could be invalidated.
  Actually it doesn't say much at all. If volume is low, there won't be many refurbished minis. Further highly budget conscious buyers are likely to watch for refurbished units so as to drive the total cost as low as possible.
 I don't blame you. As you know Apple typically retains the same retail prices regardless of age with the exception of refurbished products.  Newer ones don't really use bios at this point.
Blargh.....if I come across any working drivers on that card from the hackintosh crowd, I'll either link or PM it. You never know. I don't actually use a hackintosh. I just go through them because they're fun to read.
Was it a stock gpu or after market? Also if it's a stock AMD, did you try downloading catalyst drivers?
I just really really like the nerd factor behind this part of the post.
New Posts  All Forums: