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In the case of X86 processors and their 64 bit implementation, it shouldn't change the difference between one and another by much. The 64 bit version requires a paid license. Because of that the results are averaged over fewer machines. Some people quote the 32 bit benchmarks for that reason. There was no reason to be rude.
 I recall panels similar to what is used in the 27" thunderbolt display starting to trickle out in late 2009, but I do mean the tail end of it. I also disagree with branding technology that way like it all makes drastic leaps year over year. That was my earlier point. It does look thinner though. So far in terms of panel SKU ifixit and tftcentral suggest it's the same one as they have used since the inception of 27" models, but the backlights and screen treatments have...
I'm not sure of the year they started producing that panel, but display panels have very long shipping cycles compared to something like a cpu. Year to year changes are quite minor. In Apple's case they may still be using a significantly older panel design on the 21". The panel in the 27" could be similar to what became available in late 2009, but I don't see how that matters.
I hope you unplugged it quickly and shut it down. There may be some lasting damage, but water isn't one of the more corrosive things. It can contain corrosive elements, but it's nowhere near as bad as juice, coffee, soda, etc. I would give it a few days. The purpose of the rice is just to absorb moisture. If it was something other than water, I would suggest cleaning with isopropyl, preferably of a very high concentration. The reason for that is that it's not conductive.
 You haven't exactly shown how one leads to the other. Just calling others blind without doing that much is ridiculous.
This one didn't pop up for me as it wasn't a direct quote, and I forgot to check the thread. The current regime isn't much better in Yemen, and aside from that, the US military has still claimed civilian lives. I live in California, so quite far from Yemen :). I was surprised by that simply because one set of actions costs many lives and arguably does little to combat problems there. Point noted on the Dream Act, although immigration problems won't be solved unless...
Those kinds of things really originate from groups that feel persecuted in some way. If no one cared either way a few decades ago (or whenever gay pride parades started), you wouldn't continue to see them today.
You're concerned about track record on the issues that have become public. That's understandable. I'm not sure what else to add, but I at least wanted to acknowledge the response. It hits closer to home. I get that.
Yeah their buyer's guide is really silly, and they have been have incorrect on specs before (even when I sent corrections related to intel cpus). According to everymac, there was a year and 5 months between woodcrest and harpertown. On a side note, someone at intel watches too many spy movies. That would be approximately 515 days (365 + 150). I don't expect them to go that long with the new mac pro. Chipsets change after this as they do every other generation with the EP...
 Clovertown was added as a top option. I don't know if I would call that a true refresh.
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